Railroad Rolling Stock
For as long as locomotives have been the stars of North American railroads, rolling stock has trundled and raced along behind, carrying raw materials, finished goods, and people. Illustrated with more than 250 photographs, Railroad Rolling Stock traces the evolution of various forms of rolling stock from throughout the history of North American railroading. Each chapter features a specific type: from boxcars, gondolas, and hoppers to tankcars, flatcars, and auto racks, intermodal rolling stock, passenger equipment, the venerable caboose, and even maintenance-of-way (MOW) equipment. Throughout, the photographs reflect the grand geographic and technological breadth of North American railroading and are accompanied by detailed captions identifying the rolling stock pictured and explaining their roles in the history of North American railroading from the "Golden Age" to present.
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Railroad Signaling
From the 1830s to today, the railroad industry has developed myriad complex mechanisms to help keep North America's railroad rights-of-ways safe, efficient, and relatively accident-free. In this paperback rerelease of the successful 2003 title, the otherwise-arcane world of railroad signaling is explained in concise language and brought to life with nearly 200 fantastic photographs that depict signaling history and all aspects of modern operations. Author and photographer Brian Solomon brings his wealth of knowledge and photographic talent to a subject that has not often been tackled in book form, yet is integral to the American railroad experience.
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Railroads Across North America: An Illustrated History
From the first steam-powered locomotives of the early nineteenth century to the high-speed commuter trains of today, the American railroad has been a great engine powering the nations growth and industry. This book celebrates the glory and grandeur of that legacy with a lavish tour of the history of the American railroad and the culture surrounding it. Generously illustrated with vintage photographs, modern images, maps, timetables, tickets, brochures, and all manner of memorabilia, this volume offers a fascinating look at the rail industry’s beginnings and development, as well as its place in American history. From the might of the major rail companies and their empires to the romance of rail travel, this is the full and fabulously colorful story of the industry that moved a nation--and stirs our imaginations to this day.
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Rails Across Canada: 150 Years of Passenger Train History
The railway age in Canada began on July 21, 1836, when the tiny locomotive, 'Dorchester', made its inaugural run on the Champlain and St. Lawrence Rail Road. This book tells the fascinating story of this country's passenger railways and their development over the past 150 years. Historical and full-color photographs reflect the romance of the railway and capture many beautiful scenes from the Canadian landscape that can only be seen from the train. This is a story of hopes and dreams and obstacles overcome. It is a story of farsighted people who dared to make those dreams come true and who helped to forge a nation out of this huge, rugged land. Profusely illustrated in colour and B&W with photographs, maps, and reproductions.
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Rails Across Ontario: Exploring Ontario’s Railway Heritage
Explore Ontario’s rich railway heritage — from stations and hotels to train rides, bridges, water towers, and roundhouses. Rails Across Ontario will take the reader back to a time when the railway ruled the economy and the landscape. Read about historic stations, railway museums, heritage train rides, and historic bridges. Follow old rail lines along Ontario’s most popular rail trails. Find out where steam engines still puff across farm fields and where historic train coaches lead deep into the wilds of Ontario’s scenic north country. Discover long forgotten but once vital railway structures, such as roundhouses, coal docks, and water towers. Learn about regular VIA Rail routes that follow some of the province’s oldest rail lines and pass some of its most historic stations, including one that has operated continuously since 1857.
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Rails Across the Prairies: The Railway Heritage of Canada’s Prairie Provinces
Follow the evolution of the rail legacy of the Canadian Prairies from the arrival of the first engine on a barge to today's realities. Rails Across the Prairies traces the evolution of Canada's rail network, including the appearance of the first steam engine on the back of a barge. The book looks at the arrival of European settlers before the railway and examines how they coped by using ferry services on the Assiniboine and North Saskatchewan Rivers. The work then follows the building of the railways, the rivalries of their owners, and the unusual irrigation works of Canadian Pacific Railway. The towns were nearly all the creation of the railways from their layout to their often unusual names. Eventually, the rail lines declined, though many are experiencing a limited revival. Learn what the heritage lover can still see of the Prairies' railway legacy, including existing rail operations and the stories the railways brought with them. Many landmarks lie vacant, including ghost towns and elevators, while many others survive as museums or interpretative sites.
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Rails and Rooms: A Timeless Canadian Journey
A journey across Canada, a journey across time. With humour and insight, Dave Preston invites readers to share his month-long journey across Canada, over 4,000 miles by rail. Traveling through every province that still has a track, stopping to recount the glory days of the luxurious CPR hotels, Rails & Rooms offers a unique travelogue that covers this country from Halifax to Victoria, past to present.
