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Grilles & Tails


Once upon a time, before all cars began to resemble each other, every model had distinguishing marks that made it stand out. A “smiling” grille or a pointed nose shouted a car’s make to all it passed by; similarly, the aviation-inspired fins of the 1950s and the stealth, sharklike back ends of the first Sting Rays made a lasting impression on the minds of drivers they left in the proverbial dust. These features announced for what and for whom a particular vehicle was designed. Now, they are mostly gone–except here, where the infinite variety of imaginatively styled grilles and tails of yesteryear return in a plethora of photos by top photographers. They range from beautiful and elegant to obnoxious and even bizarre…but they are always something amazing to see.Among the top showpieces: the dazzling chrome grin of the 1955 De Soto; the unmistakable front end of the 1958 Edsel; the flamboyant fins of the 1960 Cadillac Eldorado; and the unique engine-containing rear end of a vintage 1950 Beetle.

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