How to Restore Your Farm Tractor
For fun, practicality or profit, farm tractor restoration has become extremely popular. Follow two tractors through professional restorations and examine carbs, diesel systems, hydraulics, engines and drives, electrical, PTOs, and more. From buying a tractor to final paint and decals, this book helps you do it right so your classic will last for generations to come. Originally published in 1992, this updated edition reflects changes in the hobby. Features include a new introduction, an updated suppliers list, and select color photography, all wrapped into a new page design.
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Implement & Tractor: Reflections on 100 Years of Farm Equipment
Reproductions of actual stories, illustrations, and advertisements that have appeared in Implement & Tractor magazine, stories on companies and personalities.
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International Directory of Model Farm Tractors
Over 1000 model tractors illustrated, with detailed information about their manufacturers and model changes for many countries of the world. The models are in groups by makers of the full size tractors (John Deere, Ford, etc.), and include vital information for each one.
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International Heavy Trucks of the 1950s
With worn-out trucks after World War II and plans laid out by the Federal Government to build the Interstate Highway System, truck production really took off in the 1950s. Companies and drivers who used International semi-trucks worked hard to deliver the goods. This large-picture format book shows the fine details of these trucks at work during this productive time period.
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International Heavy Trucks of the 1960s
The success of International's 1950s semi-trucks continued into the 1960s. Many series were carried over from the 1950s, but International now offered more models in each series to make them more versatile. The pictures you see in this book mainly cover the bigger straight trucks and over-the-road and off-highway trucks; the popular trucks like the V series, R series, D-400, DCO-400, CO-4000, and the line of “stars,” to mention a few. As you look at them, enjoy and admire them, as many are long gone.
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Iron, Steam and Wood: 150 Years with the Waterous Engine Works Company
Read this fascinating corporate history as it tells how the Waterous Engine Works Company supplied machinery to fuel the development and growth of the country. From the simple iron castings that came out of the 1844 foundry, the family company pioneered and became a leader in several fields. Their sawmills were a major factor in the growth of the lumber industry. Waterous steam fire engines became the stuff of lore. Huge Waterous traction engines helped to open up the vast prairie expanses to farming. Complex pulpwood grinders became almost standard in the country's pulp and paper industry. The Waterous U.S. subsidiary was the first to build do e gasoline powered fire engines. As over 100 years gf Waterous management ended, the company turned to manufacture of wood harvesting equipment.
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John Deere Tractors 1918-1994
If you're a John Deere fan, you won't want to pass up this exceptionally well-done history of the John Deere line of farm tractors. Descriptions begin with the Froelich and Waterloo Boy and end with models introduced in 1993. You will want to pay close attention to the tractor serial numbers listed in the back pages of this book. Handwritten record books from the Waterloo and Dubuque factories were carefully reviewed to determine the serial numbers. Included are over 130 illustrations and a helpful chart listing serial numbers along with dates the models were produced.
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John Deere: Small Tractors
During the initial wave of powered farming in the early 20th century, most medium- to large-scale farmers traded in their mules for tractors. In the 1930s, when manufacturers began marketing their wares to smaller farm operations, they began building smaller, inexpensive tractors designed to do the work of two mules. This color history covers John Deeres entries in the market, namely its extremely popular two-cylinder models: the L, LA, M, MC, 40, 420, 320, 430, and 330. Today, these models are some of the most popular among the old-tractor crowd. New color photography features restored models and is supplemented by archival images from the early 20th century.
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John Deere: Yesterday & Today
John Deere: Yesterday & Today' is a comprehensive history of the uniquely American John Deere & Company from its 19th-century beginnings to its position today as a global-manufacturing powerhouse. John Deere has been a major player in the evolution of industrialized American labor and large-scale agriculture. The company s tractors and other machines are used worldwide on large and small farms, in forests, on construction sites, and even in suburban driveways. The public s passion for John Deere is apparent not just on the company s balance sheet, but also in the array of licensed consumer items available, such as clothing, toys, tin signs, and clocks. This handsome hardcover book chronicles the complete John Deere story, starting with blacksmith John Deere s revolutionary steel plow in 1837 and onward to the company s entry into the tractor business and its success today. John Deere: Yesterday & Today is organized by historical periods, with highlights of significant events and trends included in each chapter. Lively, expertly written text and hundreds of vibrant color images of tractors, memorabilia, portraits, and artifacts help bring this American success story to life. Anyone interested in John Deere or American history will treasure 'John Deere: Yesterday & Today'. The company's remarkable history is detailed in the following chapters: 1837 1857: Furnishing a Superior Product at a Low Cost; 1858 1887: The Charles Deere Era; 1888 1917: A Time for Expansion; 1918 1960: The Reign of the Two-Cylinder Tractor; 1961 1986: Industry Leadership; 1987 2000: The Modern Company; 2001 Present: World Leadership.
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Logging Trucks 1915-1970 Photo Archive
Logging operations presented some of the biggest off-road challenges to trucks & their drivers. This collection of photos includes rugged logging trucks built on various manufacturers' chassis. Beginning with the trucks that replaced oxen in America's forests to modern rigs.
