Pennsylvania Railroad Locomotives Photo Archive: Steam, Diesel & Electric
The Pennsylvania Railroad’s slogan was “Standard Railroad of the World.” Often referred to as the Pennsy, the railroad was an early advocate of standardization, especially with motive power. This book highlights the steam, diesel and electric locomotives. Known for a “dog’s breakfast” of locomotives, Pennsy experimented with different types of locomotives until the found the right design. Highlighted are various classes of steam locomotives like the K4 4-6-2, S1 6-4-4-6 Duplex and T1 4-4-4-4 Duplex, diesel's like Alco RS models, Baldwin end-cab switchers, Fairbanks-Morse Train Master, Electromotive GP series, F-units and E-units, along with the legendary bi-directional, center-cab GG1 electric locomotive. System map, timetables, advertising and locomotive designs by Raymond Lowey, industrial designer for the Pennsylvania Railroad, are also featured from this previously unpublished collection of archival photos.
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Steam at Allandale: The Story of a CNR division point in the 1950s
Turn the clock back more than forty years to the last decade of steam operation on the network of CNR lines radiating out of Allandale, sixty miles north of Toronto and division point of the 672-mile Allandale Division . . . to an era before the automobile, the highway and the internal combustion engine dealt their mortal blows to traditional railway operations. Between these covers you will journey by mixed train through the scenic crannies of the Niagara Escarpment; stand trackside at Gravenhurst as Mikado locomotives change places on the head end of hot paper trains; travel by way freight through apple orchards to the sparkling waters of Georgian Bay; witness the Penetang mixed train winding through tall grass; study the servicing rituals being performed on steam engines coming and going from the 27-stall Allandale roundhouse; and stand on the station platform as number 41 rolls in behind a 6000-series Mountain Type. Through descriptive narrative and 248 stunning photographs, you will relive the excitement of the Allandale Division in its twilight. For aspiring modellers of the fascinating Allandale lines, track diagrams, timetables, steam locomotive assignments, and commentaries on train operations and industrial customers are provided.
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Steam Locomotive Driver’s Manual: The Step-By-Step Guide to Preparing, Firing and Driving a Steam Locomotive
This extensively illustrated manual provides a fascinating practical insight into the knowledge, skills and sheer hard work required to safely drive a steam locomotive.
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Steam Locomotives of the B & O Railroad Photo Archive
The Baltimore & Ohio (B&O), America's first railroad, was formed in 1827. In 1830 the B&O opened its first 13 miles of rail between Baltimore and Ellicott's Mills. By 1838 the B&O was hauling mail between Baltimore and Washington D.C. This book is a look back at the steam engines served the B&O from the Civil War to the end of the steam era. Included are steam engines beginning with small Civil war era 4-6-0s up to the first streamlined locomotive--#5302. A must for all steam enthusiasts.
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Steam Power
They steamed westward with America, carrying goods and people to the new frontier. They powered through the industrial revolution, moving with the times. And they transported a nation in motion, soldiers and settlers and immigrants, captains of industry and itinerant laborers. These were the steam locomotives that ruled the rails and kept America moving and working for more than a century. Steam Power provides a closer look at the mighty steam trains for those of us who didn't get to experience it firsthand. Take a look inside the steam power engine, dining cars and learn the history of these beautiful machines. Pictured here in more than 250 modern photographs of restored and preserved models, these locomotives evoke the railroad's golden age and stand as a powerful reminder of the industry's might. The book offers a pictorial history of the evolution of steam power from the early nineteenth century to the demise of steam power after World War II; detailed captions identify each pictured locomotive and explain its role in the history of American motive power. Featuring every prominent wheel configuration as well as shrouded "streamlined" locomotives, Steam Power conveys the grand geographic and technological breadth of North American railroading.
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Streamliners: A History of the Railroad Icon
Travel back in time to witness the dynamic trains that reigned supreme from the 1930s through the 1950s. The great streamliners of yesteryear are brought to life: Santa Fe's Chiefs, Rock Island's Rockets, and Union Pacific's City of Salina pop from the pages in lavish color. Original brochures, time tables and dining car menus, plus coverage of development, interior design, rolling stock and operations deliver a striking tribute to these magnificent passenger trains.