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Rails Over the Mountains: Exploring the Railway Heritage of Canada’s Western Mountains
Ride the rails through Canada’s western mountains to explore the many vestiges of the region’s spectacular and surprising railway heritage. Here is where grand railway hotels were built to attract tourists to the West’s beautiful scenery and bring profit to the railway lines as well. Rustic stations added to the allure. The challenges of conquering the mountains resulted in some of Canada’s most ingenious feats of engineering, such as spiral tunnels and soaring trestles (one of which was featured in The Amazing Race Canada). Relive the days of rail on a steam train, the luxurious Rocky Mountaineer, or one of VIA Rail’s mountain journeys. Outdoor enthusiasts can follow the abandoned roadbeds of Canada’s more spectacular rail trails, like the legendary Kettle Valley Railway. Also included are some of Canada’s most extensive railway museums, which have helped to bring this vanished era back to life.
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Rails to the Atlantic: Exploring the Railway Heritage of Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces
Follow Rails to the Atlantic through eastern Canada’s railway heritage. Visit preserved railway stations in various states of use, or take in the architecture of the grand era of station building in Quebec City, Halifax, and St. John’s. Board scenic railway excursions on the Orford Express or Le Train du Massif de Charlevoix, or travel to VIA Rail's destinations in remote northern Quebec. Rail trails lead through the Laurentian mountains and Quebec’s Eastern Townships. Museums exhibit Newfoundland’s colourful railway heritage, while Canada’s largest railway equipment display lies near Montreal. Magnificent railway hotels include the Fairmont Le Château Montebello and the Algonquin Resort, as well as the stunning Chateau-style station hotel at McAdam, New Brunswick. Often forgotten are the railway bridges and trestles, stunning feats of engineering that stretch across wide valleys and churning rivers, the construction of which sometimes led to deadly consequences. Lesser-known attractions, such as roundhouses and employee housing, are profiled to help bring the railway era back to life.
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Railway Depots, Stations & Terminals
From the railway's beginnings, the station building, itself, had civic importance greater than ordinary structures. Let historian Brian Solomon show you how beautifully it filled that role. Railway Depots, Stations & Terminals is a unique book about some of the finest, most interesting, and most famous railway stations. Contemporary photographs, historic images, and postcard views provide an in-depth look at the architectural gems that dot the railroad landscape. The railway station has a special role in people's lives. Stations have served as the gateway to the world's great cities and the point of contact for remote towns. The inherent nature of the station is different from that of other buildings; it is an entrance, an exit, a place to rest, and a stop along the way. It can be the first thing a traveler sees and the last memory of a favorite city. Facing both the street and the tracks, the station is naturally a point of departure and a face of the city it serves. Brian Solomon, one of today's most accomplished railway historians, leads you through a one-of-a-kind exploration of the history and architecture of depots, stations, and terminals.
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Railway Disasters of the World: Principal Passenger Train Accidents of the 20th Century
This book chronologically details all known railway accidents with 20 or more fatalities, world-wide from 1900 to 1989.
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Railway Modelling Skills
Brimming with advice and tips, this well-illustrated book covers a wide range of modelling skills, including designing a layout, choosing the right scale, building baseboards, selecting the right track, controlling the trains, building the landscape, making realistic grass and weeds, and adding figures. Particular attention is paid to more modern techniques such as DCC train control, laser cut and downloadable kits, and the use of hard foam in baseboard construction. Step-by-step explantions of many techniques are provided accompanied by over 400 instructional colour photographs. Moreover, information is provided about the tools and materials required and the extensive range of commercial railway modelling products that are now available.
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Railways: The Pioneer Years
Details the evolution of locomotive development and design, including more than seventy different types classified by wheel alignment, and of the construction of tunnels and bridges, station architecture, railroad workers, and other aspects of railroading through 1935.
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Rio Grande Locomotives Photo Archives
The Rio Grande Railroad operated in the spectacular Colorado Rockies. Their slogan was "Through the Rockies, not Around Them." Photos include 2-8-0 Consolidations, 2-8-2 Mikado's, 0-6-0 six-wheeler, 4-6-0 ten-wheeler, the big 4-8-4 Northerns that Rio Grande liked to call "Westerns" and the larger 2-8-8-2 Mallets. Also included are Electro-Motive passenger and freight locomotives FT, F3, F7, General Purpose and Special Duty series, Electro-Motive SD40T-2 "Tunnel Motors," SD45 and SD50 locomotives, American Locomotive PA-PB and RS-3 series, Fairbanks-Morse H-15-44, and diesel-hydraulic ML-4 locomotives from German manufacturer Krauss-Maffei.
