Canadian National’s Western Stations
Author Charles Bohi has spent countless summers combing Canada's west for information and photographing thousands of stations and structures. The result is this concise, authoritative account accompanied by over 130 photos and sketches. But not simply snapshots of boarded-up stations...almost all the photos are superb action shots, showing the stations in use, occupied, earning revenue, or with today's train passing through. You'll see how the station agent and his family lived in their own depot-home, complete with flower gardens and neatly trimmed hedges. You'll shiver as you think about the waiting room's pot-bellied stoves that the agents stoked, trying vainly to keep cold prairie winds at bay. And you'll learn just what made each station unique and what to look for when you next go "station hunting". With archival research and photographs from CNSIG (Canadian National Special Interest Group).
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Chicago Stations & Trains Photo Archive
No other American city had such a fascinating group of railroad passenger stations as Chicago. This book highlights Chicago's six major railroad stations and the trains that served them: Dearborn Station, Grand Central Station, Central Station, La Salle Street Station, North Western Station, and Union Station; and features name trains like Super Chief, Capitol Limited, City of New Orleans, 20th Century Limited, Broadway Limited, California Zephyr, Hiawatha, 400, and City of Denver. Includes maps, station drawings, timetables and promotional advertising.
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Grand Central Terminal: 100 Years of a New York Landmark
Opened in February 1913, Grand Central Terminal?one of the country?s great architectural monuments?helped create Midtown Manhattan. Over the next century, it evolved into an unofficial town square for New York. Today, it sits astride Park Avenue at 42nd Street in all its original splendor, attracting visitors by the thousands. This new book celebrates Grand Central?s Centennial by tracing the Terminal?s history and design, and showcasing 200 photographs of its wonders?from the well-trodden Main Concourse to its massive power station hidden 10 stories below. The stunning photographs, some archival and some taken by Frank English, official photographer of Metro-North Railroad for more than 25 years, capture every corner of this astonishing complex.
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Milwaukee Road Depots 1856-1954 Photo Archive
The Milwaukee Road distinguished itself with the depots it built across its great rail empire, which eventually covered 13 states. Some depots were designed by such renowned architects as Frost and Granger and Frank Lloyd Wright. All were built on the belief that providing good housing for agents would ensure quality, lifelong employees. Milwaukee Road Depots features historic photographs that span from the smallest country stations to the grandest of the grand and everything in between. Includes popular stations in Milwaukee, Butte, Montana, Owatonna, Minnesota, and the widely recognized Wausau, Wisconsin Milwaukee Road Depot.
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Rails and Rooms: A Timeless Canadian Journey
A journey across Canada, a journey across time. With humour and insight, Dave Preston invites readers to share his month-long journey across Canada, over 4,000 miles by rail. Traveling through every province that still has a track, stopping to recount the glory days of the luxurious CPR hotels, Rails & Rooms offers a unique travelogue that covers this country from Halifax to Victoria, past to present.
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Railway Depots, Stations & Terminals
From the railway's beginnings, the station building, itself, had civic importance greater than ordinary structures. Let historian Brian Solomon show you how beautifully it filled that role. Railway Depots, Stations & Terminals is a unique book about some of the finest, most interesting, and most famous railway stations. Contemporary photographs, historic images, and postcard views provide an in-depth look at the architectural gems that dot the railroad landscape. The railway station has a special role in people's lives. Stations have served as the gateway to the world's great cities and the point of contact for remote towns. The inherent nature of the station is different from that of other buildings; it is an entrance, an exit, a place to rest, and a stop along the way. It can be the first thing a traveler sees and the last memory of a favorite city. Facing both the street and the tracks, the station is naturally a point of departure and a face of the city it serves. Brian Solomon, one of today's most accomplished railway historians, leads you through a one-of-a-kind exploration of the history and architecture of depots, stations, and terminals.
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Steam Locomotive Coaling Stations and Diesel Locomotive Fueling Facilities
Typically, coaling stations were huge towers of steel, concrete, or timber that held 50 to 1,000 tons of coal. This coal would eventually be dumped into steam locomotive tenders to be delivered across the country. The author uses reproduced material and articles that originally appeared in Railway Age and other trade magazines of the era, and advertisements from the three major builders of coaling stations: Fairbanks-Morse, Ogle Engineering and Roberts & Schaefer. Photographs show various types of coaling stations and fueling facilities, stand pipes and tanks, and cinder conveyors. It's a great book for rail fans, historians, and modelers.
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Train Depots and Roundhouses
Remarkable photography provides a sweeping look at train depots and roundhouses from around the nation, focusing on the elegance and variety of styles witnessed across different regions.
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Washington State Railroad Depots Photo Archive
This book is a photographic record of railroad depots in Washington State. The photographs have been selected to illustrate variations in size, architectural style and commonality as dictated by the railroad companies. In addition, the book presents for the first time a comprehensive data summary of all known depots in Washington State; size, construction date and materials used are listed. Significant changes, rebuilding and replacement are addressed. Major railroads that operated within the state—Northern Pacific, Great Northern, Union Pacific and Milwaukee Road—are included in the book along with predecessors, successors and subsidiaries. Compilation of the data from surviving records involved extensive travel and research. Data sources include state archives, historical museums, railroad museums and national archive collections. The book will doubtless be of interest to architectural, railroad and urban historians as well as railway enthusiasts. Residents of Washington State can verify if an when a depot formerly existed in their locality.
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