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Advanced Technology Warfare: A Detailed Study of the Latest Weapons and Techniques for Warfare Today and into the 21st Century (Softcover)
Evaluates state-of-the-art weapon systems, such as the Stealth bombers and SS-20's, and shows how the technology behind them is changing the face of war. This book covers electronic warfare, strategic warfare, space warfare, air warfare, land warfare, naval warfare, and unconventional warfare.
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ATV Projects: Get the Most Out of Your All-Terrain Vehicle
The most popular type of ATV is the sport-utility quad, a machine that is both a fun, capable trail machine and equipped with racks and hitches so it is useful around the house or farm. This book shows how to do the most popular types of modifications to the ATV, most of which consist of bolting on a rack, or other accessory. Also included are some basic maintenance tips and a few performance modifications which include exhaust, suspension, and some drivetrain mods. About the AuthorLen Nelson is a long-time ATV rider and a contributing editor at ATV Rider magazine. He has worked for Motorcycle Online and several other motorcycle magazines and is a first-rate writer, photographer, and ne'er do well. He also has a thing for Underdog, Tom Waits, and George Winston. He lives in North Carolina.
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Big Book of Trucks
For almost a century, the United Kingdom's road network rumbled to the sound of haulage and delivery vehicles almost exclusively made up of trucks built on home soil. From the 1920s right through to the 1960s, British manufacturers became renowned the world over for their production of reliable workaday lorries and quite rightly earned a reputation for quality engineering. The likes of Albion, Commer, Foden and Scammell would eventually become household names, greatly contributing to the country's economic growth as well as playing major roles in times of conflict, such as during the two World Wars. Yet in the 21st Century, a truck proudly carrying the badge of a British company is seldom seen and furthermore it is even rarer to find one that has actually been built within the country. Once the domain of the Atkinson, Bedford and ERF, today's highways and byways are plied by MANs, DAFs and Ivecos and the many firms that in times gone by successfully competed within the European truck industry, only the very few such as Leyland and Dennis have survived the test of time, albeit in the form of subsidiaries to larger organisations.The Big Book of Trucks charts the history of the King of the Road, from the humble steam wagon to giant diesel-powered articulated juggernauts.
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Black Noon: The Year They Stopped the Indy 500
Winner of the 2014 Dean Batchelor Award, Motor Press Guild "Book of the Year" Before noon on May 30th, 1964, the Indy 500 was stopped for the first time in history by an accident. Seven cars had crashed in a fiery wreck, killing two drivers, and threatening the very future of the 500. Black Noon chronicles one of the darkest and most important days in auto-racing history. As rookie Dave MacDonald came out of the fourth turn and onto the front stretch at the end of the second lap, he found his rear-engine car lifted by the turbulence kicked up from two cars he was attempting to pass. With limited steering input, MacDonald lost control of his car and careened off the inside wall of the track, exploding into a huge fireball and sliding back into oncoming traffic. Closing fast was affable fan favorite Eddie Sachs. "The Clown Prince of Racing" hit MacDonald's sliding car broadside, setting off a second explosion that killed Sachs instantly. MacDonald, pulled from the wreckage, died two hours later. After the track was cleared and the race restarted, it was legend A. J. Foyt who raced to a decisive, if hollow, victory. Torn between elation and horror, Foyt, along with others, championed stricter safety regulations, including mandatory pit stops, limiting the amount a fuel a car could carry, and minimum-weight standards. In this tight, fast-paced narrative, Art Garner brings to life the bygone era when drivers lived hard, raced hard, and at times died hard. Drawing from interviews, Garner expertly reconstructs the fateful events and decisions leading up to the sport's blackest day, and the incriminating aftermath that forever altered the sport. Black Noon remembers the race that changed everything and the men that paved the way for the Golden Age of Indy car racing.
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Blood and Smoke: A True Tale of Mystery, Mayhem and the Birth of the Indy 500
One hundred years ago, 40 cars lined up for the first Indianapolis 500. We are still waiting to find out who won. The Indy 500 was created to showcase the controversial new sport of automobile racing, which was sweeping the country. Daring young men were driving automobiles at the astonishing speed of 75 miles per hour, testing themselves and their vehicles. With no seat belts, hard helmets or roll bars, the dangers were enormous. When the Indianapolis Motor Speedway opened in 1909, seven people were killed, some of them spectators. Oil-slicked surfaces, clouds of smoke, exploding tires, and flying grit all made driving extremely hazardous, especially with the open-cockpit, windshield-less vehicles. Bookmakers offered bets not only on who might win but who might survive. But this book is about more than a race--it is the story of America at the dawn of the automobile age, a country in love with speed, danger, and spectacle.
