How to Build the Ultimate V-Twin Engine


The book that helped to kick start the build-a bike-at-home phenomena is in publication once again. When the supply of new Harleys ran short several years ago and riders had to wait in line for three years to buy a new Harley-Davidson, those same enthusiasts soon learned they could build a better bike at home with parts from the aftermarket – and a copy of How to Build Ultimate V-Twin Motorcycle.

The table of contents explains the book, and the process of building a custom motorcycle from scratch:
1. Plan the Build
2. The Frame
3. Chassis Components
4. V-Twin & Transmission
5. The Sheet Metal
6. Finance, License & Insure
7. Hands On – Build A Customized Softail
8. Hands On – Build a Simple Softail
9. Hands On – Build a Pro Street Project
10. A Compendium of Projects.

So for anyone who yearns to build a V-Twin at home, How to Build The Ultimate V-Twin Motorcycleremains an essential tool. Learn how to pick the right frame and prep it for painting. How to align the drivetrain, pick and install the sheet metal, and wire the beast so the lights and turn signals work when you take it to the state for that required inspection. Build your own with this timeless how-to book from Wolfgang Publications.

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Timothy Remus
144 pages

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