Vintage Snowmobilia: A Guide to Snowmobile Collectibles


The Golden Age of snowmobile manufacturing went from 1968 to 1976. During this time literally hundreds of snowmobile manufacturers sprang up and then disappeared. Some of these manufacturers were huge blue chip corporations like John Deere. Others were small forgotten companies building sleds in home garages such as the Snow Bug. The collector market for vintage snowmobile items can be easily compared to the interest in vintage motorcycles, farm tractors, gas station items, vintage boats and outboards and similar motorized vehicles. This book covers snowmobile-related items which are now collectible-vintage brand-specific clothing, advertising items, dealer signs, oil containers, snowmobile board games, snowmobile cuff links, and much more. Collectors new and old are trying to determine what an item is worth and if it is collectible. This is the first book to fill that need.

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Jon Bertolino
160 pages

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