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Award-winning photographer John de Visser and lifelong cottager Judy Ross take readers inside 45 of the North Country's most enticing boathouses -- the rustic, the charming, the grand, the glamorous. Some date back to the 1800s and have changed little over the past century; others are recent eye-catching additions to the water's edge. Styles range from Victorian lavish to Shaker simplicity to Adirondack modern. Inside are inspired sitting rooms, bedrooms, baths, kitchens, and cherished collections of antiques and memorabilia. Lush color photographs reveal how owners, architects, and designers have made each working boathouse an exceptional place to live as well as a perfect home for prized canoes, sleek motorboats, vintage mahogany launches and, in one case, a day-sailer with a 35-foot mast. Boathouses is brimming with design ideas for cottagers, decorators, builders, architects -- even landlocked homeowners.
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Cadillac: The Tailfin Years
The tail fin era is one of the most recognized in automotive styling, and the influence spread worldwide. As everyone knows, designer Harley Earl took his inspiration from World War II fighter aircraft and the fins grew bolder and larger as competing manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon to produce the most striking vehicle, until they became almost outrageous and turned people off, and then became less prominent again through the 1960s. Cadillac: The Tail Fin Years, takes an in-depth look at the years from 1948 to 1964. A chapter is devoted to each model year and provides unique facts and features, historical information, specifications, production numbers, options, prices, and more. And of course, the real heart of the book is the many colorful illustrations drawn from the exciting original sales and marketing materials, original factory photos, and examples of well-preserved originals still around today. Often the models featured are those that we all wish we had! Also featured are the famous jewelry ads through this special era in automotive history.
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Camaro: Restoration Handbook
Camaro sweeping the country! And with the help of the Camaro Restoration Handbook, you can restore your 1967 through 1981 Camaro either piece by piece, or from the ground up! Authors Tom Currao and Ron Sessions detail the complete restoration process necessary to turn any street-beaten Camaro into a true show winner! With over 500 photos and drawings, it's the most complete Camaro restoration resource available!
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Cars of Gran Turismo
Sony Playstation's Gran Turismo has matured from curiosity to icon, becoming one of the most-popular automotive simulation games in the world. No other driving game ties the cultures of video-playing and sports-car enthusiasm as Gran Turismo has. Part of the fascination is in the game's presentation of exotic imports, some not yet available in the United States, and that in turn has created demand for these cars. Some aficionados modify their street cars to resemble the ones portrayed in GT, and even install Playstations in-dash to play the game at GT meets and conventions. Author Huw Evans provides details of the game including upgrades and calibrations possible in the simulations and brings the actual cars to life through flashy colour photographs. For many GT players, the book will provide the first look at the hard-parts of the cars depicted in the game, including Japanese micros, exotics such as the Lotus Elise, and true racing thoroughbreds from Japanese road racing competition. This volume brings to life more than 40 of Gran Turismo's simulated sporting cars, many of which are not yet sold in the United States. The Cars of Gran Turismo is the first book of its kind, geared both to game players and automotive enthusiasts. Author Huw Evans takes you inside the video-gaming/high-performance world which has engendered a cult around the game and the cars.
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Chevrolet: Yesterday & Today
Chevrolet Camaro. Pontiac GTO. Dodge Charger. Ford Mustang. These names evoke memories of aggressively styled, amply powered kings of the road from the decade of the 1960s and the early 1970s, when Detroit was king, oil was cheap, and cars rumbled when you told them to. Muscle Cars: Kings of the Street from the Golden Era tells the story of these automobiles and dozens more, with insightful descriptions from the auto editors of Consumer Guide and full-color photographs on every page. More than 90 cars are profiled, including their mechanical and design highlights and their place in the muscle car pecking order. Exclusive specifications charts detail each car's vital statistics--how much it cost, how many were built, how fast it went and many more details. The focus is not on highly modified, professionally raced versions of these iconic machines; instead the focus is on prime examples of the cars you or your dads drove during this exciting decade. You learn about: ? Genuine muscle cars like the many Dodge Charger versions issued during the 1960s and early 1970s--a true classic.? Car luxury makers' attempts at muscle car stardom, like the 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-4-2 W-30 and the 1969 Buick GS 400.? The icons, like the Pontiac GTO, Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Nova, Chevrolet Chevelle, and Dodge Challenger T/A.? The 1964 Pontiac Tempest GTO--what some consider the quintessential muscle car.It's all here, in the best muscle-car read you'll find anywhere: Muscle Cars: Kings of the Street from the Golden Era. Take a trip down memory lane--a loud one.
