Greyhound Scenic Cruiser


When we deem things iconic, they have naturally become part of history and have earned a permanent status of importance to us. One such object is a particular intercity coach, the Greyhound PD-4501 Scenicruiser bus, built by the GM Corporation during 1954-56. After nearly 60 years, its popularity, even today, is almost cult-like. Throughout the history of intercity coaches in the U.S., there have not been more toys, advertising pieces, souvenirs, or memorabilia centered on any other bus. The Scenicruiser starred in several movies, was featured on record album covers, and appeared on endless TV shows through the years. Starting with prototypes, this book covers all the various models of the ScenicruiserÂ’s heritage, and even highlights many of the restored and still operating legends today.

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Tom McNally
128 pages
115 colour & 250 B&W

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