Kosmoski’s New Kustom Painting Secrets


Jon Kosmoski – the King of Kustom Painters – puts over four decades of experience into Kosmoski’s New Kustom Painting Secrets. Jon starts with the basics: how to set up a shop, pick a compressor, and prepare the metal. Includes a thorough discussion of modern paint, and how to pick, adjust and use spray guns The test panels included in the book show a good and bad pattern, and how to adjust a gun that’s putting out a flawed pattern. No how-to-paint would be complete without at least two, start-to-finish paint jobs: a hot rod and a motorcycle paint job. The sequences start at the very beginning with the metal preparation, and include the art work, application of the candy paint, and the final clearcoats.

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John Kosmoski
144 pages

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