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ATVs: Everything You Need to Know


The ATV business is huge and still growing. ATV sales make up 1/3 of motorcycle sales (they’re classified together) and ATVs of all types and sizes are available for pure sport and for recreation/utility use. They are incredibly durable and powerful and can traverse steep and uneven terrain. Their primary purpose is usually work, but every ATV is also used for recreational riding because they are so fun to operate. Fueling ATVs sales today and in the years ahead are the prime targets for this book: homeowners who have land but did not grow up on farms, and thus, are not particularly familiar with tractors or motor vehicles. This title by a respected industry veteran will tell new buyers everything they need to know to select (and outfit with accessories) the ATV that best suits their needs. This title offers current ATV owners a wealth of information about other uses for their ATVs, accessories, maintenance, and more.

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Steve Casper
160 pages

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