AEC Lorries in the Post War Years 1945-1979
This is a pictorial history of AEC, from its formation in 1912, which earnt a name for itself as the 'Builders of London's Buses'.
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American Semi Trucks
A full-color gallery of Class 8 semi trucks including: straight trucks, trucks and trailers, tractor trailers, and doubles. Features names like: Freightliner, Kenworth, Mack and Peterbilt. This book also covers the development of the Class 8 rig from the 1920s through present.
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American Truck & Bus Spotter’s Guide, 1920-1985
Identifies hundreds of models of trucks, buses, pickups, vans, tank trucks, and dumptrucks, and points out distinguishing features on each truck.
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American Trucks of the 1960s
This highly visual study covers the US and Canadian truck manufacturers that built trucks in North America in the 1960s. Canadian-built trucks were often unique, while others were built specifically for the American market. The North American truck manufacturers continued to thrive to meet the demands of the prosperity of the 1960s with fresh designs and features. These rugged, reliable trucks were capable of transcontinental commutes of goods on a regular basis, or performing delivery and construction tasks in and around cities. This concise volume covers not only the histories of the major and lesser known truck manufactures, but also the obscure, yet historically significant manufacturers.
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An Illustrated History of Trucks and Buses
Surveys the development of buses and trucks from early eighteenth-century prototypes to today's rigs, off-road and construction vehicles, fire engines, and custom jobs
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At Work: Kenworth Trucks of the 1950s
For Kenworth, the 1950s were some of its most exciting years. A financial windfall started out the decade, with a special truck built for ARAMCO that became a standard at oil sites around the world. In the mid 1950s Kenworth began building trucks in Canada and developed a new design with the cab beside the engine, upping the cargo capacity by 1,000 pounds and offering greatly improved visibility for the driver. In 1956 the company became a subsidiary of the Pacific Car and Foundry Company and under new ownership the 900 model, with a lighter, shorter chassis, was introduced. And, in 1957 the first tilt cab over engine was introduced with easier access to the engine and transmission for servicing. See the huge variety of Kenworths moving goods to Americans at the start of boom times.
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At Work: White Trucks of the 1960s
White Motor Company produced American trucks between 1919 and 1980 with its primary manufacturing facilities in Cleveland, Ohio. White offered a broad array of light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks before concentrating on the latter from the 1960s on. White fell on hard financial times and declared bankruptcy in 1980. This book reviews White medium and heavy-duty truck models in roughly the decade of the 1960s, including the 1500, 4000, 5000, 7400, and 9000 series.
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British and European Trucks of the 1970s
The '70s witnessed a number of amalgamations, mergers and take-overs that would change the face of the pan-European trucking industry. It saw the birth of the infamous British Leyland empire, which was to have far-reaching and disastrous consequences for all the manufacturers it engulfed. In the face of booming sales of European heavyweights, both Ford and Bedford launched heavyweight models aimed at this key sector, but like most other British truck manufacturers, it was too little too late. This is a unique account of a turbulent period in trucking history.
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British and European Trucks of the 1980s
Mergers, amalgamations and joint ventures have meant that the number of pan-European truck manufacturers can now almost be counted on the fingers of one hand. Modern legislation governing gross weights, emissions and operations, also mean that many of today's trucks are almost uniform. However, there was a decade when more than 50 truck manufacturers built a diverse range of sizes and configurations, the like of which will not be seen again. Increasing gross weights, the exploration of ultra-long haul routs, and the virtual doubling of engine power over the previous decade meant the '80s were a period of dramatic change. British and European Trucks of 1980's takes a look behind the scenes of some of the major players of the era, their successes and failures. Yet, it also covers smaller, often obscure manufacturers--such as those from former the Eastern Bloc, many of which were never seen outside their native countries.
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British Lorries of the 1950s
British commercial vehicle manufacturers played a key role in bolstering Britain's economy throughout the 1950s, especially during the period of postwar austerity, a time when they contributed to the all-important export drive. British lorries were, therefore, seen as the workhorses of the world and performed a wide range of tasks from goods delivery to heavy haulage. This highly visual study of British lorries of the 1950s captures, in 120 illustrations, the vital but often understated duties that were reliably conducted 365 days a year. The images, contemporary black and white as well as colour, include evocative publicity material in addition to pictures from the preservation and heritage scene.The comprehensive text reveals much about the marques that were household names, along with information about Britain's road haulage and commercial motor industries. Malcolm Bobbitt, member of the Society of Automotive Historians and the Guild of Motoring Writers, is the author of some thirty books. In this instance he has combined a collection of fascinating images with informative text to provide a nostalgic and unique insight into British lorries of the 1950s.
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British Lorries of the 1960s
British commercial manufacturers played a prime role in boosting Britain's economy during the 1960s, especially as many vehicles were exported worldwide. British lorries, or heavy hauling trucks, were the workhorses of this world. This richly illustrated book takes a deep look at British lorries of the 1960's. You'll enjoy 120 illustrations, many contemporary color, and black and white, including some delightful publicity items in addition to covering the heritage and preservation scenes. Malcolm Bobbitt is the author of dozens of automotive books, is a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers, and the Society of Automotive Historians. This book will re-kindle many memories and serve as a reminder of the important role British commercial vehicles played during the 1960s.
