Devin: The Man and His Cars


Art Evans’ relationship to Bill Devin is unique. From the time of the fifties, they were close friends as well as business associates. When Bill passed on in November 2000, Bill’s widow asked Art to deliver the eulogy at the service. Bill Devin created a number of cars as well as the best-selling after-market fiberglass body. Bill’s first car was the Devin Panhard, a limited-edition sports-racing car that won its class in the SCCA National Championship. In 1958, he created the fabled Devin SS, which was soon followed by the Devin D and the Devin C, an all-American sports car. All of these cars are described in great detail in this book. Some of the Devin after-market bodies were used on quite a few racing specials including Ak Miller’s, that won its class six times in eight tries. Not just a car book, Devin’s history is described in some detail as well as a few of those with whom he was associated.

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Art Evans
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