6077: A Fine Locomotive
Filled with color & B&W photos of the 6077, a Canadian National 4-8-2. The story of how the Prescott family saved engine 6077 from the scrappers, including the present day cosmetic restoration.
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A National Passenger Chronicle: (Volume 1) A History of Canadian National Railways & Predecessor Passenger Services
First volume in Dale Wilson's through history of the Canadian National railways and their predecessor passenger lines, such as the Grand Trunk and the Intercolonial.
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A National Passenger Chronicle: (Volume 2) A History of Canadian National Railways & Predecessor Passenger Services
First edition, first printing 96 pages with photographs, car diagrams, maps and time tables.
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A Passion for Steam
The steam locomotive was the first "machine" to transport people faster than animals had, and it led to enormous social and economic change, finally becoming a cult object in itself. The passion associated with the affinity surrounding the steam engine willingly surpasses all reason and has led to a myriad of heartfelt prose. This book aims to get close to the heart of the matter, combining technical knowledge with nostalgia and photographs dedicated to this unique form of power.
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All Aboard ABC
Passenger trains. Freight trains. Subways. There are trains to take people to work or to play. There are trains that carry different kinds of freight. They zip through cities and across the countryside. All Aboard ABC is an educational book that teaches children all about trains and there functions by using the alphabet. On each page, Magee highlights the word being describe in the color red.
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America’s Greatest Circus Train
The Circus Train is brought back to life again through text and photographs that capture the thrill and excitement of these rail journeys that made both the Milwaukee and the Chicago circus parades successful. The trials and tribulations, fun and adventure of these exotic trains is all brought back to life in this extensive volume.
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American Passenger Trains: WWII to Amtrak
Passenger Trains played an important role in the growth of traveling across America or to the nearest city - the height of its service after WWII until the start up of Amtrak. This book provides railroad hobbyists, historians, museum operators, and transportation instructors and planners with information about the types of train services and operations in various corridors, such as Chicago - Milwaukee; the overnight and daytime long distance service; transcontinental trains, and the various types of local trains on both main lines and branch lines. The book reviews the types of sleeping car, coach, parlor car, food and beverage services available at that time. This historic review, including train schedules and advertisements, provides information on train consists which is valuable for creating model railroad layout size trains.
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Amtrak Across America: An Illustrated History
Amtrak is an essential part of America's transportation system for over 28 million passengers. Amtrak Across America profiles every line from the past and present. Whether it was a legacy Streamliner of the pre-Amtrak era – Champions, Chiefs, Eagles, Rockets, Zephyrs – or today’s modern Acela Express, or even one of the anticipated, high speed, "corridor trains", they’re all here. With evocative photos, postcards, memorabilia and other collateral, this book is a journey through the past 40 years of Amtrak across America, and all the preceding rail lines that transformed the nation. This expanded edition has new information on all Amtrak's routes making this useful for anyone thinking of riding the rails.
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Amtrak Across America: An Illustrated History
Amtrak is an essential part of America’s transportation system, today for over 28 million passengers. From the legacy Streamliners of the pre-Amtrak era—Champions, Chiefs, Eagles, Rockets, Zephyrs—to today’s modern Acela Express and future plans for more high speed “corridor trains,” this book covers all the lines from past to present. Through the use of evocative photos, postcards, memorabilia and other collateral, this book is a journey through the past 40 years of Amtrak across America and all the preceding rail lines that transformed the nation—the Downeaster, Adriondack, Ethan Allen Express, Vermonter, Capitol Limited, Cardinal and Hoosier, Empire Service, Keystone, Lake Shore Limited, Maple Leaf, Pennsylvanian, Auto Train, Carolinian and Piedmont, Crescent, Palmetto, Silver Meteor, Silver Star, Blue Water and Wolverine, Carl Sandburg and Illinois Zephyr, City of New Orleans, Hiawatha, Illini and Saluki, Lincoln Service, Missouri River Runner, Pere Marquette, Heartland Flyer, Texas Eagle, California Zephyr, Empire Builder, Southwest Chief, Sunset Limited, Cascades, Coast Starlight, Capitol Corridor, San Joaquins, and Pacific Surfliner.
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An Illustrated Guide to American Freight Train Equipment
An illustrated guide to the wide variety of freight car equipment of the railroads that have and continue to service North America, this book covers each type of freight car and the commodities it was designed to haul, as well as the equipment necessary to keep them all 'on track.' From Box Cars, Refrigerator Cars, Covered Hopper Cars, Open Top Hopper Cars, Ore Cars, Flat Cars, Tank Cars, Intermodal Cars, Work Cars & Maintenance of Way Equipment, and Cabooses, see the changes for each type through time, like the early Refrigerated Cars that required ice which have evolved into today's much larger Mechanical Reefers. Great book for modelers.
