The Off-Road Racing Book
Alan Harman, editor of Model Cars magazine, gives a comprehensive guide to all aspects of the sport. He sets out the various forms ans scales of cars, describes building, preparation and racing, electric and rally-cross cars, radio control systems and driving techniques.
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The Professional Approach to Model Railways (2nd Edition)
Written by a professional model-maker, this is a fascinating insight into high-end railway modeling and a great source of inspiration for beginners and experts alike. The second edition has been significantly updated with new material and photographs, and covers the many technological developments since the previous edition, such as digital command control. This book is an essential addition to the bookshelves of all serious railway modelers. The first edition of this book was first published in 1987.
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The World of Model Cars
Reviews the entire range of model cars and selected other wheeled and tracked vehicles, individually and mass-produced, proceeding from the earliest prototypes to contemporary, radio-controlled, miniature racers.
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Tips and Tricks for Toy Train Operators (2nd Edition)
Increase your knowledge and enjoyment of toy trains! This book features 144 helpful tips that will improve the performance of your locomotives and the appearance of your layout. This guide also includes crisp photos and easy-to-follow wiring diagrams. Postwar toy trains are the primary focus of this text, but is also includes prewar and modern era equipment.
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Relive your childhood memories with this spectacular tome of Tonka history. On the shores of Lake Minnetonka in Minneapolis, three men created Mound Metalcraft in an old schoolhouse in the late 1940s and set out to make tie racks and garden utensils. Sales weren't as abundant as expected, so the group decided to produce sturdy construction toys crafted from the leftover materials. Tonka - named after the nearby lake - was born and the company changed the face of the toy industry forever.Tonka takes you through the early days of the company, to its purchase by Hasbro in 1991. Through the years, there were many ups and downs, but a few things remained constant: the rugged quality, realism, and durability of the toys. The employees were an integral part of the company, and profiles of a handful of former employees help bring a personal level to the story of the company that drove its way to the top of the toy truck industry. Each epoch of Tonka history is covered and accompanied by 150 color and 25 archival images.The Tonka story itself is one of an incredible journey. From the humble confines of a small schoolhouse, to a giant corporation that sold toys everywhere, Tonka remains a household word for strength and durability and is synonymous with toys that could withstand anything a child could do with them.
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Tootsie Toys: World’s First Diecast Models
The book has black and white photos, but the photo quality is done well. What's great about this book is that it provides the reader with a well-written and researched documentary about this fine American company. Since these toys have not been made for a long time, books such as these do not go out-of-date. At the end of the book is a bibliography of books and magazines about Tootsietoys, so that you can research further if you can find these references.
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Toy Steam Engines
Bob Gordon gives a fascinating survey of the different kinds of toy steam engines of the stationary type, and especially those produced during the heyday of steam toys between 1900 and 1930. Dealing mainly with the German manufacturers who pioneered the mass-production of steam toys, it explains how the engines work, gives advice about operating and maintaining them, and contains useful information about identifying and dating vintage models. The manufacturers and retailers who played a leading part in the production and distribution of steam toys are described, and brief references are made to manufacturers who are still making toy steam engines. This will be an excellent reference book for steam enthusiasts of all ages.
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Toys & Prices 2011 (18th Edition)
Want to know the value of your 1961 Ideal Robot Commando in Mint-in-Package condition? How about your 1977 Kenner Darth Vader action figure? You'll find everything you're looking for in Toys & Prices 2011. This nostalgic bible, now in its 18th edition, contains the most comprehensive identification and pricing information on post-World War II toys. Included are action figures, Barbie, Fisher-Price, G.I. Joe, PEZ, and Robots, not to mention all the other fascinating toys you remember and collect! You'll also find: • New listings and expanded coverage for more than 35,000 toys and 100,000 current-market values • Updated commentary and advice from the country's most prominent toy experts • Historical information, hobby trends and advice for evaluating toy condition • Special 16-page colour section featuring TV and movie-themed toys This book is the first choice of collector's, dealers, and enthusiasts to identify and assess the value of their collectible toys.
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Trackside Scenes You Can Model
Retired Model Railroader managing editor Jim Kelly lends his knowledge of real railroads and model railroading to this unique guide. It is the perfect guide for model railroaders who want to add realism to their layouts.
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Usborne Guide to Model Railways
Simple text, illustrations, and diagrams explain how to set up model trains and scenery, accessories, and how model trains work.
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Vintage Model Aeroplanes
Vintage Model Aeroplanes focuses on vital techniques which the R/C modeller has to master. This book covers choosing a vintage subject, kit or plan, conventional or orthodox; details on building and covering, engines and fuels. Then flying, with practical advice on control take-off and landing, engine thrustline, etc. An essential handbook for all.
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World of Antique Toys
The World of Antique Toys is a guide to, and celebration of the artistry and craftsmanship of the world's greatest toy-makers. It contains 505 colour photos, with descriptions and dates across: American Tin Toys, Mechanical Banks, American Cast Iron Toys, European Tinplate Toys & Trains, Comic Character Toys and American Toy Trains. Complete with a bibliography and price list.
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Yesterday’s Yeateryears: Lesney ‘Matchbox’ Models
A complete guide to collecting 'Yesteryear' diecast model vehicles, as produced by Lesney. Colour photographs on almost every other page, with descriptions and history opposite. The authors, Robert Carter and Eddy Rubinstein, have been involved with diecast models for many years and have used the medium of this book to impart their knowledge. Their approach from the standpoint of engineers and enthusiasts ensures that personal views are well supported by technical fact, whilst their comprehensive knowledge of the hobby itself offers specific pointers regarding values and- specifications.
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