Flying Scotsman: LNER Class A3 Pacific 4472, 1923 Onwards
The legendary 4472' - better known as the Flying Scotsman - receives the famous Haynes Manual treatment with the full co-operation of the National Railway Museum. Here is a unique perspective on what is involved in maintaining, operating and restoring this Class A3 Pacific, the first steam locomotive to achieve 100mph. This highly detailed manual, based around 4472's recent overhaul and subsequent return to main-line operation, also looks in detail at every aspect of its engineering and construction, providing a feast of information and insight.
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Flying Scotsman: The Extraordinary Story of the World’s Most Famous Train
The incredible biography of the most famous steam locomotive in the world.
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Freight Train Cars
In the world of railway enthusiasts and modelers, freight carriers are every bit as technically involved and evocative as engines and cabooses. This color gallery pictures and describes, well, a trainload of "rolling stock" -- boxcars, flatcars, hoppers, gondolas, tank cars, auto-rack transports and others -- representing a variety of railways in action around the nation. Engines may provide the power and cabooses the sentimetal value, but without that which comes in between, both are moot.
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Freight Trains of the Upper Mississippi River Photo Archive
The upper Mississippi River route is a non-stop parade of heavy tonnage freight trains carrying intermodal containers, piggyback trailers, coal, taconite, grain, and automobiles. Magnificent scenery, delightful river towns and plenty of trains are shown along the historic upper Mississippi routes. Included are the rail lines of Burlington Northern Sante Fe, Canadian Pacific Railway, Iowa, Chicago & Eastern and predecessor lines Burlington Northern, Milwaukee Road, and Soo Line.
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From Folly to Fortune: The Firing of James Richardson Forman
James Richardson Forman was born in 1822 at Halifax, and returned from Scotland in 1854 to oversee the construction of the Nova Scotia Railway, the first publicly owned railway in the British Empire. But did he become a victim of Nova Scotia’s venal politics? He had been appointed to his post at the request of Reformer Joseph Howe, but was dismissed from office in 1858 by James W. Johnston, who became Conservative premier of the province in 1857. Two years after he left for a brilliant career in Scotland, it was discovered that most of the reasons for his dismissal were the fault of his second-in-command, who was also Johnston’s nephew! From Folly to Fortune examines the unfair treatment Forman received at the hands of his Nova Scotia countrymen, and asks the question if it could have been Forman, and not Sandford Fleming, who would later (in 1867 to 1876) have built Canada’s Intercolonial Railway from Nova Scotia to Quebec City, had he been allowed to stay on the project. Jay Underwood is a former Nova Scotia journalist. From Folly to Fortune is the fourth of his works on Canadian railway history.
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From Summit to Sea
This definitive history presents a well-illustrated account of the construction and development of railroads in British Columbia and Alberta between 1880 and 1939 - a time of tremendous growth and expansion of the railroads and populations of the two provinces. The detailed text and fascinating archival photographs include remarkable stories of the places and personalities that have shaped the history of Canadian railroads, and indeed Canada.
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GE and EMD Locomotives: The Illustrated History
The complete history of the world's foremost locomotive builders. With roots stretching back to the turn of the twentieth century, General Electric and Electro-Motive have designed some of the most iconic locomotives in the history of North American railroading. Now, for the first time, acclaimed rail author Brian Solomon's landmark historical accounts of these manufacturers' North American machines (GE Locomotives, 2003, and EMD Locomotives, 2006) are available in a single photo-packed volume. In GE and EMD Locomotives: The Illustrated History, nearly 400 rare photographs (more than 300 of them in color) are accompanied by thorough histories of the two manufacturers, beginning with their earliest efforts in the 1890s and 1930s, respectively. Solomon brings the story up to date, detailing such recent developments as GE's revolutionary Evolution locomotives and EMD's SD70ACe and SD70M-2. From General Electric's electrical legends - the Pennsylvania Railroad's E44s, Amtrak's E60s, and Milwaukee Road's "Little Joes" - to EMD's mid-century F units, workhorse GP and SD locomotives, and Dash series, all the way through to the rivals' most cutting-edge modern "green" designs, GE and EMD Locomotives: The Illustrated History leaves nothing unexamined in the important histories of these industrial giants and the competition that continues to drive them forward.
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General Electric: Industrial Locomotives 1924-1978
A photo album with 300 photographs of General Electric Industrial Locomotives from 1924 to 1978.
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Ghost Tracks: Surprising Stories of the Supernatural on Rails
Nova Scotia's Celtic heritage makes the province fertile ground for stories of 'ghoulies and ghosties, and long-leggedy beasties, and things that go bump in the night,' but until Ghost Tracks, very few of these stories involved the railways that once criss-crossed the land. This work — the fifth book by railway historian Jay Underwood — is the first to focus upon the often bizarre events that occurred to fuel the fears and suspicions of railway employees. These hard-bitten veterans of foul weather, hard work, and cold-hearted politicians were not above believing in such things!
