Von Dutch: The Art, the Myth, the Legend


Von Dutch is one of the most interesting characters in hot rod and popular culture history. Considered the founder of “modern” pinstriping, he was a prominent character in many of the rodding magazines of the late '50s, and his fame endured long after he apparently tired of it. Besides being a striper, he was a gifted artist, machinist, and gun- and knifesmith. Using stories and quotes culled from interviews, vintage photos, and images of the art and other works he left behind, this book chronicles Kenneth Howard's life from pinstriping beatnik to bus-dwelling hermit.

Where it can, this book sets the record straight on Von Dutch the man, but in many cases conflicting stories will serve to illustrate the contrary, colorful, and sometimes difficult nature of Von Dutch the legend. This book is a must-have for fans of hot rodding and hot rod culture!

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Pat Ganahl
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