Digital Slot Car Racing in 1/32 Scale
Scalextric-style 1/32 racing just got better! Digital can run more than two cars on two-lane circuits, introducing overtaking and racing tactics to bring slot car racing closer than ever to real motorsports. Here is the complete guide to digital racing. Researched with hands-on testing and support from manufacturers, distributors, developers and enthusiasts. In-depth coverage of all the major systems: • Scalextric, Carrera, SCX and Ninco • Full details of advanced systems Davic, oXigen, Scorpius, Slotfire, BLST and routed digital • Advice for people new to slot car racing and for those wishing to upgrade from analogue systems • How digital slot car racing works • How to design perfect digital racing circuits • How to conduct digital races • How to keep digital systems in tip-top condition • DIY project to customise digital systems and car
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Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers
This encyclopedia provides vital information on every miniature die cast motor vehicle manufacturer from around the world. Includes brand names, distributors and promoters of these miniatures. The small-scale die cast models and toys, primarily in the range of Matchbox (included) size vehicles, are about three inches in length or smaller. Inside are concise company histories including the types of die cast they created and information to identify specific models. Features hundreds of examples in full color.
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Fine Tuning and Maintaining 00 Gauge Models
Locomotive and layout maintenance is an essential aspect of the railway modeling, but one that is little understood by modelers, especially those new to the hobby or returning after a long absence. Fine Tuning and Maintaining 00 Gauge Models shows you all of the techniques required to introduce new models to your layout, run them in, fit all of the parts supplied with them and undertake repairs where necessary. It includes advice on how to carry out routine maintenance, shows the reader techniques for fine-tuning performance and discusses the important issues surrounding conversion to the finer scales.
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Getting Started in Garden Railroading: Build the Railroad of Your Dreams… in Your Own Backyard
Designed for model-train enthusiasts, this guide provides step-by-step instructions for the construction and operation of a garden railroad. The book features tips and shortcuts, miniature landscaping techniques, lists of related Internet sites, and appendices for manufacturers and suppliers.
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Getting Started with Lionel Trains: Your Introduction to Model Railroading Fun
This information-packed guide helps train lovers of all ages to gain the most enjoyment from their new Lionel® train set by taking them step-by-step through the process of selecting, setting-up, operating and maintaining their trains and accessories. Easy-to-follow instructions describe how to wire and control a Lionel layout with conventional transformers and with their innovative TrainMaster Command Control System®. The construction of a complete Lionel layout is detailed in text and photographs. Covering everything from their new action accessories to the current version of the renowned ZW transformer, this book explains Lionel railroading in the clear and simple terms needed for a fun-filled entry into the hobby. Topics featured in this book include: • Essential information on selecting, purchasing, setting-up, operating and maintaining Lionel® Electric Trains • Explainations of benchwork construction, track planning and layout design, wiring and control, scenery and maintenance procedures
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Hot Wheels Accessories: The Ultimate Guide
With one Hot Wheels sold every six seconds, these childhood favorites remain a hot ticket collectible, and a resource devoted to Hot Wheels accessories is a must-have for any fan of these sleek and speedy roadsters. Every accessory produced since 1968 to 1998 is included in this comprehensive reference. Detailed listings, with up-to-date prices, cover various accessories including play, gift and track sets; superchargers; buttons; Christmas ornaments; puzzles and trading cards' and lunch boxes. Packed with more than 425 stunning color photos and listings for vintage and modern accessories, this book is a must-have for any Hot Wheels enthusiast.
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Hot Wheels Unleash the Beasts: A Street Race: A Look-Through Storybook
Ready... set... go! Hot Wheels: Unleash the Beasts: A Street Race follows Hot Wheels racers through one extreme adventure. Soar across big jumps, complete crazy loop-de-loops, and scream through the streets of the urban jungle in this wild race through the pages. Who's going to win? Turn the page to find out! Hot WheelsTM: Unleash the Beasts: A Street Race is not your average board book. This exciting storybook comes complete with die-cuts on every page that kids will love as they followHot WheelsTM racers around every turn. The dynamic, original illustrations give an incredible sense of non-stop speed and adventure, so strap in and get ready for the ride of a lifetime! And don't forget,Hot WheelsTM will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018. That's a half century of big speed in a small package!
