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No vehicle on land or sea can match the timeless lines and simple beauty of the classic sailboat. The ultimate marriage of form and function, its basic design and use have endured through the centuries with few changes. A noted boating writer tells the long and rich story of this elegant form of transportation and popular pastime. An authoritative text and striking, full-color photographs chronicle the evolution of sail, from the early days, when it opened the world up to exploration and trade, to its current popularity as a form of recreation and competition. Celebrated wood- and wood-and-metal-hulled sailboats from throughout the ages appear in vivid detail, with discussions of their historical significance. Vintage designs, day sailors, cruisers, racing classics, luxurious yachts, replicas and reinterpretations: each one will set your imagination afire. Includes complete source and kit information for obtaining plans for featured boats.

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Joseph P. Gribbins
128 pages

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