Mobilia Sourcebook: The Essential Auto Collectibles Guide


The Mobilia Sourcebook: The Essential Auto Collectibles is the ultimate book resource for the automotive collecting hobby. This first edition includes 600 main listings and 2,000 cross-references — all indexed by more than 50 unique collecting categories.

If your particular interest is gas-powered miniature racers, there is a special section devoted to all the active suppliers in that market. Interested in pedal cars, in automotive literature, in license plates, in automotive art? What about an interest in Route 66 or automotive signs or motorcycle collectibles? Each category of collecting interest — 50 in all — has its own section of vendors, each with address and phone number, and up-to-date description of its business and specialty.

A directory like the Sourcebook is only as good as its indexing. This book ensures that the reader can find key contacts with ease. This is a great resource and a hobby first.
• 600 Listings of Key Automobilia Specialists
• 50 Unique Collecting Categories
• 2000 References
• Comprehensive Index

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