The Golden Years of Trucking: Commemorating Fifty Years of Service by the Ontario Trucking Association, 1926-1976
A thorough history of trucking in Ontario covering a period from the 1920s to the 1970s. The Depression and War years are covered, The Teamsters, the distinguished people in the business, the OTA, Truck Roadeoes, technology and more. Copiously illustrated with vintage photographs.
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The Heyday of the Traction Engine
A pictorial history, provides a representation of traction engines that are now in preservation, many after a long and useful life.
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The John Deere Century
In The John Deere Century, acclaimed author and photographer Randy Leffingwell uses his unique brand of storytelling to chronicle the company and the tractors that have carried the distinctive green and yellow livery for the past century. Iconic John Deere tractors ranging from the spartan Waterloo Boy to the Model AOS, and from German and Argentine models to the acclaimed New Generation tractors are featured in this celebration of industrial tractor design. Loaded with photographs, both modern and vintage, and excellently written info, this book will have John Deere fans salivating.
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The Long Haul: American Trucking Companies
This book is a concise history of the pioneers in trucking and how they grew their truck empires. Most of the companies started out very small regionally and with acquisitions and mergers became the big names in trucking hauling all over America. Each company includes a history, maps of their truck lines at an epochal point in their history, and a photo or more of their fleet or rigs they used in the classic era of the 1950s-1970s.
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The Steam Tractor Encyclopedia: Glory Days of the Invention that Changed Farming Forever
This book tells the story of the amazing transformation of farming brought about by the gigantic steam tractors that hauled agriculture into the modern era. Here is the first-ever thorough history of the steamers packed with more than 400 super-rare photographs and brochures that have taken years to collect. Before the advent of lightweight gasoline engines, steam tractors were met with awe. Even today, at threshing bees, county fairs, and tractor shows, these remarkable machines command great respect. This book gives readers and tractor fans a chance to linger over every detail of these marvelous--and now, all too rare--machines. Richly illustrated and meticulously detailed, each entry brings to the fore a steam tractor that in its day transformed the business of farming acre by acre and day by day.
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The Travelling Fair: Fairground Transport in Britain
The photographic account of fairground transport in Britain. Stunningly designed and beautifully photographed, the book includes the authors own photographic collection and fairground vehicle enthusiasts collections, including several archival photos.
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This Old John Deere: A Treasury of Vintage Tractors and Family Farm Memories
A rich history of John Deere tractors on American family farms, beautifully illustrated with photographs, containing short stories, essays, tall tales, and reminiscences.
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Tractor Trilogy: Busted Tractors, Old Knuckles, Sex, Norwegian Torque Wrench Tech
Best-selling author and humorist Roger Welsch digs deep into his downhome experiences to deliver a comic and witty take on love, sex, romance, and marriage in this collection of three popular tractor books. Be one of the first to take advantage of this impressive hardcover volume. The package includes Love, Sex, and Tractors, Busted Tractors and Rusty Knuckles, plus Old Tractors and the Men Who Love Them. New material has been added, updating key chapters of the original books. Love, Sex, and Tractors is guaranteed to transform even the the most thickheaded gearhead into a swooning Romeo. Busted Tractors and Rusty Knuckles recalls the humorousmissteps and mishaps encountered during the restoration of Roger's beloved AllisChalmers tractor, lovingly referred to as "Woodpecker." Old Tractors and the Men Who Love Them is filled with light-hearted tips for saving your marriage from ruin while cleaning your tractor parts in the dishwasher, and other clever restoration techniques.
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Trucks: An Illustrated History, 1896-1920

Carlo Demand and G.N. Georgano ISBN 10 – 0846705001 Hardcover 120 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Vintage and Classic Tractor Restoration
Vintage and Classic Tractor Restoration is a complete guide to the subject, looking at how to initially purchase a tractor, through private means or at auction, and then how to restore it back to its former glory, as it would have looked when it left the factory. It is even possible to preserve a classic tractor in its working condition, which has a unique appeal to some tractor collectors and in some ways is harder than a full restoration to undertake. Fifty-two practical picture spreads show techniques suitable for restorers of all levels of skill.
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White Trucks 1900-1937 Photo Archive: Photographs from the National Automotive History Collection of the Detroit Public
The White Company was one of America's earliest and most successful truck manufacturers. Offered in a wide range of sizes and models, White trucks found their way to a variety of work situations, used as dump trucks, sedan deliveries, freight haulers, buses, tankers, and more. This expansive album of White truck photos begins with the first models at the turn of the century and continues through the ultra-streamlined examples of the late '30s.
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