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Choppers Field Guide: Custom Bikes 1950s-Present
Interest in chopper motorcycles has skyrocketed in the past year, due mainly to the myriad of chopper television shows on the Discovery Channel and other stations that have hit the mainstream. Now, with enthusiasts and owners are demanding a high-quality book that displays the tough custom bikes they love - the Chopper Field Guide answers the call in full force! This book features 250 full-colour, detailed photos of 70 different custom choppers from the 1950s to today, with numerous intricate shots of the chrome, paint, engines and custom touches that make these specialty bikes unique, complete with captions. Chopper enthusiasts won't find a book like this anywhere else!
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Collector’s Guide to American Toy Trains
Collector's Guide to American Toy Trains tells the story of the U.S. toy train industry, starting with its history. Everything you've ever wanted to know about collecting toy trains is right here. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced collectors will find this guide helpful in identifying, pricing, and locating pieces to add to their sets. Information on gauges, rolling stock, locomotives, and accessories will keep you on the right track.
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Complete Book of Collectible Cars: 1930-1980
Over 700 blue-chip automotive investments, domestic and foreign. Black and White photos throughout.
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Corvette (Enthusiast Color Series)
With more than 50 years of advanced design and adrenaline-rushing power, the Corvette holds a special place in many car enthusiasts' hearts. This revised edition of Corvette Milestones includes the milestones of Corvettes from the first generation to the newest C6 generation, including all of the Corvette models and years that have stood above the rest. Each model is profiled with information why it is set against the rest of the Corvette models, specifications, and photos.
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Evocative Steam (Osprey Colour Series)

Paul E. Richardson Softcover 128 pages Out-of-print.

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Firefighters (Enthusiast Color Series)
After the September 11 tragedy, America's interest in firefighters soared. Firefighters covers modern-day firefighters, their equipment, vehicles, clothing, and training as well as the different jobs/duties of firefighters. This book gives a broad overview and is great for the general reader as well as the fire enthusiast.
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Ford and Canada: 100 Years Together
Ford and Canada have shared a century of unforgettable events and remarkable achievements. From humble beginnings, this is an energy-charged timeline of an auto maker and a colony that grew up together. One became a mighty industrial powerhouse and the other an enlightened nation. Meticulously researched in the archives at Ford of Canada, this book is filled with historic photos and marvelous tidbits of information. Ford and Canada: 100 Years Together is a joyous Centennial celebration that will delight readers the world over.
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Ford: Yesterday & Today
From Model T to Mustang, high-performance muscle cars to high-efficiency hybrids, Ford: Yesterday & Today is a captivating chronicle of what many regard as the most significant name in automotive history. Concise text and hundreds of compelling color photos tell the "Blue Oval" saga through more than 100 eventful years. The book was compiled by the auto editors of Consumer Guide. The story begins with company founder Henry Ford, who literally put the world on wheels with the first mass-produced automobile, the simple and rugged Tin Lizzie. This Model T, then the Model A and then the first low-priced V-8 car with the versatile flathead engine--these were the foundation of a juggernaut. Ups and downs followed for the next seven decades, as Ford vied with another colossus--Chevrolet--and many competitors in the United States and abroad. The entire story is told through the lens of key car categories. Read about: ? Family Haulers. The sedans and station wagons that generations grew up with, like the Ranch Wagon, the Fairlane, the Granada, the Crown Victoria, the Taurus and many more, including today's leading-edge hybrid cars.? Sunshine Specials. Ford's long and impressive history of open-tops and convertibles, ranging from the compact Model N through the DeLuxe, Sunliner, and rag-top versions of Torinos, Mustangs, and LTDs.? Stylish Cruisers. Including the Crown Victoria, Galaxie 500, LTD Landau, and Granada.? Dozens of other history-making models, from Ford's compact cars through generations of Mustangs and Shelbys, Thunderbirds, race cars and muscle cars, F-line pickups, SUVs, and even Ford's stellar history of police vehicles
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German War Birds: From World War 1 to NATO Ally
German War Birds: From World War 1 to NATO Ally features color line drawings of over 150 combat aircraft accompanied by concise technical details of each plane.