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Baldwin Locomotives
Philadelphia-based Baldwin began designing and building steam locomotives in the 1830s and gave the U.S. many of its most significant and famous types of steam, and diesel-electric motive power. This history of Baldwin is illustrated with a large selection of rare, superb builder's photos and other publicity images from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, with the book's large page size showcasing the detail and crisp quality of the images in this outstanding collection. Author Brian Solomon provides technical histories of each locomotive along with builder's specifications and explanations of how the locomotives were used by the railroads that bought them. These carefully researched histories are keys to understanding the significance of the locomotives and how they worked, and are presented in a manner that makes the book accessible to everyone, while retaining sufficient technical detail to appeal to the most ardent railroad enthusiast.
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Baltimore & Ohio’s Magnificent 2-8-8-4 EM-1 Articulated Locomotive
This is the story of B&O's last steam locomotive class, the fabulous EM-1 2-8-8-4 simple articulated, which B&O bought during World War II. Although B&O wanted diesels, war-time restrictions prevented it from ordering any and the EM-1s were built instead. They handled the last years of war traffic and served ten more years, hauling fast freights, coal trains, and even some passenger runs over the heaviest grades of the B&O. This book documents their life in photos, drawings, and maps, as well as mechanical and operational information.
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British Rail Class 20 Locomotives
The first of the English Electric Type 1 design, what we now know as the Class 20s, appeared in June 1957. With their distinctive 'chopper' engine sound, these single-cabbed locomotives soon gained a reputation for rugged reliability brought about by their simplicity and use of tried and tested components. British Rail Class 20 Locomotives looks back at the operations of these fine locomotives since 1957, covering their varied workings and duties, regional use and railtour operations. The book also covers the technical aspects and specifications of the locomotives, including liveries and detailing.
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British Rail Class 60 Locomotives
During the mid 1980s, in a drive for greater efficiency, British Rail required another heavy freight locomotive. The new Class 60 locomotive was to be constructed using lessons learned from the Classes 56 and 58. Six organisations were invited to tender but only three did so. The contract was awarded to Brush Electrical Machines (today, Brush Traction, part of the Wabtec Rail Group) for a powerful 60mph Type 5 Co-Co design, which resulted in an order being placed for one hundred Class 60 diesel-electric locomotives. Using original research from the National Archives, British Rail Class 60 Locomotives is a high illustrated guide that explores the commissioning of the Class 60s and their construction, testing and running. It gives an in-depth technical appraisal of the class and details names, liveries, modifications and preservation and includes the 'Super 60' refurbishment and acquisition of ten Class 60s for Colas Rail UK, bringing the timeline to the present day.
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British Rail Main Line Locomotives Specification Guide
British Rail Main Line Locomotives Specification Guide identifies the major detail differences and livery variations that have appeared on all British Rail, ex-British Rail and privatized railway diesel and electric main line classes from 14 to 92. The book provides a record of the main specifications of each class of locomotive, and details of variations, including: numbers, liveries, headcodes, headlights, wheel arrangements and bogies, brakes, names and - where appropriate - details of refurbishment programmes. Diesel locomotives are a relative newcomer to the railway enthusiast and modelling scenes. This book brings together information on detail changes in a coherent reference form for the first time, illustrated with photographs of major changes.
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Building Bridges and Viaducts for Model Railways
Written by an acknowledged expert, this practical book is essential reading for all those railway modelers who wish to build a bridge or a viaduct for their layout.
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Bullet Trains
Indispensable to travelers in Japan and Europe, electric-powered bullet trains offer incomparable benefits: chiefly a relatively quiet, high-speed mode of mass transportation with low environmental impact. This colorful book examines the history, current use, and technology of these sleek trains, the fastest of which reach speeds of nearly 200 miles per hour. Noted train historian and author Brian Solomon also takes readers on a tour of high-speed passenger lines in Japan and France, and looks at the future of bullet trains in the United States, including recent discussions of proposed lines for California, Florida, and the Eastern Seaboard.
