Aviation Century: World War II


Beginning in 1939-40 with the German blitzkrieg and the Battle of Britain, aircraft repeatedly turned the tide of war. Their worth was proved in many roles besides bombing and airborne assault, including air defense, support of ground operations, maritime patrol, shipping strikes, transport support and reconnaissance. Warplanes became indispensable and revolutionized the character of war.

In Aviation Century World War II, stunning images of preserved and restored wartime aircraft are combined with archival photographs of the world’s first well-photographed war to tell an unprecedented visual story of World War II. The unforgettable images are accompanied by insightful text that explains the strategic role of warplanes and describes the types and models of aircraft used by each nation, and re-tells the dramatic stories of the war.

Forewords for Aviation Century World War II are written by World War II veteran pilots Ramsay Potts and Don Lopez.

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Ron Dick (Author), Ramsay Potts (Foreword) & Dan Patterson (Photographer)
352 pages

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