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Gilles Villeneuve: A Photographic Portrait
The outstanding images in this book chronicle the career of one of the most admired Grand Prix drivers in living memory - and surely the most loved in all of F1 history. Gilles Villeneuve's career statistics cannot even begin to explain the mystique. It was created over only four full seasons with Ferrari in F1, three of these with uncompetitive cars. He achieved only six victories from 67 starts, two pole positions, eight fastest laps and 107 championship points. He was one of the finest racing drivers never to become World Champion. He possessed miraculous car control and frightening courage that could often overcome the flaws in his equipment. He thrilled spectators because he made them fear for his safety. He raced to win and, if that meant taking risks, so be it. He crashed often, and occasionally he broke his cars in his frustration, but he could wring from them performances far beyond their capabilities. Sometimes his starts almost defined belief, and always he was magnificent on a wet track. He never, ever, gave up. He treated his racing cars with uncompromising brutality. Yet he was soft-natured, and emotional and devoted family man, loyal to his friends, charming to strangers. He was unwavering in his commitment to sportsmanship, to his inborn sense of right and wrong. One dreadful day, incensed by an injustice, he took a risk too many. The memories he left us will stay with us always. There has never been a racing driver like Gilles Villeneuve. It is impossible to believe there ever will be.
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History’s Greatest Automotive Mysteries, Myths, and Rumors Revealed: James Dean’s Killer Porsche, NASCAR’s Fastest Monkey, Bonnie and Clyde’s Getaway Car, and More
All of the weird, wonderful, and amazing tales of cars and the characters who drove them. The automotive world is filled with crazy stories, mysteries, myths, rumors, and legends. Here are just a few covered in History's Greatest Automotive Mysteries, Myths, and Rumors Revealed. • After James Dean's death behind the wheel, parts of his car were sold off -- and cursed their subsequent owners. • Bonnie and Clyde almost exclusively stole Ford V8s as their getaway cars because they were the fastest cars of their day. Clyde Barrow even wrote Henry Ford a thank-you note for his unsuspecting help. • Peanuts in the shell are considered bad luck at NASCAR races. • James Brown's wife once claimed diplomatic immunity when fighting a traffic ticket because her husband was "the ambassador of soul." • Harry Houdini learned to drive late in life only because he needed to get to an airport for a stunt, and it was the only drive he ever made. • There is a myth of a 200-miles-per-gallon carburetor that oil companies and auto manufacturers are rumored to have kept hidden from the public. • A mechanic working in a car's trunk was once mistaken for a kidnapping victim. History's Greatest Automotive Mysteries, Myths, and Rumors Revealed covers every aspect of the intersection between people and their machines. The racing, manufacturing, crime, pop culture, and mechanical lives of cars are explained, along with the shockingly poor judgment of some human characters. Separate the fact from the fiction and learn where the truth lies!
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Hot Wheels Variations: The Ultimate Guide (3rd Edition)
Hot Wheels Variations, even with minute differences, can be double the value of a collectible die-cast car. It's all in the details when you're dealing with Hot Wheels, and nothing is more detail driven than variations. Whether it's a slightly different shade of paint, a different wheel, interior or window, owning a variation can mean the difference between a $10 collector die-cast car and a rare find worth $500. This new edition of the ultimate guide to Hot Wheels variations features 4,000+ car listings, plus 2,200 large colour photos to help you make smart investments and savvy assessment of your Hot Wheels collection.