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Hot Wheels Variations: The Ultimate Guide (3rd Edition)
Hot Wheels Variations, even with minute differences, can be double the value of a collectible die-cast car. It's all in the details when you're dealing with Hot Wheels, and nothing is more detail driven than variations. Whether it's a slightly different shade of paint, a different wheel, interior or window, owning a variation can mean the difference between a $10 collector die-cast car and a rare find worth $500. This new edition of the ultimate guide to Hot Wheels variations features 4,000+ car listings, plus 2,200 large colour photos to help you make smart investments and savvy assessment of your Hot Wheels collection.
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Hot Wheels: From 0 to 50 at 1:64 Scale
In 1968, Mattel introduced the first 16 Hot Wheels cars and revolutionized the world of toy cars. Fifty years and a few billion cars later, Hot Wheels are still number one. These die-cast cars are a hot collectible and a favorite toy for kids of all ages. Hot Wheels recounts the story of the world's fastest toy cars from the initial brainstorm to today's top models and sets. Officially licensed with Mattel, it reveals why the cars are so fast, how the models are designed, who came up with the logos, and all the detail that has ensured Hot Wheels position as the greatest toy cars ever made. This special anniversary book is highly illustrated including rare design drawings and prototypes from Mattel's archives as well as fantastic unpublished photos of all of the great Hot Wheels vehicles from across their 50 year history. It's the perfect vehicle for Hot Wheels fans of all ages!
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Hot Wheels: The Recent Years
The Hot Wheels® 1/64th scale die-cast cars produced by Mattel from 1995 to 2001 are fully described and beautifully displayed in 560 colour photographs. Included among the images of these fast moving, highly-sought vehicles are models from the Segment Series™, the elusive Treasure Hunt Series™, First Editions™, and Final Run Series™, Virtual Collection™, Legends™, 1/64th Scale Collectibles™, 100% Hot Wheels™, and convention cars from The Wild Weekend of Hot Wheels™. Each Hot Wheels car produced is listed by year and a Variation/Price Guide details the variations of every vehicle and provides current market values for every one. This book is the definitive guide to Hot Wheel's recent production by one of the field's leading experts.
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How to Choose R/C Model Engines
This book is written for all modellers - prop plane and ducted fan, boat and buggy - an exhaustive catalog complete with intimate specifications and drawings detailing the workings of glow plug engines and electric motors available at the time of printing.
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How to Draw Cars the Hot Wheels Way
This book provides excellent how-to-draw detail that is appealing and easy to follow for Hot Wheels™ and drawing enthusiasts from ages 10 to adult. Detailed drawing techniques with descriptive captions allow readers to create their own automotive designs. Illustrations emphasize how to draw fantasy, custom, concept, and hot rod cars. Author Scott Robertson uses original Mattel artwork throughout the book. With real Mattel artwork featured in detail, the book has great appeal for collectors, even if they aren't aspiring artists. Because Hot Wheels™ die-cast cars are modeled after both real and fantasy vehicles, the techniques and interest to readers is the same as for real-life car enthusiasts. Officially licensed by Mattel.
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How to Restore Classic Toy Cars, Trucks, Tractors, and Airplanes
This colorful book is a treasure chest of advice and ideas on restoring the most popular transportation toys of all eras and conditions. Readers will find easy-to-follow information on how to restore based on condition, when to restore (and when not to), the best techniques and tools, and common pitfalls to avoid. Author Dennis David offers a series of detailed case studies of ten recognizable transportation collectibles while providing a nostalgic look at numerous other toys. His experience in toy restoration provides readers a hands-on feel to the process as he addresses the universal steps of creating the most desirable toy artifact possible.