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Lost Truck Legends: An Illustrated History of Unique Small-Scale Truck Builders
Here you go truck fans, a book just for you! Featuring small-scale independent truck manufacturers, this book offers a selection of trucks no longer manufactured, but that in their time had a solid reputation. Basically, because of supply and demand, the smaller companies couldn’t compete with the large manufacturers in the long run, yet they offered technological innovations, unique styling, or met a specific market niche to the trucking industry. Detailed histories along with vintage photographs hark back to a different era of these gone-but-not-forgotten, yet still-today-admired orphan trucks. Available, Fageol, Hug, Corbitt, Hendrickson, Dart, Garford, Republic, Bederman and a few others are portrayed with historic images through the 1930s-1970s time period.
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Mack Model AB Photo Archive
A magnificent collection of rare black & white photographs specially selected from public and private archives promote the strength and versatility of these individual Mack models. Filled with informative captions providing concise histories of each featured model. Over 50,000 Baby Mack trucks were produced between 1914 and 1936. Versions from the earliest prototype are fully illustrated in this essential Mack profile.
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Marion Mining and Dredging Machines: Photo Archive
Beginning in 1884 with a prototype steam shovel, Marion went on to produce massive stripping shovels and walking draglines used in surface mining, as well as conventional shovels and dredges.View handpicked photographs from the Archives of the Historical Construction Equipment Association augmented with authoritative captions that highlight Marion's innovations through the years. Includes a concise corporate history of the Marion Power Shovel Company.
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Massey Ferguson 100 Series In Detail
Following his well-received books in this 'In Detail' series on the Ferguson TE20 and the Massey Ferguson 35 & 65 models, author Michael Thorne turns his attention to the outstandingly successful and well-loved 100 Series of tractors. Of the 100 range, the most popular was and remains the 135. Half a million 135s were built at Massey Ferguson's factory in Coventry alone, with production overseas on top of this figure. Another big success was the larger, more powerful 165, with nearly 200,000 sold. This model, like the 135, is among the most popular and sought-after classic tractors today, although many 135s and 165s are still in active use around the world, in spite of their age. The 100 range included a great number of other models, and in addition to the 135 and 165, which are given in-depth treatment here, important models described in detail are the 130, 148 Super-Spec, 168, 175, 185 and 188 Super-Spec. There is an extensive chapter on the implements available for the range, and another on conversions. Featuring 290 illustrations including detailed specially-commissioned colour photography of outstanding examples of 100 Series tractors, Massey Ferguson 100 Series In Detail offers an unrivaled store of knowledge for the owners and enthusiasts who care passionately about these tractors, and serves as a tribute to the people who made them.
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Massey-Ferguson 35 & 65 Models In Detail
Launched in 1958, as the successor to the ubiquitous Ferguson TE20, the Masey-Ferguson 35 was a product of the merger of Massey-Harris and Ferguson. It incorporated numerous improvements and new features and became massively popular worldwide. Its companion, the 65 model, was introduced shortly afterwards and was a larger tractor, offered with the revolutionary Multi Power system that gave 12 forward and four reverse gears. Durable and versatile, these tractors are still a practical proposition today, and even unrestored examples command high prices. Michael Thorne, author of Ferguson TE20 in Detail, continues the story as he describes the development of these models, the production versions and their capabilities, options and extras, conversions, implements and their use today. Outstanding surviving examples are featured in some 80 photographs specially taken for this book, and there are approximately 120 accompanying archive illustrations.
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Mighty Machines: Big Rig and Other Massive Machines
Provides information, specifications, and trivia about semitrailers, logging trucks, oversize loads, concrete mixers, mobile cranes, heavy tow trucks, road trains, and supertrucks. Simple, easy-to-understand text describes each machine's different features and explains how it works. Labels help children identify and name the different parts of the machines, developing early language skills.
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Mighty Machines: Tractor and Other Farm Machines
Mighty Machines lets youngsters explore details in big, clear photographs of real working machines. Alongside the photographs are illustrations that link these machines to common objects, by way of explaining what they are and what they do. This text provides information about tractors and contains artwork comparing the tractors and the jobs they do with familiar everyday objects.
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Mighty Machines: Truck and Other Building Machines
Packed with facts, this book takes a close-up look at trucks. Photographs of real vehicles with funny illustrations and informative text aim to encourage children to compare the machines and their work to everyday objects and activities. Simple, easy-to-understand text describes each machine's different features and explains how it works. Labels help children identify and name the different parts of the machines, developing early language skills.
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New Car Carriers: 1910-1998 Photo Album
This photographic history of new-car carriers begins with the flatbed trucks that first became an alternative to the railroad and continues through today's supermodern piggybacks and triple-deckers. Fascinating photographs include the introduction of double-decker trailers and enclosed streamliners, as well as converted auto carriers hauling military vehicles and armaments to the front during World War II. Of particular interest, however, are the cargoes themselves, which represent nearly a century of showroom-fresh automobiles from all comers of the world.
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