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Super Steam Locomotives
More steam equals more power. In 1924, Lima Locomotives Works introduced the Berkshire, an engine that boasted superlative speed and power via the relatively simple principle of a greatly enlarged firebox. The Bershire inspired a new breed of super steam locomotives designed by numerous manufacturers and used by virtually every American railroad until the end of the steam era. This color history uses modern color photgraphs of examples still used today by museums and tourists railways- models like the Hudson, Northern, Challenger, Yellowstone, and Big Boy.
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The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust Tornado – New Peppercorn Class A1, 2008 onwards: An insight into the construction, maintenance and operation of the first new main line steam locomotive built in Britain since 1960
Published in association with The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, it explains the construction, operation and maintenance of 60163 Tornado, the new steam locomotive that attracts huge crowds wherever it appears. Based on the LNER Peppercorn Class A1 design, of which 49 were originally built but eventually all scrapped, Tornado is a magnificent and fully operational replica that is totally faithful to the original Peppercorn A1s in all respects except for modernisation to suit today's safety requirements. This manual about a unique steam locomotive will fascinate all railway enthusiasts as well as those who appreciate British engineering excellence.
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The Duchesses: The Story of Britain’s Ultimate Steam Locomotives
The Duchesses tells the story of the 'Princess Coronation' class of locomotives -the streamlined embodiments of raw, bulked-up muscle and formidable power that any enthusiast will tell you were the finest steam engines in Britain.
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The Search for Steam
The Search for Steam is a mammoth parade of smoky action that will delight any railfan. Some of the greatest rail photographers such as C.E. Prusia, Charles Kerrigan, Richard Wallin, Russ Porter, Richard Kindig, Robert J. Foster and Donald Sims combine to make this huge 360-page hardbound book a masterpiece of steam! From freight and passenger action to rail facilities, this large picture book has it all! Lines include Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, New York Central, Baltimore & Ohio, Great Northern, Wabash, Milwaukee Road, Illinois Central, Pennsylvania, Soo, Santa Fe, Rock Island and many others. Some diesel and electric photos are also featured. A handy index of railroads is included.
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Tracking Down Steam: A Personal Journey Through the Final Days of Steam
This book is a compilation of the author's personal experiences in the sixties and features hundreds of previously unpublished colour and black & white photos of BR steam locos. Peter Nicholson sought out BR locos wherever they could be seen – starting from the usual spotters' locations on station platforms, progressing to engine shed visits and railway workshops, then on railtours and haunts away from the national networks such as the Isle of Wight and looking for former main line locos after disposal by BR – in museums, on the first preserved lines, in industrial service, and awaiting their fate in scrapyards. The quest culminated in the last days of scheduled BR steam in August 1968. All photos, black & white and colour, were taken in the period up to the final day – 11 August 1968. In the author's case though, that last day was not on the lineside of the Settle & Carlisle with everyone else for the final special (a week after the end of regular scheduled steam services), but in the less-publicised private yard of Coral’s coal merchants, Southampton Docks, where an old London & South Western Railway dock tank was still at work! The subject is strictly ‘main line’ steam locos - those owned or formerly owned by British Railways or its constituent companies, the ‘Big Four (GWR, SR, LMS and LNER) and their predecessors. Surprisingly, perhaps, no other book has looked at BR steam locos in their differing environments as this would do.
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Trains of the Upper Midwest Photo Archive: Steam & Diesel in the ’50s & ’60s
High-quality photos show freight & passenger trains of railroads that served the Upper Midwest during the 1950s & 1960s. Trains & locomotives from C&NW, Great Northern, Milwaukee Road, Soo Line, Northern Pacific & more! Included are schedules, dinner menus, drink coasters & sales brochures. This nostalgic book will transport the reader to the Upper Midwest during the '50s & '60s.
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West Virginia’s Last Logging Railroad: Meadow River Lumber Company
Complete history of West Virginia's largest logging railroad which was also its last, operating 1912-1972. It operated Shay, Heisler, and Climax geared steam locomotives and in the last 15 years also had diesels. The book covers the locomotives in detail, the cars and the operations as well as background on the company and its owners, the Raine family. Photos show all aspects of the operation and the people involved. Meadow River was at one time the largest producer of hardwood lumber in the world. Some of its equipment has survived to operate on tourist lines.
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