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Cadillac: The Tailfin Years

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The tail fin era is one of the most recognized in automotive styling, and the influence spread worldwide. As everyone knows, designer Harley Earl took his inspiration from World War II fighter aircraft and the fins grew bolder and larger as competing manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon to produce the most striking vehicle, until they became almost outrageous and turned people off, and then became less prominent again through the 1960s. Cadillac: The Tail Fin Years, takes an in-depth look at the years from 1948 to 1964. A chapter is devoted to each model year and provides unique facts and features, historical information, specifications, production numbers, options, prices, and more. And of course, the real heart of the book is the many colorful illustrations drawn from the exciting original sales and marketing materials, original factory photos, and examples of well-preserved originals still around today. Often the models featured are those that we all wish we had! Also featured are the famous jewelry ads through this special era in automotive history.

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Robert J. Headrick Jr.
128 pages

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