101 Performance Projects for Your Pickup and SUV

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“Pickup” and “sports utility vehicle” seem like quaint names for these workhorses. More and more, theyre what people tune up, trick out, and take on the road (or off).

This book aims to help drivers make the most of their machines. With 101 projects running the gamut from installing light bars and brush guards to gearing up for hard-core horsepower and high-performance feats, this book will show truck and SUV owners of all stripes how to personalize their rides. 101 Performance Projects for Your Pickup and SUV offers easy-to-follow, clearly illustrated how-to information on everything from appearance modifications to more extensive upgrades, with plenty of instructions for the many bolt-on solutions that are available in the marketplace. Planning, tools, expenses, pros, and cons: its all here.

The author walks owners through the nuts and bolts of lowering and lift kits, running boards and in-car entertainment systems, winches, wheels and tires, and the full range of installations and accessories that will take a truck or an SUV to the next level.

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Rick Shandley
288 pages

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