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Beyond “Barn Finds”…The Baroness and the Mercedes: and 49 Other Entertaining True Tales from the World of Rare and Exotic Car Collecting


BARN FIND! There are no two more exciting words for car collectors the world over! And there’s an incredible hunt going on for valuable cars that were at one time forgotten, abandoned, or cast aside, but which are now regarded as valuable and historical treasures. Author Wallace Wyss, a Motor Trend veteran, recounts stories that are almost beyond belief.

Here are a few examples:
• a pre-war Mercedes 540K that was simply abandoned by a German baroness at a Connecticut resort and later sold for over $11 million
• the rubber-bodied Cobra that Ford built to assuage the ego of their top design exec
• the jet-powered Fiat prototype that an American fell in love with and spent almost $1 million to make into a running driving car
• and the Corvette that Carroll Shelby and pals had bodied in Italy as part of a plan to create Italian-bodied Corvettes, a plan that failed after three cars were made.

One thing’s certain once you’ve poured through these inspiring stories, and absorbed the tips in the final chapter, you will know more about how barn finds are unearthed and how you yourself can become a successful barn finder!

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Wallace A. Wyss
288 pages

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