Album of Historical Steam Traction Engines & Threshing Equipment (No. 1)
Here is a unique collection of United States and foreign engines from 1855 to 1929 - the first ever published on this phase of American agricultural life. The reader will find such famous makes as Reeves, Russell, Advance, Baker, Stevens, Gaarscott, Nichols, Shepard, and many others. This collector's book, with its pictures, drawings, and ads of old-time farming equipment will recall memories by the bushel basket. Its nostalgia packed pages will gladden the heart of anyone who has ever lived on a farm - and many who haven't. 470 photos, drawings and charts.
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Anatomy of the John Deere
John Deere reigns as the top of the crop. This lavishly illustrated guide innovatively describes and demonstrates why "Nothing Runs Like a Deere" through 300 riveting photos of 40+ tractors dating back to stream-powered models with details of historical significance, performance, and the appeal of this model of American manufacturing ingenuity. With a huge and historic following in the U.S., and production operations in 21 countries, it is clear people are "seeing green" around the world.
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Chilton’s Guide to Small Engine Repair Up to 6 Hp
Information on operating, storing, and maintaining single-cylinder engines prefaces instructions for servicing engines produced by Briggs and Stratton, Tecumseh-Lauson, Lawn Boy, Clinton, Kohler, O and R, Onan, and Wisconsin.
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Compact Tractors: An Illustrated Guide and History
Compact Utility Tractors, or CUTs, are cute little cutters! As farming became more refined so did the needs of tractors. The answer was a smaller, more maneuverable and fuel-efficient tractor with a variety of implements and attachments. With this focus on special needs, attachments became available such as plows, disc harrows, mower decks, cultivators, spreaders, snowblowers, and more. They have become a necessary utility for farmers, orchards, small construction jobs, and landscaping/maintenance for estates, parks and golf courses. At the forefront of this evolution was the Farmall Cub and John Deere Model L. Then came the Japanese invasion; a new kind of tractor by companies such as Yanmar and Kubota. These four-wheel drive machines were rugged and tough and used a variety of hydraulically powered attachments. American companies like John Deere, International Harvester, and Massey Ferguson built their own their own four-wheel versions. Today’s compact tractors, such as the Kubota BX series, Massey Ferguson’s GC series, and the John Deere 3000, offer an even larger selection of implements for special purposes.
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Farm Tractors
Written by an international expert in agricultural machinery, Farm Tractors takes readers back to the nineteenth century to look at the precursors to modern tractors and travels through the years to follow the machine's evolution as tractors became indispensable equipment on farms across America.
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Farm Tractors: Enthusiast Color Series
Americas great tractors in 80 full-color photographs! Follow these iron workhorse through the years as Morland fills the pages with great old John Deere, International, Ford, Fordson, Case, Minneapolis-Moline, Oliver, Massey, and many other tractors in full-color photographs.
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Ford Owner’s Handbook of Repair & Maintenance Models T and A also Fordson Farm Tractor

Floyd Clymer Softcover 574 pages Out of Print. Used. Very good condition for age and use. Ex libris sticker. Please ask for details.

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Fordson New Major E1A: 1951-1964
An insight into the development, engineering, production and uses of Ford's first all-new tractor The Fordson Major tractor was produced in large numbers at Ford's UK Dagenham factory from 1951 until 1964, and was exported across the world, including to the USA (where it was called the Ford 5000 diesel). Produced with petrol, diesel and kerosene-burning engines, the E1A was the subject of continuous development during its life and was a huge success. Many examples of the E1A can still be found at work on farms today, 50 years after the first models entered production. This extensively illustrated book provides a unique insight into this classic tractor.
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How to Paint Tractors & Trucks
There's something special about an old truck, tractor or implement; they overflow with honesty, durability and mechanical simplicity. When it comes time to repair or restore that equipment, you need the right paint and the appropriate procedures. How to Paint Tractors & Trucks explains the various paints that can be used to give that old Massey or Ford the bright shine that will make you proud. Whether the project is a simple freshening done on a budget, or a complete restoration intended for the show circuit, there are specific paints guaranteed to help you achieve the desired end result. From stripping the paint to the application of the body filler, primer, sealer and final topcoat, each step of the process is explained in detail. In-The-Shop sequences show hands-on how the components are disassembled, repaired, painted and assembled. For anyone who yearns to paint but lacks the paint booth and compressor, the book explains various ways to construct a simple booth that will reduce contamination, and also provide adequate air movement. And if you're a little rusty on your gun handling, complete coverage of guns and adjustments is provided as well. Part of our mechanical history, those old tractors, trucks and implements deserve to be pulled from the grove and restored to their former glory for all to see.
