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Best Motoring: The 350 Z Shock!!!


As the curtain lifts to reveal the eagerly anticipated 350Z, the critics offer their impression on the handling of the powerful street machine on winding roads and in high-speed circuit tests. Later, after a comprehensive overview of the technical achievements of the 350Z, Best Motoring journalist Nakaya watches on as it takes on any rival bold enough to weather the challenge at Tsukuba Circuit. An additional comparison between normal aspirated (NA) cars and their turbo-equipped counterparts follows, and an investigation into the hottest trend in VTEC tuning finds the fastest cars to hit the pavement competing in a Two-Liter VTEC Challenge. With detailed analysis of the Porsche Boxter, S2000, Keioffice S15 Silva, TRD Altezza, Phase Accord Euro R, Circuit Club ITR, and many others, this is motor sports at it’s most exciting and extreme.

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