Radio-Control Car Manual: The Complete Guide to Buying, Building and Maintaining
The book describes the types of radio-control cars from choosing between pre-built and kits, on-road and off-road, cars and trucks, gas(nitro) and electric power. It then goes on to explain the tips behind building a car, assembly techniques and tools, setting up brakes, suspension and throttle, painting and detailing, applying decals and then leading on to show the best ways of maintaining a car from basic maintenance, checking for wear, adjustments, repairs, replacement parts and cleaning. It also explains how to improve their performance from engine modifications, electronic speed controllers, up-rating motors and batteries, changing chassis and suspension settings, gear ratios and lightweight components for those who want to. Having achieved the building of the car, the book shows driving techniques from how the controls work, cornering, braking, jumping, racing techniques, channel settings for racing with other cars and finally designing and building a track from layout concepts to design and construction suggestions.
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Railway Modelling Skills
Brimming with advice and tips, this well-illustrated book covers a wide range of modelling skills, including designing a layout, choosing the right scale, building baseboards, selecting the right track, controlling the trains, building the landscape, making realistic grass and weeds, and adding figures. Particular attention is paid to more modern techniques such as DCC train control, laser cut and downloadable kits, and the use of hard foam in baseboard construction. Step-by-step explantions of many techniques are provided accompanied by over 400 instructional colour photographs. Moreover, information is provided about the tools and materials required and the extensive range of commercial railway modelling products that are now available.
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Railway Modelling: An Introduction
With model railways being more popular today than ever, and with a rapidly widening international range of complete models, kits and parts available, the newcomer is faced with a bewildering choice of equipment and systems. This introductory work presents beginners young and old with a wide-ranging survey of all the more important aspects of this fascinating hobby, looking at British, European and North American equipment and methods, and comparing prototype with model features. It also serves as a valuable reference, with facts, figures and explanations in a crisp, economical style, by an author well versed in practical railway modelling. The many line illustrations are closely related to the accompanying text, and the detailed photographs show much that can be accomplished in realism and interest. Some of the examples portrayed are simple and inexpensive, while others are intended to encourage those more experienced with developing dedication and skill. Subjects affecting sound construction and efficient operation are dealt with in depth, while off-line scenery, buildings and accessories are described and illustrated at a level which can really being an otherwise static layout to life. The construction and operation of a model railway is one of the world’s most delightful hobbies. This introduction will hopefully not only add to the number of devotees but will be a book in which to delve, and to return to whenever inspiration flags or skies are grey.
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Railway Modelling: The Realistic Way
Railway modeling is as popular as ever today. Its diversity and richness of interest – often with a degree of nostalgia – make the hobby the ideal antidote to the stresses of modern life. This book, a completely new version of Norman Simmons’ long-lived Railway Modelling, first published in 1972 and updated through eight editions, is the ideal companion for today’s railway modeler, as it combines traditional modeling techniques and advice with full details of all the new technology that has transformed the hobby in recent years. There can be no better handbook for any model railway enthusiast, novice or expert.
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Realistic Model Railroad Operation: How to Run Your Trains Like the Real Thing
Make your railroad more true-to-life -- and interesting -- by adopting realistic operation principles. Covers the history, practice, terminology, and benefits of operating realistically. Guides you through the steps leading to realistic operation, and includes pictorial examples of working model railroads and realistic operating sessions.
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Realistic Railway Modelling: Steam Locomotives
Iain Rice provides a comprehensive guide to creating accurately detailed and appropriate engines for 4mm-scale layouts, explaining their mechanics and how different designs suit different terrains
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RV & Camper Toys: The History of RVing in Miniature
If you've ever owned or admired an Airstream, Camper Van, Motorhome, RV, or are into vintage toys, this book is for you. A colorful and exciting look at the world of miniature RV's & travel trailers, this fun-filled adventure won't leave you wanting facts. The authors have added plenty of history and tidbits about each piece, along with a concise history of each segment of toy, including: Early RV Toys, Airstream Toys, Japan Tin RV Toys, Travel Trailer Toys, Camper Van Toys, Truck Camper Toys, Motorhome Toys, Little Kids' RV Toys, Foreign RV Toys, and last but not least the fun but useful RV toys that were also salt and pepper shakers, birdhouses, tea pots, paperweights, Christmas ornaments, cardboard cutouts, and more. A star-rating guide helps depict which toys are the most collectible, although the authors have picked the best selection from the largest collection of RV/Camper toys. Makes a great gift book for anyone into camping or toy nostalgia. This is the only book on RV/Camping toys available at this time.
