In Search of Pegasus: The Canadian Airborne Experience 1942-1999


This book is the first substantial attempt to chronicle the entire airborne experience, spanning over fifty-six years. Although often viewed as outcasts and pariahs, Canada's intrepid paratroopers have always represented the best combat soldiers this country has been able to offer. Renowned for their courage, initiative, physical prowess, and indomitable spirit, the nation's paratroopers have always represented the proficiency of the Canadian army. Aided by 400-plus dramatic photographs and a meticulously researched text, it opens the history and operational contribution of Canada's airborne forces to the public eye. From its beginnings as 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion in 1942 through the disbandment of the Canadian Airborne Regiment in 1995 and its aftermath it affirms the necessity of parachute capability. It is a tribute to their professionalism and tenacity.

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Bernd Horn & Michel Wyczynski (ISBN 10 – 155125039x)
256 pages

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