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CAN-AM The Speed Odyssey


CAN AM THE SPEED ODYSSEY takes you on the wildest ride in road racing. 1966 – 1973 CAN AM Challenge Cup: The quintessential epic adventure in an era of change and discovery where heroic star drivers McLaren, Hulme, Stewart, Andretti, Surtees, Donohue, Gurney, Hall, Follmer, Revson, Oliver, Scheckter and others from Formula One and around the world revel in their brutally fast CAN AM machines, battling on the daunting race tracks across the USA and Canada.

A ROAD RACING COUNTER-CULTURE: Unique to the world, the CAN AM rule book had virtually no technical restrictions, allowing its race car designers the freedom to innovate. Here we discover the worlds first radical inventions of wings on race cars, sophisticated ground effect aerodynamics, and to this day the worlds most powerful road racer, the Porsche 917-30. These iconic CAN AM machines and their brave drivers pushed the limits and sometimes beyond…

CAN AM legends JIM HALL and SAM POSEY take you inside this spectacle of pure speed, fierce race competition, radical innovation, intrigue and ground shaking sounds.

CAN AM THE SPEED ODYSSEY is crafted exclusively from rare CAN AM color motion picture archival footage.

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Ardennes Productions
95 minutes

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