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Rock Island Railroad: Travel on the Rockets
The popular Rock Island Railroad stretched from Chicago to Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas with passenger and freight service, and included the Peoria Rocket, Des Moines Rocket, Quad City Rocket, Texas Rocket, Kansas City Rocket, Twin Star Rocket, Zephyr-Rocket, Rocky Mountain Rocket, the flagship Golden State between Chicago and Los Angeles, and suburban commuter service in Chicago. Included are system map, timetables, travel brochures and full-color section of Rock Island depots and stations.
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Route of the Cariboo: PGE/BC Rail
A comprehensive photo-history of the scenic and dramatic British Columbia Railway - formerly the Pacific Great Eastern and now better known as BC Rail - home of the world-famous "Royal Hudson" steam train, long a major holdout for big Alco diesels, operator of a modern, heavy-duty electrified branch. Inside you'll find over 250 black and white photos, 64 pages in full colour, maps, timetables and other illustrations, plus a wealth of written history and entertaining anecdotes.
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Santa Fe Railway Photo Archive
The name Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway conjures images of bright red and silver Warbonnet diesels pulling gleaming stainless-steel passenger trains across the plains of Kansas and the pine-covered forests of Arizona. Highlights include the Chief, Texas Chief, San Francisco Chief, El Capitan and Super Chief (often referred to as "Train of the Stars" for the movie-stars and celebrities who believed there was only one way, the Super Chief Way, to travel between Los Angles and Chicago). A full color chapter on Santa Fe Chief trains is accompanied by vintage travel brochures and advertising. Photos include the California Limited, Chicagoan, Kansas Cityan, Navajo, Ranger, Scout, and Grand Canyon Limited with connecting service to Grand Canyon National Park. Santa Fe's partnership with Harvey House depot restaurants is shown in picture postcards with the legendary Harvey Girls.
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Self-propelled Cars of the CNR: Endurance, Economy, and Speed
In the 19th century, steam-hauled trains had a virtual monopoly on transportation of passengers. After the 1914-1918 Great War, competition from highway vehicles, which had previously not troubled North American railroads to any considerable extent, began to provoke renewed interest in a more economical form of railway motive power, and a number of “rail buses” of varying designs were introduced. Tony Clegg, who wrote Canadian National Steam Power with Ray Corley, is the author of this book.
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Sentimental Journey: An Oral History of Train Travel in Canada
The railway has been many things to a lot of different people: a lifeline, a party, an adventure. Although you may still be able to travel on a few of the trains featured in Sentimental Journey (the Newfie Bullet, the "Peg," the "Prince George Eventually") many live on only in the memories of railwaymen and passengers, hooligans and honeymooners, young and old alike. Illustrated with many vintage and current photographs, Sentimental Journey brings to life, in nostalgic and entertaining oral history, the many faces of train travel in Canada. From the days when the dining cars were the ultimate in sophistication, advertised throughout North America and Europe, to memorable events of more recent times, such as the Mississauga derailment, Sentimental Journey is sure to delight anyone who has traveled, or has dreamed of traveling, on the famous trains of Canada.
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Show Trains of the 20th Century
Rare photography from the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin. In addition to eye-popping traveling show cars like carnival trains and animal show cars, this photohistory illustrates and explains the unusual construction and exotic cargo of show trains.
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St. Clair Tunnel: Rails Beneath the River
The St. Clair Tunnel, running between Sarnia, Ontario, and Port Huron, Michigan, opened for traffic in 1891. It was, and still is, an engineering wonder.
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Steam Locomotive Coaling Stations and Diesel Locomotive Fueling Facilities
Typically, coaling stations were huge towers of steel, concrete, or timber that held 50 to 1,000 tons of coal. This coal would eventually be dumped into steam locomotive tenders to be delivered across the country. The author uses reproduced material and articles that originally appeared in Railway Age and other trade magazines of the era, and advertisements from the three major builders of coaling stations: Fairbanks-Morse, Ogle Engineering and Roberts & Schaefer. Photographs show various types of coaling stations and fueling facilities, stand pipes and tanks, and cinder conveyors. It's a great book for rail fans, historians, and modelers.
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Steam Locomotive Driver’s Manual: The Step-By-Step Guide to Preparing, Firing and Driving a Steam Locomotive
This extensively illustrated manual provides a fascinating practical insight into the knowledge, skills and sheer hard work required to safely drive a steam locomotive.
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Steam Locomotives of the B & O Railroad Photo Archive
The Baltimore & Ohio (B&O), America's first railroad, was formed in 1827. In 1830 the B&O opened its first 13 miles of rail between Baltimore and Ellicott's Mills. By 1838 the B&O was hauling mail between Baltimore and Washington D.C. This book is a look back at the steam engines served the B&O from the Civil War to the end of the steam era. Included are steam engines beginning with small Civil war era 4-6-0s up to the first streamlined locomotive--#5302. A must for all steam enthusiasts.
