McCulloch’s Wonder: The Story of the Kettle Valley Railway (25th Anniversary Edition)
The new edition of McCULLOCH'S WONDER provides train buffs with a long-awaited update to a classic railway history. New visuals capture the dramatic landscape that had to be conquered to complete the railway. Updated sources provide more information about the individuals, from Andrew McCulloch himself to the laborers who made the railway a reality. Governments rose and fell over the project, which linked the Kootenay Mountains with the Pacific Coast, and the railway dominated headlines for a quarter of a century. Although it is no more, the Kettle Valley Railway is just as newsworthy today and lives on in this fascinating story of the world`s most difficult and expensive railway.
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Milwaukee Road 1850-1960 Photo Archive
From its beginnings as the Milwaukee and Mississippi to its years as the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific, the Milwaukee Road's history is chronicled in nostalgic photographs from the collection of The State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Filled with steam, electric and diesel trains, line construction, employees, depots and shops.
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Milwaukee Road Depots 1856-1954 Photo Archive
The Milwaukee Road distinguished itself with the depots it built across its great rail empire, which eventually covered 13 states. Some depots were designed by such renowned architects as Frost and Granger and Frank Lloyd Wright. All were built on the belief that providing good housing for agents would ensure quality, lifelong employees. Milwaukee Road Depots features historic photographs that span from the smallest country stations to the grandest of the grand and everything in between. Includes popular stations in Milwaukee, Butte, Montana, Owatonna, Minnesota, and the widely recognized Wausau, Wisconsin Milwaukee Road Depot.
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Model Railway Layout, Construction and Design Techniques
Layout building is perhaps the most exciting, rewarding and challenging aspect of creating a model railway. Making the right design decisions and choosing good construction techniques are vital to ensure success. This book takes you through basic baseboard construction, shelf layout themes and how to link multi-deck designs together, enabling you to make the most of a given space. With different concepts covered, from simple portable layouts to helix construction techniques, Nigel Burkin mixes the best of British layouts with those used routinely overseas and shows you how you too can achieve success and satisfaction in executing your layout design.
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Modelling European Railways
European railways are characterized by a huge and contrasting range of locomotives, liveries, rolling stock, stations and infrastructure. In addition, the network incorporates standard, narrow and broad gauges, private and nationalized railways, high-speed corridors, single-track branch lines and rack systems. If that was not appealing enough for the railway modeller, these fascinating railways are also located in dramatically diverse landscapes ranging from the industrial Ruhr to the majestic Alps. If you wish to explore the new and exciting railway modelling opportunities that Europe has to offer, if you need a helping hand about where to go, what to read and what to buy, then this is the book for you. •  Considers how to carry out research across the Channel •  Written by an enthusiastic railway modeller who has been modelling European railways for twenty-five years and who passionately believes that railway modelling should be fun •  Contains information on the modelling tools required, the products that are available and the companies that manufacture them •  Demonstrates in detail how to install catenary •  Describes, step-by-step, many of the techniques that can be used to create different types of scenery in several European locations. •  Presents top tips and advice throughout and includes many interesting 'modelling interludes' describing and illustrating models of various railway subjects
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Modelling Goods Trains, Goods Sheds and Yards in the Steam Era
This wide-ranging book, written by an experienced railway modeller, demonstrates how, with a little patience, you can produce accurate and realistic models of goods trains, sheds and yards. It presents detailed step-by-step projects and covers basic card-kit building, 'kit bashing' and scratch building. Written in an easily understandable style, this fascinating work is aimed at all those railway modellers who wish to authentically replicate the way goods were moved and handled on Britain's railways during the steam era.
  • Covers the simple tools and materials that are required
  • Packed with information about steam-era goods workings and how to recreate them on a layout
  • Shows the reader how a typical goods yard operated and how it was constructed
  • Demonstrates how to detail, improve, modify and achieve the best results from card kits
  • Examines the growing appeal of 'download' kits
  • Shows the modeller how to improve the appearance and reliability of goods rolling stock
  • Contains many money-saving suggestions and is consistently cost-conscious throughout
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Modelling Ports and Inland Waterways: A Guide for Railway Modellers
This wide ranging and informative book, which is brimming with practical advice, is aimed at all those who wish to create authentic models of ports, canals, quays, wharfs and their associated railway infrastructure.
