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The Korean War 1950-53: Osprey Men-at-Arms


At 4am on Sunday 25 June 1950 powerful North Korean forces invaded South Korea, advancing down the Uijongbu Corridor towards the Southern Capital of Seoul. South Korean troops resisted bravely, but were crushed by overwhelming Northern superiority. Later that day the United Nations Security Council condemned the aggression, and on 7 July appointed US General of the Army Douglas MacArthur to command UN forces which would be sent to save South Korea. In The Korean War 1950–53, Nigel Thomas and Peter Abbott explore the history of this conflict, which pitted UN forces against the People's Republic of China in a resulting in hundreds of thousands of casualties.

Packed with specially commissioned artwork, maps and diagrams, the Men-at-Arms series of books is an unrivalled illustrated reference on the history, organisation, uniforms and equipment of the world's military forces, past and present.

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Nigel Thomas, Peter Abbott, & Mike Chappell (ISBN 10 – 0850456851)
48 pages

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