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How to Restore Ford Tractors: The Ultimate Guide to Rebuilding and Restoring N-Series and Later Tractors 1939-1962
To the admirer of farm machinery in all its gritty splendor, the tractor is more than the mechanical workhorse of the modern field. It is a testament to American know-how, a work of mechanical art truly in the American grain. Among these hard-working machines, Ford tractors hold a special place after nearly a century of bringing innovation, dependability, and good old American muscle to farms and fields worldwide. This book provides a hands-on guide to restoring these venerable machines from the ground up, from the first models made to those produced as recently as 1965. With hundreds of full-color photographs, the guide is not just clear and easy-to-follow, but also a feast for the eyes for tractor aficionados. Beginning at the beginning--how to choose and buy your tractor--Tharran Gaines takes readers through step-by-step directions for the complete restoration of Fordson, Ford-Ferguson, and Ford tractors. In straightforward terms he covers everything from troubleshooting and disassembly to engine and gearbox rebuilds, electrical work, reassembly, painting, and post-restoration care and maintenance. Informative photographs and proven tips, techniques, and money-saving advice from experienced restorers make the book an invaluable resource for amateur mechanic and professional alike. Also included is an appendix listing sources for parts, decals, tires, etc., as well as addresses for tractor clubs and collector associations.
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How To Restore Your Farm Tractor
How to Restore Your Farm Tractor is packed with hundreds of helpful full-color photographs, proven tips and techniques, and money-saving advice from restorers who know what works...and what doesn't. Tharran Gaines' expert DIY guide will walk you step-by-step through the complete restoration of your tractor, from disassembly to engine rebuild, electrics, painting, and final detailing. There's even a handy section on parts sources. So, no matter if you favor John Deeres, Fords, Farmalls, A-Cs, or Minnie-Mos, with Gaines' guidance, you're well on your way to showing off your shiny "new" classic tractor!
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How to Restore Your Farm Tractor
For fun, practicality or profit, farm tractor restoration has become extremely popular. Follow two tractors through professional restorations and examine carbs, diesel systems, hydraulics, engines and drives, electrical, PTOs, and more. From buying a tractor to final paint and decals, this book helps you do it right so your classic will last for generations to come. Originally published in 1992, this updated edition reflects changes in the hobby. Features include a new introduction, an updated suppliers list, and select color photography, all wrapped into a new page design.
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Implement & Tractor: Reflections on 100 Years of Farm Equipment
Reproductions of actual stories, illustrations, and advertisements that have appeared in Implement & Tractor magazine, stories on companies and personalities.
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International Directory of Model Farm Tractors
Over 1000 model tractors illustrated, with detailed information about their manufacturers and model changes for many countries of the world. The models are in groups by makers of the full size tractors (John Deere, Ford, etc.), and include vital information for each one.
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John Deere Fundamentals of Service: Fuels, Lubricants & Coolants
Fuels, Lubricants, Coolants and Filters is the definitive “how-to” book when it comes to this subject — from showing you the different types of each; to their characteristics, designations, and additives; to diagnosing system problems and identifying parts failure; to explaining how to repair the systems. And when we say “show you,” we mean just that! Our book is filled with illustrations to clearly demonstrate what must be done — photographs, drawings, pictorial diagrams, troubleshooting charts, and diagnostic charts. Instructions are written in simple language so that they can be easily understood. Starting with the question “how does it work?” the book builds up to “why does it fail?” and finishes with “what to do about it.” This book can be used by anyone, from a novice to an experienced mechanic. Fuels, Lubricants, Coolants and Filters can easily help a reader better understand these wonderful liquids. By starting with the basics, it builds your knowledge step by step in a very structured manner.
