Adventurous Model Railway Plans
From his knowledge, experience and love of railways, the author has prepared 30 extraordinary model railway plans. All but one are imaginary, inspired by studying other people's layouts at exhibitions, in their homes and in magazines over the past five decades. The size of the layouts described and illustrated range from the transportable to the permanent club railway system, together with those for the attic and garden. The book will inspire individuals and groups of enthusiasts into producing more advanced and appealing model railways, whether they are beginners or the more experienced modeler.
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America’s Standard Gauge Electric Trains
All aboard for the most accurate and thorough historical reference and price guide to Standard Gauge electric trains. This complete book covers the history of the Standard Gauge train, describes and values all makes of original Standard Gauge models and their contemporary counterparts, and includes plans for constructing a fully operational layout.
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Antique Motorcycle Toys
The art of history in motion, with the thrill only motorcycles can bring! Between these covers is a spectacular collection of clockwork motorcyles from Europe, Japan, and America. The beauty and complexity of these early toy designs is matched only by their extreme rarity, making this reference book a truly special edition for collectors of all levels. See police chases, stunt riders, elegant cruisers, and spacemen, all with fantastic motorcycles that are ready to roar into action! In addition to current market pricing, this book allows the reader an opportunity to view and become acquainted with the world's finest toy motorcycle designs.
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Antique Trader Toy Price Guide
Following in the tradition of the Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide, this comprehensive toy price guide provides the information every toy collector and enthusiast needs. Every type of toy made over the past 200 years has become highly collectible, especially those since World War II. Compact, yet inclusive, this guide covers all major types of toys produced in the 19th and 20th centuries and provides detailed descriptions with current values for 3,500 toys. Toys are organized alphabetically by category of toy, such as action, battery-operated, vehicles, games, etc. making it easy to locate specific toys. • Collectors, dealers, and appraisers will rely on this handy pricing reference. • Comprehensive overview of all major types of toys from the 19th and 20th centuries • Organized alphabetically by category, such as, action toys, battery-operated, character toys, etc. • One-source guide to 3,500 toys from true antiques to typical collectibles
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Basic Painting and Weathering for Model Railroaders
Presents step-by-step techniques to finish, paint, decal and weather railroad models. Introduces the tools, products, and techniques, and guides hobbyists throgh several basic projects, from stripping paint and airbrushing.
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Basic Wiring for Model Railroaders: The Complete Photo Guide
This is a Basic Wiring for Model Railroaders Complete Photo Guide Book from Kalmbach Books. Even if you don't know a watt from an ampere, you'll find you can still wire a simple or advanced model railroad with the help of this book. Using clear, photographic step-by-step instructions and nontechnical language, the author walks you through many of the common wiring projects you'll encounter as you build your own railroad. Inside the book you'll learn how to: • Select the appropriate tools and supplies • Wire a basic train set • Wire turnouts and other special track sections • Install various DCC systems and decoders • Keep wires and connections neat and orderly
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Building 00 Gauge Wagons and Vans for Model Railways
This fascinating and detailed book is essential reading for all those railway modellers who wish to build their own wagons and vans. After examining the types of modelling materials that are available and discussing the basic tools that are required, the author demonstrates how the modeller can move on from building simple kits to constructing more complicated kits in a variety of materials, including plastic, white metal and brass. He then considers how kits can be detailed, converted and significantly modified (often referred to as 'kit bashing') before covering the ultimate in rolling stock construction - scratch building. Brimming with practical advice and tips, this remarkable book uses worked examples and step-by-step photographs to show what can be achieved with the application of research, patience and modelling skill. Moreover, although the volume deals with 00 gauge, the ideas and techniques discussed can easily be applied to other gauges/scales.
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Classic Toy Trains
From Lionel's first printed pamphlet in 1902 to the full-color fantasies of the 1950s and beyond, Classic Toy Trains revisits the collectible toy trains of Carlisle & Finch, American Flyer, Ives, Hafner, Lionel and others. Filled with over 200 images of rare toy trains, accessories, layouts and catalog artwork, this nostalgic volume flashes you back to the fun-filled days of yesteryear and your care-free hours spent riding the rails.
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Collecting Corgi Toys
The surge in the market for Corgi die-cast collectible toys has caused a demand for accurate, updated information on them. With Collecting Corgi Toys, readers will find everything they're looking for. This reference documents the history of the company and the evolution of its products from 1956 to 1984, and provides essential data and pricing for every toy produced in that time. Over 600 listings for toys and full sets include catalog number, year of introduction, last year produced, colours, identification notes, and current market value in British Pounds and U.S. Dollars. Corgi fans will find all their favorites inside, including racecars, service vehicles, military models, film and TV models, special models and much more. Nearly 150 full-colour photos detail the most rare Corgi toys and sets on the market.
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Collecting Muscle Car Model Kits

Tim Boyd Softcover 176 pages

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Collector’s Guide to American Toy Trains
Collector's Guide to American Toy Trains tells the story of the U.S. toy train industry, starting with its history. Everything you've ever wanted to know about collecting toy trains is right here. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced collectors will find this guide helpful in identifying, pricing, and locating pieces to add to their sets. Information on gauges, rolling stock, locomotives, and accessories will keep you on the right track.