  • Considers the history of ports and inland waterways, and the important role played by the railways in facilitating their operation
  • Provides layout plans and ideas, all based on prototypes, that are aimed specifically at the scratch builder
  • Presents a selection of modelling projects, including dioramas of both a canal wharf and two different estuary ports, supported by step-by-step photographs, drawings and track plans
  • Pays attention to modelling some of the smaller vessels that might be included in a model as well as to the wharf and quayside buildings and equipment
  • Discusses the modelling and painting techniques that can be used to create realistic-looking water
  • Demonstrates how models can be made more convincing and brought to life by the addition of appropriate colour and weathering, and by the use of scale models of workers, and even birds and animals
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Montreal Streetcars: Volume 3 Scenic Routes

J. R. Thomas Grumley Softcover 43 pages

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More Classic American Railroads
This follow-up to the MBI bestseller Classic American Railroads is a beautiful tribute to 15 additional railroads not included in the first volume. Focusing on the golden age of railroading between World War II and the early 1970s, this all-new book features the histories, locomotives, rolling stock, and memorabilia of railroads like the Delaware & Hudson; Erie Lackawanna; Gulf, Mobile & Ohio; St. Louis-San Francisco Railway; Maine Central; Nickle Plate Road; Southern Railway; Great Northern Railway; and others. Amazingly preserved color photography from the decades covered, along with archival black-and-white images, capture the legendary trains against scenic backdrops across the nation, while period print ads and brochures add a nostalgic element to the stories behind the railroads' passenger and freight operations. Mike Schafer has written several rail-related books for MBI, including Streamliner Memories, Freight Train Cars, and Classic American Railroads.
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Myra’s Men: Building the Kettle Valley Railway, Myra Canyon to Penticton
It was not your standard railway. Instead of wending its way through the valleys, along the river banks and paralleling the mountain ranges like most railways, the KVR ran across the mountain ranges, down into the valleys, and then up the other side again. Instead of avoiding steep grades, sharp curves, heavy snow, and cold weather, the KVR faced all of these. Instead of traversing through a land rich in people and trade, it operated in a region in want of inhabitants; those who lived there were settled in communities no larger than a few thousand. No wonder it has been called Canada's most expensive railway. Williams has focused his historian’s eye not only on the visionary engineers who oversaw the work, but also on the everyday lives of the immigrant labourers -- the “navvies” -- who blasted the tunnels, laid the tracks and built the soaring trestles on a spectacular rail line that has become one of Canada’s most scenic historic treasures.
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Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives
The most treacherous, and scenic, geographic obstacles in the world are crossed by narrow gauge lines running in the mountainous regions of Colorado and New Mexico. Stunning color photography highlights the more than 100 miles of narrow gauge line still operated by historic tourist railroads today. Accompanying this stunning photography is informative text covering the historical background of narrow gauge steam, each of the railways in operation, and narrow gauge locomotives.
