Hot Rod Chassis How-to: Understand, Install and Update ’28-’64


From street rodders building traditional ’32 Fords with straight axles and buggy springs, to hot rodders and street racers looking to update the stock suspension and brakes on a ’55 Chevy or early Mustang, thousands of men and women work every day to build and update the chassis for their particular style of hot rod.

This book answers the questions that hot rod builders have as they choose the best style of suspension for their particular vehicle and work to install a straight axle or complete front suspension kit. An established author of both books and columns, VanDervort owns Fat Man Fabrications, one of the world’s leading suppliers of suspension components and kits to street rodders, hot rodders, racers, and restoration experts.

To help choose the best suspension components and install them correctly, a good chassis book needs theory and how-to information. This book provides both: information that explains the pros and cons of an independent suspension versus a straight axle, as well as detailed step-by-step sequences that show how best to install those new components.

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Brent VanDervort
144 pages

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