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Burlington Zephyrs Photo Archive: America’s Distinctive Trains
With declining passenger revenues Burlington President Ralph Budd realized something unique was need to lure passengers back to train travel. The result was the Zephyr. Featured in high quality photos and descriptive captions the Burlington Zephyrs are shown in a variety of scenic, rural and urban settings. Also included are vintage brochures, timetables, postcards and ads. The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, popularly known as the Burlington Route, conjures images of big time railroading and the largest fleet of streamliners in the United States. The Zephyr's appeal during the Great Depression was tremendous, its sleek lines and stramline design was the beginning of a styling revoltion. In 1934, the only real hope was the future and the future was the Zephyr. Burlington maintained far-reaching passenger service with its silve fleet. Burlington maintained far-reaching passenger service with its silver fleet including the Pioneer Zephyr, Twin Zephyrs, Mark Twain Zephyr, Denver Zephyr, Zephyr-Rocket, Nebraska Zephyr, Kansas City Zephyr, Texas Zephyr, California Zephyr, and other fine Zephyr trains. A Burlington Superintendent best summed the Zephyr experience in these words, "You would first notice a speck of stainless-steel emerging out of the distant haze. Then in spectacular fashion it would flash by, a mass of shimmering steel, traveling a hundred miles an hour and within second vanish again in the distance!"
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All styles, all vintages and all colors of the unique little cars that bring up the rear! For more than 100 years, the caboose has been a part of the railroad scene. Mike Schafer offers this full-color gallery filled with caboose history and development, plus interior and exterior design details, and discussion of the life of a railroad conductor who lives in cabooses. Tells of the ultimate demise of the caboose and its uses after retiring from the tracks.
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Calgary’s Electric Transit: An Illustrated History of Electrified Public Transportation in Canada’s Oil Capital
Calgary’s Electric Transit is the story of electric street railway, trolleybus and light rail vehicle transit in Canada’s western city of Calgary, Alberta. Calgary was founded in 1875, when the North West Mounted Police established a new fort – Fort Calgary. A big boost for Calgary came eight years later, when the Canadian Pacific Railway – building westward to the Pacific – reached the Bow River in 1883. Calgary became an important centre for Canadian Pacific operations and has since become the railway’s headquarters location. By 1909, Calgary boasted a population of 30, 000 people. In July of that year the Calgary Electric Railway began operations with two cars, sixteen employees and three miles of track. The system quickly grew and the following year became known as the Calgary Municipal Railway. Through its forty years of street railway service, Calgary acquired passenger cars from such well-known Canadian builders as Ottawa Car Manufacturing Company, Preston Car & Coach Company and the Canadian Car & Foundry. In addition, the system’s roster included used cars from several sources in the United States. Totalling 113 cars in all – plus a scenic car – it has been a daunting task to secure photos for this book. Many superb images have been discovered, illustrating the operation of streetcars in different sections of the city. There are over 150 streetcar photos. Finding trolleybus photographs has been a challenge as well, but the authors have succeeded in gathering a fine selection representing all classes of 'trackless trolley' coaches purchased new and acquired used from other US systems. You’ll see streetcars and trolleybuses operating in the city centre, in the rural suburbs, and in residential neighbourhoods. Coverage of today’s modern rail transit cars is outstanding. Now called 'light rail vehicles', all classes of these LRVs are represented, operating in all seasons, and over most portions of the system, illustrating the many varied and unique Calgary urban environments. Rich, carefully composed black and white photos are rounded out with a fine showing of subjects in colour. There’s a variety of photos to interest everyone with an interest in the development of Calgary as a city: the construction of 'The Bay', early scenes in Bowness Park, and some views of the streetcars serving seemingly unpopulated fields that today are thriving subdivisions. Whether you’re a railway enthusiast or simply interested in Calgary’s history, you’ll find Colin Hatcher and Tom Schwarzkopf’s 200-page account of Calgary’s Electric Transit a fascinating, informative and enjoyable reading experience.
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Canadian National Steam!: A Locomotive History of The People’s Railway
An updated and expanded text based on Clegg & Corley's "Canadian National Steam Power", outlining the history and technical development of steam power as influenced by the different CNR Motive Power Chiefs. It includes a summary of all classes with wheel types, road- and builders-numbers, a list of all predecessor and subsequent owners of CNR power, a builder's list of CNR steam power, a bibliography, plus hundreds of photos, with spectacular colour covers. Includes a guide to the individual locomotive roster volumes, plus an extensive series of appendices covering across-the-classes items such as livery, sales, leases, appliance application (inc. compounding, gearing, superheating, feedwater heating, smoke deflectors, stokers, oil burners, cab and tender designs).
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