Bucyrus Heavy Equipment: Construction and Mining Machines 1880-2007: A Photo Gallery
Bucyrus-Erie Company is a name synonymous with moving the earth. From the smallest loader-backhoe to some of the largest machines ever to move on land, no other company has produced such a wide variety of types and sizes of excavating equipment. With a rich heritage going back 128 years the company, now known as Bucyrus International Inc., is still designing and building some of the world’s largest shovels and walking draglines. Nothing could be more apt to describe this manufacturing power house than its slogan used in the 1960s “The Longest Line on Earth”. Over 450 spectacular black and white photos combined with detailed captions chronicle and describe all the major equipment product lines from Bucyrus Company, Erie Steam Shovel, Bucyrus-Erie and Ruston-Bucyrus. Every machine model from the extensive lines of cable excavators, hydraulic excavators, walking draglines, stripping shovels and drills is included, plus tables of machine introductions and production. There’s also detailed coverage of floating dredges, tractor equipment, cranes, bucket wheel excavators and other special machines. This book is sure to satisfy the serious equipment historian as well as the enthusiast.
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Caterpillar D-8 1933-1974 Photo Archive: Including Diesel Seventy-Five and RD-8
The histories behind some of Caterpillar's largest earthmovers ever are detailed in this new photo archive. Beginning with the Diesel 75, the great-grandfather of the D8, the collection follows the various changes made to the latter model up until 1966. More than 120 factory photographs dramatically illustrate the effects that rapid-moving technology had on those early years of mass dirt-moving. In addition, several photos depict World War II-vintage photos and artwork, as well as attachments and equipment manufactured by Caterpillar and others for use with the D8.
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Caterpillar Earthmovers at Work
From building roads through dense forests, mining the earth for raw ore, laying pipe, constructing power developments, to creating golf courses, Caterpillar's earthmoving machines have played an important role in shaping our world. “Caterpillar Earthmovers at Work” features Caterpillars in action moving massive amounts of rock, dirt, trees and anything else in their path. See these machines used in forestry & logging, road construction, railway construction, hydroelectric power projects, mining and much more. A treat for all heavy equipment fans.
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Caterpillar Military Tractors Vol. 2: Workpower on the Side of Victory, Photo Archive
This magnificent collection of rare black & white photographs, specially selected from public and private archives, promotes the unique characteristics of these popular tractors. Contains informative captions providing brief histories of featured models.
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Caterpillar Photo Gallery
Over 500 factory photos of Caterpillar tractors in road construction, land clearing, mining, logging, farming, military use, and more. Follow the history of Caterpillar's crawler tractors, beginning with Holt Caterpillars & Best Tracklayers through the mighty D9.These sharp, clear, B&W images cover the years 1904 through 1963.
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Caterpillar Sixty Photo Archive
A magnificent collection of rare black & white photographs specially selected from public and private archives promote the unique characteristics of these popular tractors. Filled with informative captions providing histories of featured models. Rare photos of the first diesel-powered Caterpillar tractors.
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Caterpillar Ten Photo Archive: Including 7C Fifteen and High Fifteen
The Caterpillar Ten is the smallest of the Caterpillar line, and probably the MOST POPULAR among collectors and restorers today. These 4,500-lb tractors were born and raised in the years of research and development. All of these little tractors were affected by the classifications of the testing procedures as well as marketing strategy. These are the tractors that were sold through the often-debated color change of 1931. Now they can all be found here in one photographic collection. Finally the opportunity for side by side comparisons of these highly sought after tractors is possible.
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Endless Tracks in the Woods
you have any interest in the history of bulldozers or mechanized logging this is for you. Chock full of pictures of everything from horse drawn logging wheels to tracked steam tractors to relatively modern [1950's to 1960's] bulldozers. History and fate of many dozer manufacturers, some you will never have heard of. Some interesting information regarding the environmental damage caused by logging and it's remediation.
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Erie Shovel Photo Archive
Erie was one of America's major manufacturers of steam-powered excavators, eventually becoming part of Bucyrus-Erie. Includes every Erie model at work on mining and construction projects. An outstanding collection of photos from the company's archive, now preserved by the Historic Construction Equipment Assn.
