Small Diesel Engine Service Manual (3rd Edition)
Includes maintenance and repair information for small diesel engines up to 160 cubic inch (2600cc) displacement.
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Small Engine Care & Repair: A Step-by-step Guide to Maintaining Your Small Engine
Basic repair information, troubleshooting advice, and advanced maintenance projects, are covered for the small engines found on lawn mowers, tillers, garden tractors, compressors, generators, and many other common types of outdoor power equipment. The book provides a general history and overview of small engines, their applications, and the tools necessary for their care and repair.
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String Trimmer and Blower Service Manual: 1997 and Prior (Volume 1) (3rd Edition)
Includes detailed instructions for operating maintaining and repairing string trimmers and blowers for more than 35 popular brands and 500 models.
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String Trimmer Service Manual

Intertec Publishing Corporation (ISBN 10 – 0872882764) Softcover 224 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Tecumseh L-Head Engines
Clymer Manuals ProSeries Tecumseh single cylinder, L-head (valves in cylinder block), aluminum engines with 2.5 to 10 hp manufactured through 1994 manual.
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The Small-Engine Handbook
It's common for homeowners to have 2- or 4-cycle small engines in their lawn and garden equipment, utility vehicles, recreational vehicles, generators and other machines. With this easy-to-follow, richly illustrated handbook, homeowners will be able to understanding small engines, troubleshooting them and working on them. The book has a brief history of significant and popular small engines and a guide to setting up a home workshop in which to work on them. It also includes case studies on the disassembly, maintenance, repair and/or rebuilding of: a 2-stroke lawnmower engine, a 4-stroke utility motor, a 2-stroke chainsaw engine, and a curbside junker. The writing is lively and entertaining and the color photos clearly show how to work on these useful engines.
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Yard & Garden Tractor Service Manual (1990 & Later): Single & Multi-Cylinder Models (Volume 3; 1st Edition)
Service procedures for single- and multi-cylinder lawn and garden tractors manufactured since 1991
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Yard & Garden Tractor Service Manual: Multi-Cylinder Models (Volume 2; 1st Edition)
Service procedures for multi-cylinder yard and garden tractors manufactured through 1990.
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