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Model T (DVD: History Channel)

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The Model T occupies a unique place in history. The first car to be built on a production line the Model T transformed automobiles from a plaything of the rich to a transportation tool available to the average man. The world has never been the same. Model T traces the complete story of the “Tin Lizzie” from the very first production cars in 1908 to the end of the line – 15 million cars later – in the late ’20s. See extensive footage of the world’s first automobile plant where Henry Ford’s vision of a car for the masses became a reality. Vintage shots of Ts in action nationwide show the remarkable influence the car had on the nation while aficionados of this all-time classic show off their prized possessions and take them out for a spin. Hold on tight – the “Tin Lizzie” can reach a blistering 40 miles an hour!

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A&E/History Channel
50 minutes

The History Channel presents a documentary on the important automobile of all time – the Ford Model T. This high-quality DVD includes clips of the famous car in action and footage of the production cycle.

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