Advanced Pinstripe Art: How-to Secrets of the Masters


Since the days of Von Dutch, hot rod and motorcycle enthusiasts have used pinstripes both as artwork in its own right, and as a compliment to a flame or graphic paint job. Interest in pinstriping, both how-to and as an art form, continues to grow. The best way to learn something is from the person who does it all day long. Advanced Pinstripe Art presents the work of 12 well-known pinstripe artists. Each chapter presents a start-to-finish project done by one artist. These photo sequences take the viewer from the initial sketch to the finished design. Text explains the why of good pinstriping. Why use a particular brush, a certain paint, an unusual method. Quotes from the artists are plentiful. Advanced Pinstripe Art is designed to duplicate, as much as possible, the experience of spending a day learning first hand how to pinstripe from some of the best artists in the business.

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Timothy Remus
144 pages

Well illustrated, easy to follow, step-by-step projects. How to: pick the best paint, paint the finest lines, choose the best colour, keep the lines straight, create smooth curves, and load the brush with paint.

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