Matchbox Toy Price Guide 1953-1990 (3rd Edition)
This is a guide to the prices of Matchbox toys. Many new models have also been added to this edition, which will be valuable to those buying, selling or revaluing their collection. Although prices of Matchbox toys have risen dramatically since the last edition of this book, the models remain affordable and attractive. The author has been collecting model toys for more than 30 years and was one of the first people to recognize their investment potential. He has also written price guides to Dinky toys, Corgi toys and triang Minic toys.
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Matchbox Toys: A Guide to Selecting, Collecting and Enjoying New and Vintage Models
With the endless choice of models available, past and present, Matchbox Toys affords an overview of the whole market, providing an indispensable guide for collectors of all ages, and at all stages of collecting.
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Military Vehicle Modeling
Starting with the very basics, the author guides you through the essential skills and techniques needed to build a model military vehicle to be proud of. Concentrating on the construction of plastic kits in the popular scales, Military Vehicle Modelling also looks at how to improve your model or create a different version using other kits, specially manufactured components in plastic, resin and metal, and scratch built parts. Topics covered include: Tools; Construction tips; Painting techniques; Building a simple diorama; Detailing; Weathering; and Advanced techniques.
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Miniature Emergency Vehicles
Fire boats and trucks, police cars, airport rescue vans, helicopters, and specialized equipment for emergency care are shown here in brightly coloured miniature toys of amazing variety. Each vehicle is shown in colour photos and identified by maker, date, size, and purpose. You can learn a lot by studying this equipment, even in miniature. Collect them all.
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Model Railroading with MTH Electric Trains
The model railroad empire of MTH Electric Trains continues to steam ahead and revolutionize the O gauge electric train market with its innovative product lines, helping to make O gauge the fastest growing segment in model railroading. This is the first operator's handbook devoted to MTH's unique features and characteristics, including the new MTH Digital Control System. Model railroaders can easily construct a complete MTH railroad with the detailed step-by-step instructions in this full-color reference. Thorough coverage of MTH operating systems and related components helps enthusiasts choose the right layout. Includes an overview of the MTH Premier line and RailKing locomotives, rolling stock, and accessories plus a review of the RealTrax track system and the features and operations of ProtoSounds, Loco-Sound, and MTH conventional, infrared, and digital control systems. It also covers computer track planning software, layout construction, wiring and electrical components, scenery construction, equipment maintenance, and operations. • First operator's handbook devoted to MTH Electric Trains' unique features and characteristics • Features step-by-step construction of a complete railroad layout from the ground up • Overviews MTH Electric Trains' components and control systems
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Model Railway Detailing Manual: The Steam Age
Railway modellers constantly refer to photographs for details of real scenes. Here, a whole library of useful illustrations is brought together to give a single reference source, arranged in over 70 themed mini chapters. The most popular period for modellers are the last days of steam on British Railways, 1958 to 1967, and the 300 previously unpublished photographs were taken during those years. As well as providing an inspiration for modellers, the book will appeal to preservationists, historians and railway enthusiasts as it portrays this fascinating period of railway history.
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Model Railway Layout, Construction and Design Techniques
Layout building is perhaps the most exciting, rewarding and challenging aspect of creating a model railway. Making the right design decisions and choosing good construction techniques are vital to ensure success. This book takes you through basic baseboard construction, shelf layout themes and how to link multi-deck designs together, enabling you to make the most of a given space. With different concepts covered, from simple portable layouts to helix construction techniques, Nigel Burkin mixes the best of British layouts with those used routinely overseas and shows you how you too can achieve success and satisfaction in executing your layout design.
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Modelling European Railways
European railways are characterized by a huge and contrasting range of locomotives, liveries, rolling stock, stations and infrastructure. In addition, the network incorporates standard, narrow and broad gauges, private and nationalized railways, high-speed corridors, single-track branch lines and rack systems. If that was not appealing enough for the railway modeller, these fascinating railways are also located in dramatically diverse landscapes ranging from the industrial Ruhr to the majestic Alps. If you wish to explore the new and exciting railway modelling opportunities that Europe has to offer, if you need a helping hand about where to go, what to read and what to buy, then this is the book for you. •  Considers how to carry out research across the Channel •  Written by an enthusiastic railway modeller who has been modelling European railways for twenty-five years and who passionately believes that railway modelling should be fun •  Contains information on the modelling tools required, the products that are available and the companies that manufacture them •  Demonstrates in detail how to install catenary •  Describes, step-by-step, many of the techniques that can be used to create different types of scenery in several European locations. •  Presents top tips and advice throughout and includes many interesting 'modelling interludes' describing and illustrating models of various railway subjects
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Modelling Goods Trains, Goods Sheds and Yards in the Steam Era
This wide-ranging book, written by an experienced railway modeller, demonstrates how, with a little patience, you can produce accurate and realistic models of goods trains, sheds and yards. It presents detailed step-by-step projects and covers basic card-kit building, 'kit bashing' and scratch building. Written in an easily understandable style, this fascinating work is aimed at all those railway modellers who wish to authentically replicate the way goods were moved and handled on Britain's railways during the steam era.
  • Covers the simple tools and materials that are required
  • Packed with information about steam-era goods workings and how to recreate them on a layout
  • Shows the reader how a typical goods yard operated and how it was constructed
  • Demonstrates how to detail, improve, modify and achieve the best results from card kits
  • Examines the growing appeal of 'download' kits
  • Shows the modeller how to improve the appearance and reliability of goods rolling stock
  • Contains many money-saving suggestions and is consistently cost-conscious throughout
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Modelling Narrow Gauge Railways in Small Scales
This invaluable book is essential reading for all those who wish to build a small, narrow gauge model railway layout to a high standard.
