Digital Slot Car Racing in 1/32 Scale


Scalextric-style 1/32 racing just got better! Digital can run more than two cars on two-lane circuits, introducing overtaking and racing tactics to bring slot car racing closer than ever to real motorsports. Here is the complete guide to digital racing. Researched with hands-on testing and support from manufacturers, distributors, developers and enthusiasts.

In-depth coverage of all the major systems:
• Scalextric, Carrera, SCX and Ninco
• Full details of advanced systems Davic, oXigen, Scorpius, Slotfire, BLST and routed digital
• Advice for people new to slot car racing and for those wishing to upgrade from analogue systems
• How digital slot car racing works
• How to design perfect digital racing circuits
• How to conduct digital races
• How to keep digital systems in tip-top condition
• DIY project to customise digital systems and car

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Dave Chang
192 pages

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