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Collector’s Guide to Classic O Gauge Trains
Collector's Guide to Classic O-Gauge Trains provides you with the vital information you need to accurately assess and value classic O-Gauge trains. You'll find listings for the most highly-collected trains and accessories including Lionel (prewar and postwar), American Flyer, Ives, Marx, AMT, Hafner, Hoge, Dorfan, Unique and Wyandotte.
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Collector’s Guide to Tootsietoys: Identification & Values (2nd Edition)
This second edition contains practically every existing Tootsietoy example and variation. It has nearly 700 full-colour photos and catalog pages, and includes not only prewar and postwar toys, but also Tootsietoys from the 1970s.
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Collector’s Guide to Toys, Games, and Puzzles
The first two-thirds of this book consists of solid, pragmatic advice on how to go about collecting toys, games, and puzzles. It's full of information on describing conditions, spotting fakes, setting prices, buying and selling, and storing and displaying. The last third of the book deals with collecting specific types of objects. The information in this section is also excellent--especially the extensive listings of associations, magazines, and books--but like some other guides to "toy collecting," the book excludes without a word of explanation such major collecting areas as dolls and trains. All in all, however, it's an entertaining, well-written book full of solid facts and excellent advice.
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Collectors Guide to Postwar Lionel Trains: 1945-1969
Numerically arranged listings allow for rapid reference of prices during auctions. This compact and comprehensive guide provides you with 2,000+ accurate and easily accessible listings, with secondary market values for the legendary Lionel trains cherished by a majority of today's toy train collectors, including Baby Boomer-age collectors reliving the joys of their youth. This handy and numerically organized train book contains an impressive collection of more than 1,000+ colour photos of various models, including steam, diesel and electric locomotives, motorized units, flatcars, tank and vat cars, accessories and catalogue sets. Perfect for use at shows or to keep in a desk drawer for quick reference during on-line auctions.
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Designing and Building Model Railway Baseboards
Model railway baseboards are like the foundations of a house, and failure to build a rigid baseboard that has no movement will inevitably lead to problems. Accordingly, this invaluable, well-illustrated book is essential reading for all those who wish to be guided through the potential pitfalls of making a baseboard and who require practical information about the different kinds of boards and how to construct them properly.
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Detroit in Miniature: 400 Photos of American Diecast Models Made Worldwide
This book is a must-have for anyone interested in American automobiles or toy cars. There are 400 black and white photos of toy American manufactured cars. Each photo is combined with the toy manufacturer and the automobile model.
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Die Cast Price Guide: Post-War: 1946 to Present
The Die Cast Price Guide: Post-war: 1946 to Present provides the vital information every collector of Post-World War II die cast vehicles needs for buying, selling, trading, or simply enjoying these ever-popular toys. Special features include: historical outlines of each featured manufacturer; easy-to-follow vehicle model listings enhanced by a comprehensive index; up-to-date values; tips to make you a more informed collector.
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Diecast Toy Cars of the 1950s & 1960s: The Collector’s Guide
Collecting diecast toy cars has become an increasingly popular hobby over the last 25 years. Many of the classic diecast cars of the 1950s and 1960s are now valuable collectors'€™ items, and surviving examples in mint and boxed condition regularly fetch significant sums at specialist auctions. This book provides a comprehensive survey of the companies that made these toys in the 1950s and 1960s, not only in Britain but in other European countries, the USA, Japan and beyond. Major names such as Dinky Toys, Corgi Toys, Spot-On and Matchbox (Great Britain), Solido (France), Marklin and Gama (Germany ), Tekno (Denmark) and Tootsietoy (USA) are examined, but a unique feature of the book is the wealth of information provided on many smaller and more obscure brands. These include Crescent, Budgie, Chad Valley and Lone Star (UK), CIJ and JRD (France), Dalia (Spain), Buby (Argentina), Gamda (Israel) and many others about which information is hard to come by. A special chapter is devoted to early Japanese diecast models by Cherryca Phenix, Model Pet and Diapet, which are among the rarest and most sought-after of all diecasts. Fascinating insights into company histories are provided, together with 250 photographs of rare examples of the toys themselves, in mint condition with their original boxes. A further unique feature is the inclusion of a large selection of colorful and evocative illustrations from catalogs and period trade advertisements. For the newcomer to the collecting hobby, this book will provide an ideal guide to the history of the manufacturers active in this field, while experienced collectors will make many new discoveries. At the end of the book, readers will find a handy glossary listing the names of many of the companies that manufactured diecast toy cars in the 1950s and 1960s.
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Diesel Modeler’s Guide (Volume 1 and 2)
Volume 1 of the Diesel Modeler’s Guide starts off with a look at the NW2 and the roads that used them. The pages that follow provide the reader with useful prototype information as well as tips, techniques and insights from noted modelers on a variety of locomotives from roads across the continent. All of the articles were originally published in 1994 and 1995 issues of Model Railroading magazine. The articles have been grouped by railroad and compiled to provide a handy reference guide for the diesel modeler. Taken from the pages of Model Railroading magazine, the articles Volume 2 provide a cross-sectional look at prototypes from all regions of the country, from some of the earliest Fs to the most modern power on today’s roads. This volume’s Special Section takes a look at General Electric’s Dash 9-44CW, and provides both prototype information and useful modeling ideas. All of the articles were originally published in MRG between July 1994 and May 1996.
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