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Gravity, Steam and Steel: An Illustrated Railway History of Rogers Pass
Steep grades, extreme climate, avalanche hazard, tunnels, trestles, and bridges-all in a wilderness setting-Rogers Pass packs a great deal of railway interest into 65 miles of track. Using 80 archival photographs, many previously unpublished, Gravity, Steam, and Steel: An Illustrated Railway History of Rogers Pass tells the stories of railway triumphs and tragedies on one of the most notorious sections of track in the world. For almost 125 years, CP Rail has battled the elements at Rogers Pass, spending hundreds of millions of dollars while creating solutions new to railroading. Gravity, Steam, and Steel was conceived and written as a companion volume to The Spiral Tunnels and the Big Hill, which has sold more than 25,000 copies since publication in 1996. Rogers Pass is a major focus in Glacier National Park (the park visitor centre is there) and the photographic material available from this area is incredibly diverse and interesting. There is no similar title on the market. Train buffs and locals will welcome this book. It will also be of interest the visiting public, many of whom want to broaden a casual interest in Canadian history.
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Great Lakes Ore Docks and Ore Cars
The iron mining industry was quite extensive throughout the area known as the Lake Superior Iron Ore District, which included Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario and other prominent iron mining regions to the north-east and east of Lake Superior in Ontario as well Quebec and Labrador. All of the iron ore was transported by rail to a wide number of lake ports on Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. This book lists all of the ore docks constructed on the Great Lakes, as well as their operational life span right up to the present time. Each chapter for each railroad includes the types of ore docks once or currently operated as well as a roster of ore cars from the 1940s to the present time, and includes photos of the ore docks and ore cars, ore car schematics and pertinent data. It also provides some new perspectives for historical and future research, and can be used for the art work of model railroading.
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Great Northern Railway – Route of the Empire Builder
The Great Northern Railway (GN) main line stretched 1,700 miles from St. Paul, Minnesota, to Seattle, Washington, and was the most northern transcontinental railroad in the United States. In addition, GN branch lines stretched north from the Twin Cities to Superior and the Minnesota Iron Ore Range, and from Grand Forks, North Dakota, to Winnipeg, Manitoba; through Montana to Great Falls, Helena and Butte, and from Seattle to Vancouver, British Columbia. Other popular Great Northern passenger trains were the Badger-Gopher (St. Paul-Superior-Duluth), Dakotan (St. Paul-Minot), Cascadian (Seattle-Spokane), Red River (St. Paul-Grand Forks), Internationals (Seattle-Vancouver) and Winnipeg Limited (St. Paul-Winnipeg). Historic images include 4-4-0 steam locomotive William Crooks, the first steam locomotive to operate in Minnesota. Like other railroads, Great Northern purchased diesel locomotives from Electro-Motive Division consisting of the FT, F3, F7 and E7. Later models were U25B, U28B, U33C, SDP40, SDP45 and the first SD45 named "Hustle Muscle." Also pictured are boxcab Z-1, Y-1 and W-1 electric locomotives.
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Great Northern Railway Ore Docks of Lake Superior Photo Archive
The Great Northern lron Ore Docks were the largest iron ore docks in the world. Now railfans and history buffs can see how these ore docks were constructed and operated through the historic photographs and illustrations in this book
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Great Railway Journeys of the World: An Encyclopedia of the World’s Best Locomotive Journeys
Packed with information --- historical, geographical and technical --- this monumental book bears eloquent witness to the enduring romance of rail travel.
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Great Western Railway of Canada: Southern Ontario’s Pioneer Railway
A look back on the brief and spectacular history of Canada'’s Great Western Railway. This book chronicles the genesis and all-too-brief existence of one of Canada’'s greatest early railways, the Great Western Railway of Canada (1853–1882), a major precursor to the Canadian National Rail system. Today, the Great Western Railway of Canada is a little-known historic line, overlooked even by many railway aficionados. But it was truly a railway ahead of its time. It was a pioneer in combining land- and water-based transportation, including the introduction of river car-ferries and passenger/freight steamships on the Great Lakes. It made waves of a different kind with its acquisition of the American-owned railway linking Detroit, Grand Haven, and Milwaukee. And its mammoth workshops were industrial monuments in Hamilton and London, Ontario, where inventive geniuses laboured to supply the booming rail trade of southern Ontario. It was the ancestor of some of the most heavily used rail lines in all of Canada. This book has been written to do justice to a railway that truly must be considered one of Canada’'s trailblazing lines. Amply illustrated with previously unpublished photographs and a thorough historical record of the Great Western Railway’s locomotives and rolling stock, it offers a ride back in time into the vanishing history of early Ontario railroading.
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GWR/BR (WR) Castle Class Manual: A Guide to the History and Operation of One of Britain’s Most Successful Express Passenger Steam Locomotive Types
This manual covers the GWR/BR (WR) Castle Class built between 1923 and 1950 (4073, 5013 and 5098 versions). There were 171 examples of which eight survive.
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I Remember Sunnyside: The Rise & Fall of a Magical Era
First published in 1982, I Remember Sunnyside is a mine of golden memories, bringing back to life an earlier Toronto, only hints of which remain today. Like the city itself, Sunnyside was an everchanging landscape from its heady opening days in the early 1920s to its final sad demolition in the 1950s. The book captures the spirit of the best of times a magical era which can only be recaptured in memory and photographs. It also presents the reality of a newer Toronto where change, although necessary, is sometimes regrettable.
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