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The Automotive Mascot: A Design in Motion (Volume III: The Latter Years)


This is a limited edition series. Volume III details a chronology of mascot design, through the years 1934 to 1995. Dating of mascots is a priority, with several corrections to the existing literature. 25% of the material presented is new to the mascot literature. Over 200 American, French and English designs are shown. This volume is filled with gorgeous photos, informative text, references to other literature and some US Design Patent drawings. Vol. I, 304 pages and Vol. II, 288 pages, are available to complete the 3 volume set of 880 pages with over 600 mascots detailed in large photos and expert narrative.

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James R. Colwill (Limited Edition)
Softcover (A strong soft cover with an added protective dustcover)
288 pages (90
in colour)

This is a book for the new collector (hobby overview) & for the advanced collector (new information), providing an entertaining read. American, French and English mascots are used to present a design chronology through the years 1934 to 1995.

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