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Niagara St. Catharines and Toronto Railway: Electric Transit in Canada’s Niagara Peninsula
From its inception as a horsecar line in 1874, the Niagara, St. Catharines, & Toronto Railway is one of the foremost examples in Canada of an intensively developed and closely integrated transportation system. It operated local street railways, interurban lines, carload and less-than-carload freight, lake steamers, a large motor coach system, and even a circle trolley line around the Niagara Gorge. The NS&T and predecessors include the first electric railway in Canada to have operated without interruption, and the last interurban passenger service. Each aspect of the company’s operations was coordinated with others to form a transportation system which, while comparatively small in area, was very active in operation, and several distinct types of passenger service (local, commuter, inter-city and excursion) were developed. Author John Mills tells the story of all of them, with details on where the routes ran, maps of the line, stations, and connections with the many major railways that served the Niagara Peninsula. There are 256 pages of text, containing nine detailed system maps, a roster of the railway’s rolling stock, and over 300 fascinating photographs, fifty in full colour. Niagara, St. Catharines, & Toronto Railway tells the story of one of the area’s primary people mover operations in the days before automobile travel became dominant. With electric interurban railway cars and city streetcars serving key towns along the line, and ship connections to Toronto, the thriving and growing communities of Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Welland, Port Dalhousie and others were well connected with other parts of Canada. They were also well connected with USA, thanks to frequent clean-running electric cars that travelled across the Canada-USA border on a regular through-fare basis. With hundreds of photos, many in full colour, the spectacular scenery of the area comes alive. Equipment is described, the system’s operations chronicled, and the excitement of expanding ship and electric transit is captured for the reader.
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Norfolk & Western’s Powhatan Arrow
Complete history of N&Ws post-WWII flagship train, including the first equipment of 1946, the competely re-equipped train of 1949, with details on all the cars and motive power. Included in the book is a general album of the train during its life over the entire N&W system. Text gives a detailed history of the train from concept to retirement, schedules, connections, and changes. One of America's most famous trains.
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North American Locomotives: A Railroad-By-Railroad Photohistory (HC)
This invaluable volume spans more than 150 years of locomotive technology to examine the wide variety of steam, diesel, and electric locomotives from ninety North American railroads, past and present.
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North American Locomotives: A Railroad-By-Railroad Photohistory (SC)
This invaluable volume spans more than 150 years of locomotive technology to examine the wide variety of steam, diesel, and electric locomotives from ninety North American railroads, past and present.
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North American Railroads Today
North American Railroads Today details the resurgence of train travel and freight travel in the United States.
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North American Railyards
Railroad classification yards are sprawling, multi-acre facilities featuring miles of complex track and "sidings" where rolling stock is dropped off, sorted, and otherwise switched from train to train before being sent off to its next destination. With the glory days of train passenger service and thus railroad terminals long gone, classification yards have become the focus of modern railroad operations. This comprehensive, illustrated guide is the definitive reference to major North American railyards - more than 70 in all. Over the past 13 years the author has visited each yard gathering brief histories, operating data, information on unique characteristics, and photographs. In the relatively few cases in which yards have been downsized or closed, the author includes the most recent information.
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Northern Pacific Railway Photo Archive
“All aboard the streamlined, Vista-Dome North Coast Limited leaving on Track 1 for Minnesota’s Lake Region, the vast prairies of North Dakota, Montana’s magnificent Rockies, Idaho’s lakes and forests, the Inland Empire of Spokane to Puget Sound country, and the great seaports of Seattle-Tacoma and Portland.” The Northern Pacific was always a progressive leader in railroading, and was the first to offer sleeping and dining car service from St. Paul to the Pacific Northwest. Covering the 30s through the '60s, this book's outstanding vintage photography highlights the North Coast Limited (the finest passenger train in North America), the faster Vista-Dome passenger trains, NP's team and diesel locomotives, and NP's Freight cars, Maintenance-of-way and Cabooses.
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Off on a Wild Caboose Chase…
The world of rails holds a nostalgic fascination for millions of Americans who remember a train whistling around the bend with a steam engine leading and a caboose bringing up the rear. Adolf Hungry Wolf, expert on American Indian culture and well-known author of train lore, has had a lifelong love affair with the rails. Here he relates many tales from his encyclopedic knowledge of the railroad and, in particular the caboose. The most beloved of all rail-cars because they were home to the crew, cabooses were surrounded by myth, legend, and sometimes truth far stranger than fiction. Adolf Hungry Wolf purchased an old caboose to use as his office and transported it many miles over rail and road to his home in British Columbia. That arduous, if scenic, journey is described, and he gives recommendation for how similar caboose can obtained and used by their fans. He also includes suggestions for some scenic and historic train trips in North America that he and his son Okan have discovered over the years. This fascinating collection of true adventures, folklore, and farewell tribute to the old train caboose is illustrated by stunning photographs, many of them from the author’s own historic collection.