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John Deere Tractors 1918-1994
If you're a John Deere fan, you won't want to pass up this exceptionally well-done history of the John Deere line of farm tractors. Descriptions begin with the Froelich and Waterloo Boy and end with models introduced in 1993. You will want to pay close attention to the tractor serial numbers listed in the back pages of this book. Handwritten record books from the Waterloo and Dubuque factories were carefully reviewed to determine the serial numbers. Included are over 130 illustrations and a helpful chart listing serial numbers along with dates the models were produced.
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John Deere: Small Tractors
During the initial wave of powered farming in the early 20th century, most medium- to large-scale farmers traded in their mules for tractors. In the 1930s, when manufacturers began marketing their wares to smaller farm operations, they began building smaller, inexpensive tractors designed to do the work of two mules. This color history covers John Deeres entries in the market, namely its extremely popular two-cylinder models: the L, LA, M, MC, 40, 420, 320, 430, and 330. Today, these models are some of the most popular among the old-tractor crowd. New color photography features restored models and is supplemented by archival images from the early 20th century.
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John Deere: Yesterday & Today
John Deere: Yesterday & Today' is a comprehensive history of the uniquely American John Deere & Company from its 19th-century beginnings to its position today as a global-manufacturing powerhouse. John Deere has been a major player in the evolution of industrialized American labor and large-scale agriculture. The company s tractors and other machines are used worldwide on large and small farms, in forests, on construction sites, and even in suburban driveways. The public s passion for John Deere is apparent not just on the company s balance sheet, but also in the array of licensed consumer items available, such as clothing, toys, tin signs, and clocks. This handsome hardcover book chronicles the complete John Deere story, starting with blacksmith John Deere s revolutionary steel plow in 1837 and onward to the company s entry into the tractor business and its success today. John Deere: Yesterday & Today is organized by historical periods, with highlights of significant events and trends included in each chapter. Lively, expertly written text and hundreds of vibrant color images of tractors, memorabilia, portraits, and artifacts help bring this American success story to life. Anyone interested in John Deere or American history will treasure 'John Deere: Yesterday & Today'. The company's remarkable history is detailed in the following chapters: 1837 1857: Furnishing a Superior Product at a Low Cost; 1858 1887: The Charles Deere Era; 1888 1917: A Time for Expansion; 1918 1960: The Reign of the Two-Cylinder Tractor; 1961 1986: Industry Leadership; 1987 2000: The Modern Company; 2001 Present: World Leadership.
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Massey Ferguson 100 Series In Detail
Following his well-received books in this 'In Detail' series on the Ferguson TE20 and the Massey Ferguson 35 & 65 models, author Michael Thorne turns his attention to the outstandingly successful and well-loved 100 Series of tractors. Of the 100 range, the most popular was and remains the 135. Half a million 135s were built at Massey Ferguson's factory in Coventry alone, with production overseas on top of this figure. Another big success was the larger, more powerful 165, with nearly 200,000 sold. This model, like the 135, is among the most popular and sought-after classic tractors today, although many 135s and 165s are still in active use around the world, in spite of their age. The 100 range included a great number of other models, and in addition to the 135 and 165, which are given in-depth treatment here, important models described in detail are the 130, 148 Super-Spec, 168, 175, 185 and 188 Super-Spec. There is an extensive chapter on the implements available for the range, and another on conversions. Featuring 290 illustrations including detailed specially-commissioned colour photography of outstanding examples of 100 Series tractors, Massey Ferguson 100 Series In Detail offers an unrivaled store of knowledge for the owners and enthusiasts who care passionately about these tractors, and serves as a tribute to the people who made them.
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Mighty Machines: Tractor and Other Farm Machines
Mighty Machines lets youngsters explore details in big, clear photographs of real working machines. Alongside the photographs are illustrations that link these machines to common objects, by way of explaining what they are and what they do. This text provides information about tractors and contains artwork comparing the tractors and the jobs they do with familiar everyday objects.
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Oliver Hart-Parr
The last Oliver green tractor may have rolled off the assembly line nearly three decades ago, but by the time the company's legacy was already cemented. With their unmistakable dark green paint, yellow grilles and red wheels, Oliver and Hart-Parr tractors were fixtures on American farms from the early 1900s into the 1960s, when he companies were acquired by White. In "Oliver Hart-Parr," tractor enthusiasts can now revisit the evolution of two of the country's most successful tractor and farm equipment builders.Tractor and farm equipment historian and expert C.H. Wendel expertly covers every Oliver model ever produced, including the Hart-Parr tractors that Oliver purchased in 1929, as well as machinery from Cletrac, Nicholas & Shepard and Cockshut. Thanks to Wendel's meticulous research and more than 1,500 photographs, tractor enthusiasts can take a ride through history with these glorious machines of the past.
