Treacherous Waters: Kingston’s Shipwrecks


Shipwrecks abound at the eastern end of Lake Ontario, near the present-day city of Kingston, Ontario, strategically located where the lake ends and the St. Lawrence River begins. This region prides itself in its wide-ranging maritim history, from the construction of the largest warships every employed on the Great Lakes to the first-ever scuttling of a commercial vessel for the express purpose of creating a Great Lakes scuba dive attraction.

In this comprehensive maritime history book, read the true, detailed, dramatic tales about Kingston’s shipwrecks, more than 200 of them: those which scuba divers are exploring, as well as the many wrecks in this area which have yet to be located. Each one has a fascinating story behind it!

This book is a 6-inch by 9-inch softcover, with 248 pages, 110 black-and-white photos (archival, underwater and surface), several line drawings and maps, endnotes, bibliography and index.

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Cris Kohl
248 pages

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