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One Track Mind: Photographic Essays on Western Railroading
Boston Mills Press is proud to launch its Masters of Railroad Photography Series with this phenomenal collection of photographs and essays by Ted Benson. Benson has devoted much of the past 30 years to rail photojournalism and is widely acknowledged as one of the world's top railway photographers. In One Track Mind he presents more than 200 of his finest black-and-white photographs on the topic of western railroading. Benson's photographs speak to the railfan in all of us, with equal measures of timeless human interest and peak-action railroad imagery. Ted Benson has perhaps exceeded his own aspiration, to create a collection of rail photography full of "rare, unexpected pleasures . . . high drama spiced with quiet moments of reflection." These are qualities the reader will find on every page of One Track Mind.
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Over the Hills to Georgian Bay: The Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound Railway
The fascinating story of one of Canada's most interesting rail lines.
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Parry Sound Logging Days
A collection of stories told by the men who worked the white pine logging camps and steam-powered mills of the late 1800s and early 1900s.
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Passing Trains: The Changing Face of Canadian Railroading
Passing Trains examines the changing face of Canadian railroading over the past 50 years and features the work of more than two dozen of North America's finest railroad photographers. With over 200 color photographs, as well as gallery-quality black-and-whites, this book takes us back in time for an intimate view of old-order railroading and how it has evolved.
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Pennsylvania Railroad Locomotives Photo Archive: Steam, Diesel & Electric
The Pennsylvania Railroad’s slogan was “Standard Railroad of the World.” Often referred to as the Pennsy, the railroad was an early advocate of standardization, especially with motive power. This book highlights the steam, diesel and electric locomotives. Known for a “dog’s breakfast” of locomotives, Pennsy experimented with different types of locomotives until the found the right design. Highlighted are various classes of steam locomotives like the K4 4-6-2, S1 6-4-4-6 Duplex and T1 4-4-4-4 Duplex, diesel's like Alco RS models, Baldwin end-cab switchers, Fairbanks-Morse Train Master, Electromotive GP series, F-units and E-units, along with the legendary bi-directional, center-cab GG1 electric locomotive. System map, timetables, advertising and locomotive designs by Raymond Lowey, industrial designer for the Pennsylvania Railroad, are also featured from this previously unpublished collection of archival photos.
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Portraits of Canada: Photographic Treasures of the CPR
Few individuals have had as much opportunity to traverse the breadth of Canada as the photographers who rode the rails for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Almost from the company's beginnings in 1881, CPR hired noted photographers, first on contract, then later in its own in-house photography and publicity departments. Portraits of Canada presents the very best of their work in a visual journey across Canada in space and time. This book is a painstaking selection of 150 of the most thought-provoking, stunning, and sometimes quixotic images from the approximately 800,000 historic images in the Canadian Pacific Railway Archives, including momentous events in Canadian history, the social changes that swept through Canada from the late nineteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries, and picturesque scenes from across Canada that were sent around the world by the CPR. These are postcards of a nation that allow us to see the country as it was, and how it was perceived by outsiders looking in.