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Original John Deere Model A
One of John Deere's most successful tractors, the Model A is thoroughly chronicled in this color tribute. Detailed chapters cover: Introduction of the A; Unstyled Model A Row-Crops; Styled Model A Row-Crops; The Model A at Tractor Shows; The Unstyled Model AR; The "Baby R"; The Unstyled Model AO; Model AO Streamlined; The Styled Model AO; Model AI; and Model A Hi-Crop. Each chapter describes the tractor, and provides serial number range/production years, production changes, paint schemes, decal placement, and available equipment.
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The American Tractor: A Century of Legendary Machines
A wonderful overview of a century of legendary tractors. The farm tractor took over where humans and animals had once toiled in the fields. From the first big steam-powered engines to the smaller, more maneuverable tractors, to the most evolved and advanced models of today, experience the full history of this fascinating machine. Features marque-by-marque info of all the major manufacturers, covering more than 150 tractors, and an illustrated, eye-catching combination of specially commissioned color photographs.
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The Heyday of the Traction Engine
A pictorial history, provides a representation of traction engines that are now in preservation, many after a long and useful life.
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The John Deere Century
In The John Deere Century, acclaimed author and photographer Randy Leffingwell uses his unique brand of storytelling to chronicle the company and the tractors that have carried the distinctive green and yellow livery for the past century. Iconic John Deere tractors ranging from the spartan Waterloo Boy to the Model AOS, and from German and Argentine models to the acclaimed New Generation tractors are featured in this celebration of industrial tractor design. Loaded with photographs, both modern and vintage, and excellently written info, this book will have John Deere fans salivating.
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The Steam Tractor Encyclopedia: Glory Days of the Invention that Changed Farming Forever
This book tells the story of the amazing transformation of farming brought about by the gigantic steam tractors that hauled agriculture into the modern era. Here is the first-ever thorough history of the steamers packed with more than 400 super-rare photographs and brochures that have taken years to collect. Before the advent of lightweight gasoline engines, steam tractors were met with awe. Even today, at threshing bees, county fairs, and tractor shows, these remarkable machines command great respect. This book gives readers and tractor fans a chance to linger over every detail of these marvelous--and now, all too rare--machines. Richly illustrated and meticulously detailed, each entry brings to the fore a steam tractor that in its day transformed the business of farming acre by acre and day by day.
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This Old John Deere: A Treasury of Vintage Tractors and Family Farm Memories
A rich history of John Deere tractors on American family farms, beautifully illustrated with photographs, containing short stories, essays, tall tales, and reminiscences.
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Tractor Trilogy: Busted Tractors, Old Knuckles, Sex, Norwegian Torque Wrench Tech
Best-selling author and humorist Roger Welsch digs deep into his downhome experiences to deliver a comic and witty take on love, sex, romance, and marriage in this collection of three popular tractor books. Be one of the first to take advantage of this impressive hardcover volume. The package includes Love, Sex, and Tractors, Busted Tractors and Rusty Knuckles, plus Old Tractors and the Men Who Love Them. New material has been added, updating key chapters of the original books. Love, Sex, and Tractors is guaranteed to transform even the the most thickheaded gearhead into a swooning Romeo. Busted Tractors and Rusty Knuckles recalls the humorousmissteps and mishaps encountered during the restoration of Roger's beloved AllisChalmers tractor, lovingly referred to as "Woodpecker." Old Tractors and the Men Who Love Them is filled with light-hearted tips for saving your marriage from ruin while cleaning your tractor parts in the dishwasher, and other clever restoration techniques.
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Vintage and Classic Tractor Restoration
Vintage and Classic Tractor Restoration is a complete guide to the subject, looking at how to initially purchase a tractor, through private means or at auction, and then how to restore it back to its former glory, as it would have looked when it left the factory. It is even possible to preserve a classic tractor in its working condition, which has a unique appeal to some tractor collectors and in some ways is harder than a full restoration to undertake. Fifty-two practical picture spreads show techniques suitable for restorers of all levels of skill.
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