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Steam Power
They steamed westward with America, carrying goods and people to the new frontier. They powered through the industrial revolution, moving with the times. And they transported a nation in motion, soldiers and settlers and immigrants, captains of industry and itinerant laborers. These were the steam locomotives that ruled the rails and kept America moving and working for more than a century. Steam Power provides a closer look at the mighty steam trains for those of us who didn't get to experience it firsthand. Take a look inside the steam power engine, dining cars and learn the history of these beautiful machines. Pictured here in more than 250 modern photographs of restored and preserved models, these locomotives evoke the railroad's golden age and stand as a powerful reminder of the industry's might. The book offers a pictorial history of the evolution of steam power from the early nineteenth century to the demise of steam power after World War II; detailed captions identify each pictured locomotive and explain its role in the history of American motive power. Featuring every prominent wheel configuration as well as shrouded "streamlined" locomotives, Steam Power conveys the grand geographic and technological breadth of North American railroading.
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Steel Across the Plains
A series of accessible, fast-paced non-fiction narratives aimed at pre-teen and young teenage readers. These stories of tremendous determination and hardship tell of the railway men and pioneers who opened up the vast and inhospitable West and in a very real way, created the country of Canada.
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Steel Rails and Iron Men: A Pictorial History of the Kettle Valley Railway
In the late nineteenth century, something stood in the way of mining and selling the riches discovered in the interior of British Columbia: mountains-and lots of them. While politicians and financiers wrangled over money and public support, engineers sought solutions to the obstacles presented by the terrain. Hundreds of men worked under dangerous conditions to make the Kettle Valley Railway a reality. In this updated edition, Barrie Sanford presents a unique pictorial history of the legendary Kettle Valley Railway. From its construction to its turbulent life- span and eventual demise, the magnitude of the engineering needed to build and run the line is celebrated in this classic railway history.
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Stephenson’s Rocket Manual: 1829 onwards
Stephenson's Rocket is one of the most famous steam locomotives of all time. Designed by Robert Stephenson, with input from this father, George, Rocket set the fundamental design template for almost all the locomotives that followed it. The original locomotive is owned by the National Railway Museum, and is currently on display at the Science Museum in London. Two working replicas of the locomotive have been built. The most advanced steam engine of its time, Rocket was built in 1829 for the Rainhill Trials held by the Liverpool & Manchester Railway (LMR) in order to evaluate locomotive designs and choose the best one for use on this new railway. Five locomotives took part in the trials and Rocket was chosen as the winning design. Published in association with the Science Museum, this manual, illustrated with a wealth of photographs and technical drawings, provides a fascinating insight into the design, construction and operation of Rocket.
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Streamliner Memories
This full-colour journey through the past contains marvelous period photography depicting some of the most memorable aspects of streamliner travel. Whether depicting passengers eating in elegant dining cars, socializing in lounge cars, sight-seeing through massive Vista-Domes, or retiring to private Pullman sleepers, this collection is more than just the evocative story behind the golden age passenger train travel from 1930 to 1970.
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Streamliners: A History of the Railroad Icon
Travel back in time to witness the dynamic trains that reigned supreme from the 1930s through the 1950s. The great streamliners of yesteryear are brought to life: Santa Fe's Chiefs, Rock Island's Rockets, and Union Pacific's City of Salina pop from the pages in lavish color. Original brochures, time tables and dining car menus, plus coverage of development, interior design, rolling stock and operations deliver a striking tribute to these magnificent passenger trains.
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Streetcars in the Kootenays: Nelson’s Electric Tramways: 1899 to 1992
Born at the turn of the century out of the promise of rich mineral discoveries, one of the smallest street railways in the British Empire once operated in Nelson, British Columbia. Its streetcars carried passengers up one of the steepest grades of any Canadian system, grades which led to some spectacular accidents. Streetcars in the Kootenays recounts the eventful history of the Nelson Electric Tramway Company. It is also the story of a few dedicated volunteers who began restoring the systems only surviving streetcar, which returned to operation along the Kootenay Lake in 1992.
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Subways of the World
Dig a token out of your pocket and head for the turnstiles of the worlds great subways in this fabulous and colorful journey! Learn about the design and construction history of each subway, the features that make each system unique, and the variety of rolling stock and motive power found on their tracks. Examines the premier subways of London, New York, Moscow, Paris, Toronto, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Tokyo. Climb aboard.
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