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Chevy Engine Swapping Tips and Techniques


Chevy Engine Swapping Tips and Techniques is a practical HOT ROD ‘how-to’ guide on fitting Chevy Big & Small Block V8s into your: Jaguar, Porsche, Jeep, MG, Mustang, VW, Austin Healey, Studebaker, Mercedes, Pontiac Firebird & GTO, T’Bird, Pickup and much more.

The Engine Swapper’s Guide
350 Chevy V8 in XJ Jaguar
350 Chevy V8 in SE Mercedes
327 Chevy V8 in Chevy LUV
Ford Pickup with Chevy
Chevy Pickup with Chevy
MG with Chevy V8
Healey with Chevy
Sprite with Chevy
Jaguar with Chevy
Jeep with Chevy
Swap for a ‘Skyrolet’
Early Plymouth with Chevy
Jag with Chevy
Porsche with Chevy
VW with Chevy
Mustang with Chevy
Pontiac GTO with Rat
Rambler with Rat
Jaguar with Chevy
Chevys Inside & Out
King Kong is Living on Long Island
The ‘Stock’ Exchange
350 Chevy V8froyota 4×4
427 Chevy V8157 TBird
327 Chevy V8/’54 Chevy
327 Chevy V8/Chevy Corvair
454 Chevy V8/Chevy Pickup
454 Chevy V8P53 Studebaker
454 Chevy V8/Pontiac Firebird
914/302 Rod Test
A Bolt in Time-Swapping for Chevy Pickups
’70 Maverick with 283/400 Chevy Engine
Power Hitter
Powerplant Transplant
Engine Swaps-How to Swap an Engine the Right Way
Big Block Chevy
Rat & Mouse-Small Block Hall of Fame

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