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Kit Building for Railway Modellers: Volume 1 – Rolling Stock
Most modellers, regardless of what scale they work in, rely heavily on the humble plastic or metal kit, and this book will help both novice and more experienced modellers to achieve the very best results. George Dent presents here a clearly written foundation course in constructing rolling stock from kits. Examines tools, glues and materials; Describes how to successfully construct a chassis for wagons and carriages; Covers work in plastic, resin, white metal and brass; Presents an essential in-depth guide to soldering; Considers detailing, modifying and scratch-building; Discusses painting, transfers and weathering. A comprehensive guide to constructing rolling stock from kits, aimed at railway modellers of all abilities - it helps the modeller to achieve the best results form every kit. Volume one outlines all the necessary foundations and techniques relating to the construction, painting, detailing and finishing of rolling stock kits. Superbly and extensively illustrated with 591 colour photographs. George Dent is a highly respected model-maker and author.
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Kit Building for Railway Modellers: Volume 2 – Locomotives and Multiple Units
Locomotive kit building remains the best route to achieving a varied range of motive power in most scales but it also retains a mystique, being associated with expert modellers and expensive tools. In this invaluable, richly illustratedvolume, George Dent demonstrates how anyone can successfully assemble working kits with only a modicum of inexpensive equipment and experience. All aspects of assembly are covered in detail including working in plastics, resin and metal; the very basics of working and joining materials; installing ready-made power units and performing more complex operations, such as assembling etched metal chassis frames and intricate valve gear. • Includes a full guide to essential tools, materials and adhesives. • Covers the art of soldering. • Explains the basics behind chassis construction and alignment. • Presents an in-depth guide to the assembly of cylinders, coupling rods and valve gear. • Examines a range of power unit and transmission options. • Demonstrates how to detail and modify kits for extra realism. • Illustrates painting, lining and weathering techniques. • Offers tips on running-in, testing and maintaining mechanisms.
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Lesney Matchbox 1-75 Series Diecasts
A handy reference soft cover book is one of the few books written on Lesney Matchbox that has the scales listed as well.
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Making a Start in N Gauge Railway Modelling
N gauge is the most rapidly expanding of all the model railway formats and if you want to take advantage of its huge potential, then this is the book for you. The author explains exactly what N gauge is, its history, its advantages and some of its possible disadvantages. He begins with a train set and progresses through choosing a prototype and designing a layout, to a practical demonstration of how to build a baseboard, to designs for open-topped baseboards and fiddle yards. Topics covered include: • The different tract products that are available and the differences between sectional and flexible track • How to lay track, cut it to size, join it, and connect it between baseboards • The terminology of turnouts and the different ways to operate them • The differences between DC and DCC control, and how to get power to the track • Wiring for turnouts and isolation sections • Types of ballasting and advice on how to apply and fix loose ballast • Ready-to-run rolling stock available in N gauge as well as kit building and conversion of locomotives to DCC • Couplers, from the traditional types to the latest designs such as knuckle couplers and close coupling mechanisms • Modelling the railway infrastructure, such as platforms and signal boxes, how to make realistic rural and urban scenery, and how to bring your layout to life by adding details such as people, road vehicles and signs
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Making Model Buildings for Garden Railways
Whether making buildings to complement a garden railway, creating an entire model village, or simply one stand-alone structure, there is something immensely satisfying in seeing your model building standing proudly outside where it truly belongs, in all weather conditions and throughout the seasons. Here, Peter Jones shows you how to make a variety of buildings, from churches to Tudor houses to locomotive sheds, using different materials and producing different finishes to suit each type of construction.
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Making Model Railway Buildings
This invaluable book is essential reading for all railway modellers, whatever their level of expertise. The author provides an overall understanding of the purpose of making buildings for a model railway and covers their construction, their positioning and how to light them.
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Manual of Electric Radio Control Cars
A complete book on all aspects of building and operation radio-controlled electric-powered model racing cars. Chapters on radio equipment, building cars, NiCd batteries, types of speed controller, installation of R/C equipment, finishing body shells and racing and maintaining the finished cars. Lots of tips and hints.
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Marklin 1895-1914 (Great Toys)
The Marklin company is considered the king of the German toy-makers. There is little doubt that at the beginning of the 20th century Marklin was the greatest toy-maker in the world. This book brings together in superb photographs the finest examples from the 'golden age' of tin toys. In this book the rarest and finest Marklin toys, drawn from several of the world's leading collections, are shown in over 168 colour photographs.
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