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Brockway Trucks 1948-1961 Photo Archive
From its beginnings in 1912, Brockway earned a reputation for reliability and rugged design that was carried on after the company was acquired by Mack Trucks in October, 1956. This collection of photographs highlights Brockways post-war years and into the early Sixties. Photographs from the Mack Trucks Historical Museum Archives.
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Classic Peterbilt
Peterbilt bears a pedigree as long as the roads the trucks travel. The legend traces back to the 1915 Fageol truck line with the first hauler to wear the Peterbilt badge rolling onto the scene in 1939. Classic Peterbilt chronicles the men and machines behind the legend, the evolution of the badge, and the advances in the aerodynamics of these mammoth machines.
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Coca-Cola Its Vehicles in Photographs 1930-1969: Photographs from the Archives Department of the Coca-Cola Company
Coca-Cola products have been delivered to stores and soda fountains throughout the world in a variety of trucks, automobiles, and horse-drawn carts for decades now. Here is a dynamic collection of vintage black & white photographs of a variety of these vehicles specially selected from the archives of the Coca-Cola Company, including bottle trucks, promotional vehicles and route sales cars.
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Custom Semi
It seems like everything is being customized these days, but one type of vehicle in particular is making a large impact on the customizing world. Semi trucks have been painted and adorned with every bell and whistle imaginable. These spectacular trucks cruise the interstates and draw huge crowds of fans wherever they roll. Custom Semi features some of the most spectacular examples of customized semi trucks. The book profiles who drives the trucks and families who are in the trucking business, and showcases entire fleets that are customized. Customized trucks that were completely stripped down and recustomized are also included. Spectacular examples of customizations, such as wood, metal, lights, etching, and interior, are showed in exquisite detail, and what's on the cutting edge of semi truck customization is also featured. The next time you roll down the highway, keep your eyes open for these masterpieces. The hard work, dedication, and love of the highway are conveyed in these rolling works of art.
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Custom Semi Trucks
A truck driver's tractor-trailer is more than just a vehicle or a tool for making a living. It is a calling card, a personal statement, a way of life. Truckers take as much joy and pride in modifying their rigs as hot-rodders and car customizers. Bette Garber present some two dozen of the most interesting and creative custom trucks to be seen on the roads today. Each feature tells the story of the men and women who modify and drive these trucks, including the tricks of the trade. All are featured in full-color photography that highlights the flash, incredible detail, and personal touches of custom semi trucks. The book also provides an overview of the truck-show scene and what makes for an award-winning rig.
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Custom Semi Trucks 2
A collection of amazing photos collected from the author's hardcover edition called Custom Semi, this value-priced paperback makes a wonderful gift for young truck enthusiasts.
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Diamond T Trucks 1911-1966 Photo Archive
The Diamond T Motor Car Company manufactured automobiles until 1911 when the first truck led to exclusive truck production and soon gained legendary status as style leaders. While "The Handsomest Truck in America" became a long-standing slogan, Diamond T also emphasized its engineering leadership. Builders of more than 1500 Class B "Liberty" trucks in World War I, Diamond T produced nearly 50,000 thousand prime movers, half-tracks, army wreckers, tank tractors, and tank movers in World War II. The late 1940s were years of peak production, but as the 1950s progressed, Diamond T found independent status problematic. The White Motor Company purchased Diamond T in 1958; moving production from Chicago to Reo's manufacturing facilities in Lansing, Michigan, in 1960, creating the Lansing Division to produce Diamond T and Reo trucks. Both Diamond T and Reo ceased to be separate trucks starting in 1967 when White's new Diamond Reo Division began producing Diamond Reo trucks.
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European Trucks: On the Road in Europe in Colour
This wonderful publication from Osprey Publications provides an in-depth colour pictoral overview of European big-rigs in action, on the road.
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Evolution of Cab-Over-Engine Trucks
American COE (Cab Over Engine) designs began to appear as a way to maximize loads and abide by individual U.S. state length regulations. By shortening the overall length of the truck cab the trailer size could be increased while staying within the overall length limit dictated by each state. COE trucks would help play a vital role in America's industrial growth over the ensuing decades. All the major truck manufacturers are featured along with the many models offered throughout the decades into the 1970s, as well as a brief look at the COE models offered through the 1980s to today. In addition to historical data and specifications, all of the innovative concepts and features developed as COE designs evolved are highlighted, as well as the numerous ideas that were tried, but proved to be only temporary solutions. Enjoy this lavishly illustrated, informative evolution of COE trucks, the first history ever published focusing on the history of COE trucks in America.
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Extreme Trucks
Extreme Trucks includes custom rigs from Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Freightliner. Dozens of America?s most radical and desirable customs roll across the pages of this stunning collection. Photo illustration wizard Greg Smith, digitally combines the best semi trucks with beautiful backgrounds in this must-have book.
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