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Scalextric: A Race Through Time: 50 Years
Can there be any car-loving males who weren’t absorbed by Scalextric in childhood? In 2007 the world-famous slot car racing game celebrates its 50th anniversary with this delightful official book that will appeal to anyone who has ever enjoyed racing in miniature. A true feast of nostalgia, this beautifully designed hardback is packed with fascinating illustrations that capture every facet of Scalextric over the years – not just the cars, track and accessories but also period artwork as seen on box sets and in catalogues. An ideal gift for grown-up boys, this book will prompt many happy memories.
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Scalextric: Cars and Equipment Past and Present (5th Edition)
Racing model cars is a fascinating hobby that provides thrills and excitement for young and old alike. The name Scalextric is now so well established that it has become a generic term for electric slot car systems. The fifth edition of this best-selling book - reformatted and illustrated throughout with specially commissioned colour photographs - is the complete guide to models that have been marketed under the brand name of Scalextric since their introduction in 1957. It brings the story right up to date and includes details and illustrations of 2001 models.
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Scenery for Model Railroads, Dioramas & Miniatures (3rd Edition)
Making realistic scenery for model railroads has never been so fun and easy. Transform setups from miniature to magnificent with the expert-proven techniques presented in these pages. This book details the easiest and most effective methods for recreating the splendor of nature in miniature. Foolproof techniques are explained with easy-to-follow directions, step-by-step photos and 26 handy reference cards. Learn how to: • Create realistic mountains, trees, streams, grass, rocks, bushes and much more • Use inexpensive, easy-to-find materials to make stunning scenery; • Model in all four colourful seasons
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Scenery for Your Model Railroad
Learn how to give model railroad scenery character and life! Create a more realistic scene behind and around your model railroad! This book shows you how, from ground cover and rockwork, to trees, water, and more. Learn the finishing touches that give a railroad character. • Features a comprehensive approach to scenery, including instructions for integrating a backdrop with layout scenery • Includes photos of models and prototype scenes for inspiration • Perfect for the beginning/intermediate modeler preparing to build a layout
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Slot Car Bible
This sensational slot car salute presents a wealth of information on beginning and advanced techniques for collecting, building, tuning, and duplicating the amazing little cars that were at the peak of their popularity in the 1960s and '70s. All the rage among youngsters and adults alike, slot cars and more than 50 track layouts duplicating famous circuts like Daytona, Indy and Monaco, are featured here in photographs that vividly recount the enthusiasm surrounding this popular hobby.
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Slot Car Racing in the Digital Age
Robert Schleicher wrote the book on slot car racing—literally. In the three short years since Schleicher’s Slot Car Racing: Tips, Tricks & Track Plans was published, the hobby has been virtually transformed by new products and technologies. This new volume, a perfect complement to its predecessor, brings readers and racers up to date, offering a concise, comprehensive overview of slot car racing’s developments, along with expert, practical guidance for putting this information to good use. A primer on the latest digital and analog developments for both 1/32 and HO scales, Schleicher’s book delivers the lowdown on building cars from individual components on ready-to-race chassis, as well as popular tune-up tips to get even more speed and better handling out of today’s cars. Schleicher also provides track tests of 70 cars and a slot-car shootout featuring 23 more vehicles. Finally, Schleicher includes nearly 50 track plans: 14 tabletop-size plans for Scalextric, Classic, Carrera, Sport, SCX, and Ninco brand track; 14 plans modeled on real circuits like Watkins Glen, Monaco, Spa-Francorchamps, Sears Point, and the Bahrain and Shanghai F1 courses; and 17 4x8-foot HO scale plans. Illustrated throughout with colour photography and track plan line art, this is the book that no serious slot car racer can afford to be without.
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Standard Catalog of Farm Toys: Identification and Price Guide (2nd Edition)
This is the 2nd edition of identification and price guide; the most comprehensive reference covering farm toys made from the 1920s through 2004 has been updated and expanded. More than 5,200 photographs assist in the identification of rare farm toys, variations, pedal tractors, and more. Contributions from farm toy collecting pioneers Bob Zarse and Eldon Trumm are joined by the expertise of Kate Bossen, who updated listings and pricing information. Numerous photographs feature the collection of the National Farm Toy Museum in Dyersville, Iowa. With more than 6,700 listings and 21,000 up-to-date values, this book is essential for all farm toy collectors.
