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After WWII, U.S. ports hosted the most luxurious and famous liners constructed by American master shipbuilders. These peacetime ambassadors carried refugees from war-torn lands to new lives in our shining cities and enabled leisurely travel in sparkling new American liners to tropical ports around the globe. The fascinating story of America’s postwar luxury passenger liners like the famed United States, the fastest liner in the world, and her consort America, the American Export “sunliners” Constitution and Independence, Grace Lines fleet of luxury liners like the Santa Paula and Santa Rosa, the Moore-McCormack liners Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, the “white ships” of the Matson Line, such as the Lurline and Monterey, and the American President liners President Polk and President Monroe along with period photographs, advertisements, menus, post cards and other memorabilia.

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John A. Fostik
128 pages
40 colour & 160 B&W photos

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