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Haulpak and Lectra Haul: The World’s Greatest Off-Highway Earthmoving Trucks
In quarries and mines around the world, Haulpak and Lectra Haul off-highway haulers are legendary. The Haulpak truck line (launched in 1957) and the Lectra Haul diesel-electric drive truck (introduced in 1960) shaped the way all modern off-highway haulers are designed even to this day. The Haulpak name was carried by such companies as LeTourneau-Westinghouse/WABCO (Westinghouse Air Brake Company), Dresser, Komatsu-Dresser, and finally Komatsu. Lectra Haul was the trademark name for trucks built by Unit Rig, becoming part of Terex and sold to Bucyrus International. Each truck’s designs were the templates for most future mining trucks. Construction Equipment author Eric Orlemann honors these off-highway haulers that carried these names, both past and present, with historic and modern photography, much of it never seen in published form before.
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Marion Mining and Dredging Machines: Photo Archive
Beginning in 1884 with a prototype steam shovel, Marion went on to produce massive stripping shovels and walking draglines used in surface mining, as well as conventional shovels and dredges.View handpicked photographs from the Archives of the Historical Construction Equipment Association augmented with authoritative captions that highlight Marion's innovations through the years. Includes a concise corporate history of the Marion Power Shovel Company.
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Mighty Machines: Truck and Other Building Machines
Packed with facts, this book takes a close-up look at trucks. Photographs of real vehicles with funny illustrations and informative text aim to encourage children to compare the machines and their work to everyday objects and activities. Simple, easy-to-understand text describes each machine's different features and explains how it works. Labels help children identify and name the different parts of the machines, developing early language skills.
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Power Shovels: The World’s Mightiest Mining and Construction Excavators
Power Shovels is a celebration of the land leviathans that have inhabited the open pit mines over the past century. Due to their massive size and unbelievable capabilities, interest in these machines extends far beyond their role in the extraction of minerals and precious metals. Author Orlemann focuses on the super stripper and loading class of shovels. Discover how the super stripper can remove vast amounts of earth and place it over a football field away. This book reveals design, engineering, manufacture, assembly, and operation of these modern and massive shovels.
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R G LETOURNEAU HEAVY EQUIPMENT,The Electric-Drive Era 1953-1970
Robert Gilmour LeTourneau is considered by many to be the dean of high-speed mobile earthmoving equipment. His designs of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s revolutionized the earthmoving industry. During the 1950s and 1960s, LeTourneau was able to develop and employ one of his greatest engineering design achievements - the electric drive wheel concept. This second volume of fantastic machine creations covers the time period from 1953 up until the sale of the company to Marathon in 1971. Standard production, specials, and experimental machines are shown in rare archival images, some being shown in print for the very first time, help showcase what made R. G. LeTourneau so revered in the heavy equipment industry.
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R.G. LeTourneau Heavy Equipment Photo Gallery
Robert Gilmour LeTourneau, the inventor of earthmoving machines, secured nearly 300 patents over the course of his life. During World War II, about 70 percent of the earthmovers and engineering vehicles were his machines that were invaluable to the Allied war effort. With outstanding photography, this overview of 90-years-plus of manufacturing features the company's earliest earthmoving equipment introductions in 1921, all the way up to today's ultra-large mining equipment introductions. This companion book to the three previous publications - R.G. LeTourneau Heavy Equipment: The Mechanical Drive Era 1921-1953, R.G. LeTourneau Heavy Equipment Photo Gallery: The Electric-Drive Era (1953-1970), and Modern LeTourneau Earthmoving Equipment since 1968 - includes updated information and all new images of the LeTourneau enterprise.
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Roadbuilding Construction Equipment at Work: Building the Early Interstate Highways through New England’s Green Mountain
This photo essay details the construction of the original Interstate Highway System in Vermont's picturesque and largely rural mountainous region through the late 1950s to late '70s. During this short time, contractor driven construction equipment innovation was remarkable: 2 1/2 cubic yard shovels were replaced with 4-8 yard shovels and then by massive wheel loaders up to 17 cubic yards; 15-22 ton rock trucks were upped to 50 tons; rudimentary spreading methods with dump trucks using tailgate chains were replaced with CMI Autogrades; and many contractors devised and built ingenious contraptions to increase production. The work attracted many large established road building firms from other States - Lane, Perini, Palazzi, L. G. Defelice, Green Construction from Des Moines, Iowa, as well as Cartier Construction, a division of McNamara from Montreal - seen here clearing and grubbing, pioneering, rock drilling, mucking peat bogs, and excavation sequences including trucks and shovels, loaders, pan scrapers, and a wheel excavator. The manufacturers of construction equipment constitute a virtual directory of the period; Caterpillar, Euclid, Allis-Chalmers, International, Dart, P&H, Bucyrus-Erie, Northwest, Lorain, Lima, Gradall, Barber-Greene, Blaw Knox, CMI, and more.
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