Wide Open: A Life in Supercross


Jeremy McGrath has been called ‘the Michael Jordan of Supercross’ by The Los Angeles Times, and in this revealing book the fans not only get his personal story, but also a detailed guide running throughout on how everyone can become a Supercross racer.

The number 1 Supercross racer in the world – who has over 20 sponsors, his own film company, a toy line, Nintendo and Playstation games, and a Van signature shoe – talks about his life and the sport. Supercross started out as a redneck ’70s sideshow, but thanks largely to Jeremy McGrath – known everywhere as the Michael Jordan of Supercross – it has become a massive extreme sport. Over the last three years, AMA Supercross attendance has mushroomed from 700,000 spectators a year to 1.5 million.

This book will satisfy even the most hardcore fans, as it not only gives you the life and times of Jeremy McGrath, but acts as the calling card to the entire sport by including unique sections on how to become a Supercross racer, the work–out regimes, fixing common bike problems, and more.

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Jeremy McGrath
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