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The Big Book of Lionel: The Complete Guide to Owning and Running America’s Favorite Toy Trains (First Edition)
In 1900, Joshua Lionel Cowen invented his first toy electric train, creating a popular new hobby in a nation expanding every day on real railroads. Within a few short years, Lionel layouts became a part of American living rooms at Christmastime. In this new officially licensed guide, veteran hobby industry writer Robert Schleicher presents an illustrated treasury of practical advice for the year-round Lionel enthusiast, or for beginners who want to begin their own holiday tradition with a Lionel set under the tree. Contains comprehensive information for prototype railroads, including track plans for the floor and tabletop, advice for scenery and structures, tips for wiring and track how-to, maintenance and restoration techniques, and instructions for operations to best emulate a real train.
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The Big Book of Model Railroad Track Plans
For the model train hobbyist, this incredibly detailed book features 81 model track plan options. Each project description includes technical advice and prototype photos that will inspire any model railroad enthusiast. Projects feature likely obstacles that might be encountered during construction and helpful tips for getting it right the first time. Line art diagrams, layout routes, dimensions, and even photographs of the finished layout are included. The book is organized into six sections - The Best Plans for Your First Layout, Shelf Style Layouts, Bedroom-Size Track Plans, Track Plans for Larger Spaces, Staging Yards and Holdover Tracks, and Modular Model Railroad Plans.
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The Complete Guide to Drones
The only thing growing faster than the drone market is the amount of misinformation about them. Almost overnight popular drones like the instantly reconginsable DJI Phantom have created a billion-dollar industry, with a foothold in everything from movie-making to the toy market. This book shows you everything there is to know about drones/multicopters/UAVs (including what really is the correct term for them) in plain, jargon-free English. Find out how they work, how to fly them, how to choose the right drone for you, how to take amazing photos and videos from above and more. The text is accompanied with clear illustrations and brand-new photography. Also included is a complete step-by-step project to build your own modestly-priced drone - great as a first step into the world of drones; fun for one, perfect as an educational project for parent and child. In addition there is a layman's guide to the crucial legal issues around drone flying, and there is an accompanying website with video clips and commmunity links. This book is all you need to take to the skies!
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The Hornby Companion Series (Volume 4)
Dinky Toys & Modelled Minatures, from the Hornby Companion Series. Volume 4, by Mike & Sue Richardson. Published by New Cavendish Books. This book details all the Dinky toys and other minature models made by Meccano from the 1930s to the 1980s. Third edition including the 4A compendium. Hardback, with 312+72 pages
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The Large-Scale Model Railroading Handbook (2nd Edition)
This revised edition of The Large Scale Model Railroading Handbook is loaded with tips to help train hobbyists make their G-scale railroading layouts a reality. New to this edition is information on wiring systems for two or more trains, using DCC, new locomotives, cars, and power supplies.
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The Lionel Train Book: How to Build and Operate Your Model Railroad
Learn everything you need to know about setting up and maintaining a Lionel layout, as well as maximizing the enjoyment of your Lionel trains, in the pages of The Lionel Train Book. Included in this reference guide are an overview of product development, updated instructions on the setup and use of the TrainMaster Command Control System, track plans for the floor and tabletop, advice on building scenery and structures, wiring and track how-to, help in choosing steam or diesel locomotives and freight or passenger operations, maintenance and restoration tips techniques, and instructions for operations that best emulate those of prototype railroads.
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The Little Ones Sell the Big Ones: A Collection of Rare Advertisements for Promotional Scale Model Cars
A collection of rare advertisements for promotional scale model cars including the Falcon, Galaxie, Sunliner, Country Sedan, Starliner, and Taurus SHO.
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The New Scenery Tips & Techniques: Projects and Ideas That Bring Your Layout to Life
Compiled from Model Railroader, this book includes intriguing ideas from a variety of experts on creating realistic ground cover, trees, bushes, rocks, water, and other scenery details. Full of outstanding photos, diagrams, and instructions and is ideal for beginning model railroaders.
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