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Modelling Ports and Inland Waterways: A Guide for Railway Modellers
This wide ranging and informative book, which is brimming with practical advice, is aimed at all those who wish to create authentic models of ports, canals, quays, wharfs and their associated railway infrastructure.
  • Considers the history of ports and inland waterways, and the important role played by the railways in facilitating their operation
  • Provides layout plans and ideas, all based on prototypes, that are aimed specifically at the scratch builder
  • Presents a selection of modelling projects, including dioramas of both a canal wharf and two different estuary ports, supported by step-by-step photographs, drawings and track plans
  • Pays attention to modelling some of the smaller vessels that might be included in a model as well as to the wharf and quayside buildings and equipment
  • Discusses the modelling and painting techniques that can be used to create realistic-looking water
  • Demonstrates how models can be made more convincing and brought to life by the addition of appropriate colour and weathering, and by the use of scale models of workers, and even birds and animals
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Modelling Railway Stations: A Practical Guide
Have you ever wanted to re-create a beautiful station that you have seen at a railway modelling exhibition, or in a magazine, and felt that you needed a helping hand? If so, this is the book for you. Ian Lamb, a modeller of enormous experience, demonstrates how anybody, regardless of their modelling skills, can construct a pleasing and presentable model railway station in a limited amount of space.
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Modern Lionel Trains
This addition to MBI's successful "toy train" installments in the Enthusiast Color Series examines how Lionel for the last 25 years has weathered increased competition, survived numerous ownership changes, adopted improved production techniques, and utilized computer technology to remain an American icon. From the auspices of cereal giant General Mills, to be the sometimes criticized but always pragmatic ownership of Richard Kughn, and finally on to the formation of Lionel LLC, the last quarter-century of Lionel's business and products are examined in detail.
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Modern Toy Trains
This brilliant showcase looks at the evolution of the toy train industry and its miniature products from 1970 to today. Presented are the O- and G-gauge offerings of Williams, MTH, Weaver, Marx, RailKing, Lionel and others. Collectors of these toy trains will delight in the contributions of major industry players as they examine the modern technologies incorporated by the manufacturers and the market trends that dictate their products.
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My Grandpa Plays with Trains
A children's book about a boy named Alex, who loves his Grandpa's train collection. He and Grandpa take imaginary trips and talk about trains whenever they can. Now Alex wants his friend to share his adventures.
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O’Brien’s Collecting Toy Trains: Identification and Value Guide (6th Edition)
For the first time in full colour, O’Brien’s Collecting Toy Trains has photos and listings of the leading brands of toy trains – Lionel (prewar and postwar), American Flyer, Ives, AMT, Kusan, Buddy L, Marx, Plasticville and Unique. Get the big picture of the hobby more than 100,000 train collectors enjoy. You’ll find: 1,200 colour photos as visual reference Locomotives, rolling stock and accessories Updated pricing throughout 6,000+ listings David Doyle is a well-respected toy train expert who lives in Memphis, Tenn. His books include Standard Catalog of Lionel Trains, 1900-1942; Standard Catalog of Lionel Trains, 1945-1969 and Warman’s Lionel Trains Field Guide.
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Operating Signals, Points and Level Crossings: A Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Guide for Railway Modellers
This fascinating, well-illustrated and informative book presents a straightforward guide to points, signals and level crossings and provides all the information that railway modellers need in order to get the trains on their layouts moving effectively. The history of semaphore and colour light signals is outlined and the implications for modellers is clearly explained. A variety of different types of points, signals and level crossings is then illustrated with detailed instructions describing how to make them work. Simple, tried and tested mechanical and electrical methods used by modellers are explained together with modern electronic approaches, which are described in a way that enables them to be easily understood. The reader is taken step-by-step through various projects, and diagrams and photographs are provided throughout, including wiring diagrams for frogs, signals and level crossings.
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Plastic Toy Cars of the 1950s & 1960s
The history of Dinky Toys, Corgi Toys and other makers of diecast metal cars has been covered in great detail in many books and magazine articles; by contrast, information on plastic toy cars is much harder to come by. Yet collectors are taking an increasing interest in plastic cars, particularly as the rise in the value of early diecast and tinplate models has put many of these out of reach of the average enthusiast. For the first time, this book aims to provide a systematic introduction to the vast number of plastic cars made during the 1950s and 1960s. Years of research have enabled the author to uncover many fascinating facts about the companies who made these toys. Some were major players in the toy industry, like Tri-ang and Brimtoy in the UK, Norev and Minialuxe in France, Gama and Siku in Germany and Ingap in Italy. Many others, though, were more obscure, and some only modeled one car before disappearing without trace. More than 250 photographs of these toys are included, with the emphasis being on the most colourful and realistic examples, all of them based on real vehicles of the period. In many cases, the toy is pictured alongside its original box, the presence of which can often double the value of the item to a collector. Readers will also find a handy glossary listing the names of many of the companies who were active in this field in the 1950s and 1960s, together with some evocative period advertisements and catalogue illustrations. If you thought that a model car had to be made of diecast metal to be worth collecting, this book might change your mind... With 250 colour photos, extensive appendices and identification aids this is a must have for any collector or dealer.
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Porsche: Toys and Miniatures Design Studies and Wind Tunnel Models
From the first 356 to the latest Carrera 4, from scale 1:220 to 1:5, and from the least expensive toy to the most sophisticated kit, the history of Porsche is illustrated by brilliant pictures of model cars. In 356 pages, Ulrich Upietz and Ekkehard Zentgraf not only demonstrate the fascination for model cars but show design studies and wind tunnel models at Porsche's Weissach Research and Development Centre that have never been published before. The appendix contains a "Master List" of approximately 7000 models and is a prerequisite for all admirers of the world famous sports cars from Stuttgart. In Boxed case!
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