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Quebec Central Railway: From the St Francis to the Chaudiere
Derek Booth's story of the Quebec Central Railway, serving the upper St. Francis and Chaudière River valley regions of southern Quebec for over 130 years. The Quebec Central included links with Quebec City and Sherbrooke, providing through passenger service between those locations and points in USA, including Boston. Much specialized passenger equipment for QCR's service was manufactured at the company's shops. Quebec Central continued to provide passenger service between Sherbrooke and Quebec City until 1965. The book tells the story of the railway from its earliest beginnings in the 1860s, when local business people in Quebec and Sherbrooke sought to implement rail service in their region. The largest of Quebec's regional rail carriers, the QCR was also, for some period of time, one of Canada's most profitable systems. After the Depression, the QCR entered a long decline culminating in its abandonment in 1994. Its subsequent rebirth under new management in 2000 added yet another chapter to the history of the railway, this one as a "short line". This most recent business incarnation of regional railways in Canada survived until 2006. The Quebec Central Railway, from its beginnings to its reincarnation, was a model of innovation and adaptation in both its freight and passenger operations. The QCR was one of the very few regional carriers in Canada to manufacture a significant portion of its rolling stock in its own company shops, as well as one of the first to experiment with gas-electric passenger cars in the face of rising competition from automobiles in the 1920s. Throughout its history, the QCR was primarily a resource railway whose freight traffic rested heavily on the forest and mineral sectors, particularly on asbestos products. With major market constrictions and production declines, asbestos contributed zero freight tonnage to the re-born Quebec Central. It was forest products that, from 2000, became the mainstay of the new Quebec Central, but economic events in 2006 caused declines in that industry that led once again to the shutdown of Quebec Central Railway. While much of the Quebec Central's right-of-way, stations and other structures have disappeared, many still survive in altered form. These are detailed in an appendix devoted to the principal physical components of the system. Information is included on the conversion, in several locations, of the right-of-way from ìRails to Trailsî, thus permitting hikers, cyclists and snow-mobilers once again to travel the Quebec Central, albeit with a different means of locomotion. Over 200 photographs, some in colour, cover all aspects of the operation of the railway. These photos illustrate not only details of QCR rolling stock and operational scenes, but also (through the extensive photographic archival holdings in the Eastern Townships) a full record of the regional economic and social impacts of the railway in relation to mining, agriculture, manufacturing, forest industries and urban growth. The year 2000 rebirth of the railway permits the inclusion of not only historic photographs but also of current ones. The book contains 160 pages, and over 200 photographs.
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Quebec Railway Light & Power Company – Volume 2: Citadel Division
QRL&P Volume 2 Citadel Division is a history of streetcar operation in Quebec City which ended in 1948. The book includes both colour and B&W glossy photos. Included is a series of maps, diagrams and equipment roster.
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Quebec Railway Light Power Company: Montmorency Division
Again, author Tom Grumley has created a well researched pictorial history book in the Society's traction series. This time it covers one of Canada's best known electric interurban railways, The Quebec Railway Light & Power Company, and its Montmorency Division. Order your copy today. The book has 52 pages containing 84 photos including 25 in colour.
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Railroad Camp
Memorialized by a famous Kinsey photograph, Railroad Camp was the last big stage for a steam-powered logging show in North America. Rayonier Incorporated’s Railroad Camp saw everything from little diamond-stacked wood-burners to geared Shays and huge Mallet locomotives, ending with yellow and green diesels in the 1970’s. Its cluster of unique and antique shops and numerous other museum-worthy buildings lasted right to the end, but were then torn down. This book shows them all, inside and out. “A place where boys grew up around the trains they later worked on.” 140 rare photos document a way of life in the woods that will never be seen again.
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Railroad Freight Car Slogans & Heralds Photo Archive
After WWII railroads realized freight cars could be used to create a public image of their company and to sell passenger and freight services. That image was captured in a slogan, some unforgettable word, phrase or iconographic trademark emblazoned in bold letters on both sides of the freight car. Famous slogans were "Everywhere West" (Burlington Route), "See America First" (Great Northern), "Route of the Rockies" (Rock Island), and "America's Resourceful Railroad" (Milwaukee Road), to name a few. Vintage black & white and color photographs highlight boxcars, coal cars, hoppers, gondolas, tank cars, auto-carriers, special service cars and cabooses with their original slogans and heralds. Separate chapters include Trailers-on-Flatcar (TOFC) and Billboard Refrigerator Cars nicknamed "Reefers" featuring Hormel, Swift, Oscar Mayer and Dubuque meat cars. Colorful images include Budweiser, Coors and Hamm's beer cars. Model railroad enthusiasts will like this book so they can model freight cars like the prototype.
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