British and European Trucks of the 1980s


Mergers, amalgamations and joint ventures have meant that the number of pan-European truck manufacturers can now almost be counted on the fingers of one hand. Modern legislation governing gross weights, emissions and operations, also mean that many of today’s trucks are almost uniform. However, there was a decade when more than 50 truck manufacturers built a diverse range of sizes and configurations, the like of which will not be seen again. Increasing gross weights, the exploration of ultra-long haul routs, and the virtual doubling of engine power over the previous decade meant the ’80s were a period of dramatic change. British and European Trucks of 1980’s takes a look behind the scenes of some of the major players of the era, their successes and failures. Yet, it also covers smaller, often obscure manufacturers–such as those from former the Eastern Bloc, many of which were never seen outside their native countries.

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Colin Peck
96 pages
101 colour & B&W photos

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