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Sony Playstation’s Gran Turismo has matured from curiosity to icon, becoming one of the most-popular automotive simulation games in the world. No other driving game ties the cultures of video-playing and sports-car enthusiasm as Gran Turismo has. Part of the fascination is in the game’s presentation of exotic imports, some not yet available in the United States, and that in turn has created demand for these cars. Some aficionados modify their street cars to resemble the ones portrayed in GT, and even install Playstations in-dash to play the game at GT meets and conventions. Author Huw Evans provides details of the game including upgrades and calibrations possible in the simulations and brings the actual cars to life through flashy colour photographs. For many GT players, the book will provide the first look at the hard-parts of the cars depicted in the game, including Japanese micros, exotics such as the Lotus Elise, and true racing thoroughbreds from Japanese road racing competition. This volume brings to life more than 40 of Gran Turismo’s simulated sporting cars, many of which are not yet sold in the United States. The Cars of Gran Turismo is the first book of its kind, geared both to game players and automotive enthusiasts. Author Huw Evans takes you inside the video-gaming/high-performance world which has engendered a cult around the game and the cars.

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Huw Evans
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