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Best of British: TVR


With entries in the Le Mans 24-hour race and success in the American Le Mans Series, TVR has moved from being a marque for enthusiasts to a true world-class player.

We look at the history of the company – from Trevor Wilkinson’s earliest 'specials' built in Blackpool in the 1950s (using springs from a fairground dodgem!) to the modern supercars, hand-crafted and personalised for even the most discerning individual.

Under the ownership of Peter Wheeler, businessman, enthusiast and TVR driver himself, the company has gone from strength to strength. It now offers some of the most innovative sports cars in the world – yet all are built to Wheeler's personal idea of how a 'proper' sports car should be – engine (now made by TVR) in the front, driven by wheels at the back! For the enthusiast there’s great handling and plenty of grunt. For the racer there’s the tightrope between grip and power.

We take the TVR story into the 21st century with the latest action footage and detail shots, including the brand-new T350 and T440.

Everyone notices when a TVR goes by! It is, in every respect, the ‘Best of British’.

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