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How To Build a Cheap Hot Rod
The ever-escalating cost of building or buying a hot rod is leaving more and more would-be hot rodders behind. This book will get those hopefuls off the sidelines by showing how a hot rod can be built for less than the cost of, say, a new Hyundai. Author Dennis Parks documents his own project--building a quintessentially cool Model T roadster from a "Track-T" kit--showing in step-by-step detail how to turn a pile of parts into a rockin hot rod. He provides a detailed, easy-to-follow guide for building a car of your own. The advice and instructions cover every aspect of an affordable hot rod build, from establishing the target vehicle and budget, to finding parts, building the car, and fine tuning the finished vehicle on the road. With Parks' money-saving tips and photo-supported how-to sequences, virtually anyone with minimal mechanical skills and the will to use them can be sure of building their hot rod right, and for the right price. The book also includes a full resource guide and recommendations for further reading.
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How to Keep Your SUV Alive!: User Friendly Automotive Tips and Techniques for Driving, Maintaining, and Extending the Overall Life of Your Sport Utility Vehicle
A user-friendly manual written with the layperson in mind, this guide provides tips, techniques, and trade secrets to help the owners best maintain their minivans. Includes chapters on buying a new minivan, add-ons, engine options, paint options, breaking in the minivan, oil changes, light maintenance, maintaining chassis, suspension, brakes, tires, wheels, paint, exterior and interior. It also provides miscellaneous information covering everything from air conditioner repair to driving tips.
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How to Modify Your Metric Cruiser
Cruisers account for more than 60 percent of the street bike market in the United States. Each year metric cruisers — cruisers built by company's other than Harley-Davidson — account for an increasing portion of the cruiser market. Cruisers are about style, and the booming aftermarket is as focused on appearance as it is on performance. Every cruiser sold is modified, period. The changes might be purely cosmetic (such as the addition of chrome, custom paint, and touring equipment), or they might improve performance (aftermarket exhaust, engine mods, brake upgrades).
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How to Ride to Save Your Hide: Street Biking
Supplies information on motorcycle selection, safety, touring accessories, cafe racer construction, maintenance and troubleshooting, and state requirements.
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Hugo Wilson’s Hot Bikes
Packed with more than 300 motorcycles, from vintage cycles to the latest BMW, Yamaha, and Honda superbikes, Hot Bikes is a revved-up collection that will delight bikers and motorbike enthusiasts alike. Author Hugo Wilson has handpicked the most exceptional motorcycles ever to rule the roads, and added a selection of 21st-century machines to bring the book up to date. Superb photography and a classic DK layout showcase the bikes, with specs and text that celebrate the appeal of each brilliant machine.
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Kyle at 200 M.P.H.: A Sizzling Season in the Petty/Nascar Dynasty
A behind-the-scenes look at the stock car racing circuit through the eyes of a NASCAR racer interweaves descriptions of the daily goings-on in the pit and on the track with a history of the Petty racing dynasty.
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Little Book of Aston Martin
The Little Book of Aston Martin gives a concise illustrated history of the marque.
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Little Book of Canal Boats
Britain's waterways have been used as a source of transport ever since man needed to convey large quantities of minerals, raw material and mass produced commodities. The Romans introduced canals to these islands as early as 120AD and by the late 1700s, a network of man-made arteries linked major rivers and sea ports to land-locked industrialised cities and towns across the country. Initially barges were pulled by horse but as steam and then internal combustion engines were developed during the 19th Century, they were introduced into the narrow boat. The advent of rail travel and improvements to roads, however, saw the decline of this slow and leisurely form of transport and canals gradually fell into disrepair. After World War II, it was realised that much of Britain's social and industrial heritage was disappearing and there emerged an enthusiasm to preserve our past as much as possible. 1946 saw the founding of the Inland Waterways Association who initially set about reopening parts of the system. Now there are more than 4,000 miles of navigable waterways with many more earmarked for restoration. They include some of Britain's greatest engineering feats such as tunnels, aqueducts and flights of locks, today numbering amongst our most popular tourist attractions.
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Little Book of Concorde
Concorde, arguably one of the most elegant airliners ever produced, was known as the peoples' aircraft. From the early planning stages, to its withdrawal from service and subsequent display as a museum exhibit, this book tells the story of an iconic aircraft that was the result of a unique collaboration between the aviation industries of Britain and France. Illustrated with stunning images, it tells how the aviation industries of the two countries united to produce the world's first successful supersonic airliner.
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Little Book of Ferrari
The Little Book of Ferrari provides a concise history of the car.
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