Choppers Field Guide: Custom Bikes 1950s-Present
Interest in chopper motorcycles has skyrocketed in the past year, due mainly to the myriad of chopper television shows on the Discovery Channel and other stations that have hit the mainstream. Now, with enthusiasts and owners are demanding a high-quality book that displays the tough custom bikes they love - the Chopper Field Guide answers the call in full force! This book features 250 full-colour, detailed photos of 70 different custom choppers from the 1950s to today, with numerous intricate shots of the chrome, paint, engines and custom touches that make these specialty bikes unique, complete with captions. Chopper enthusiasts won't find a book like this anywhere else!
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Classic Motorcycle Electrics Manual
Even the most hands-on of classic bike enthusiasts will often shy away from working on their bike's electrical system, believing they have neither the skill nor the knowledge for such work. Dr James Smith explains in Classic Motorcycle Electrics Manual that this need not be the case. Starting with basic electrical theory, the book demonstrates a wealth of electrical tips and techniques, providing a progressive and detailed guide to tasks ranging from simple repairs and upgrades, through to completely rewiring a classic motorcycle. Illustrated profusely with full-colour photographs and easy-to-follow wiring diagrams, this book will be an invaluable resource for all classic bike owners and restorers. The book covers: basic electrical theory; correct usage of a multimeter; comprehensive fault-finding techniques; making good electrical connections; fuses and circuit protection; dynamo and alternator charging systems; correct battery selection and maintenance; improving lighting and installing LEDs; selecting the right spark plug, and much more.
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Classic Motorcycling: A Guide for the 21st Century
"I gained a great deal this book and expect every other reader will gain likewise" - Hugh Anderson, MBE, World Champion 1963,'64 and '65 writing in the Foreword. A different and fascinating new look at classic motorcycling with an international flavour - sure to appeal to all owners (and intending owners) of classic bikes. "Classic Motorcycling" is about buying, riding and maintaining classic motorcycles. It comes complete with sections on survival rates of classics and their price appreciation over recent years with future predictions, and is literally packed full of advice for both aspiring and experienced owners. From choosing the right bike, training for today's traffic, clothing, safety, maintenance, how and where to buy those all important spares, equipping a workshop, projects to improve most classics to simply experiencing the joy of ownership - its all here.
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Clymer BMW R850 & R1100, 1993-1998: Service, Repair, Maintenance
Each Clymer repair manual provides step-by-step procedures based upon the complete disassembly of the machine. This hands-on experience combined with extensive research results in a manual that is both user-friendly and detailed. Hundreds of original photos and illustrations guide the reader through every job.
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Clymer Collection Series: Vintage Dirt Bikes Volume 1

Clymer Publishing Softcover 496 pages Out of Print.

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Clymer Collection Series: Vintage Japanese Street Bikes

Clymer Publishing Softcover 227 pages

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Colin Seeley: …And the Rest (Volume 2)
This volume, the second half of Colin Seeley's autobiography, isn't just the story of one man's life and achievements, although the Seeley marquee is indeed an achievement. Colin Seeley has worked with motorcycles since he was 18 years old. He raced sidecars in the '60s and developed and manufactured the famous Seeley racing motorcycle in 1965, which is still raced today. In the '70s, Colin was joint MD at Brabham Cars with Bernie Ecclestone of F1 fame. In the '80s, he managed the Norton Rotary Race Team. Today, he is still involved in many aspects of the motorcycle world. This book covers the development of the Mk3 and 4 Seeley, his involvement with Bernie Eccelstone, the Seeley Hondas, Seeley TL200 Trails Bike, Seeley Quickfit, his involvement with Brabham Cars and Formula One, and his involvement with The Norton Rotary Team and the demise of Norton.
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Colin Seeley: Racer…And the Rest (Volume 1)
This volume, the first half of Colin Seeley’s autobiography, isn’t just the story of one man’s life and achievements, although the Seeley marque is indeed an achievement. Colin recalls bending his very first frame using the most basic of equipment in an outdoor workshop on a frosty December morning in 1965. Colin, through sheer hard work and determination built his reputation as a perfectionist in all things, respected by the rich and famous, the manufacturers, and the fans within the motorcycling fraternity then and now. Packed with photographs, news clippings, and memorabilia, the book is also one man’s vivid memories of the motorcycle racing scene. From the thrills and anxieties of sidecar racing in the 1960s with passenger ‘Gungy Wal’ to the development of CSRS and the highly regarded sponsorship and service provided to racers lucky enough to have the friendship and professional interest of Colin Seeley. If you were there you’ll love reliving the moments. If you weren’t, you’ll wish you had been!
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Composite Materials Bible: Composite Garage Series
The modern world we live in often requires components made from materials that are stronger and lighter than the more common materials of steel, aluminum, and wood. Today, everything from bicycle frames to aircraft components are made from composite materials such as Kevlar and Carbon Fiber. Unlike those other materials, composite components don't rust or rot, and they won't be dented by a minor impact. With the growing interest in these new high-tech materials, there are more and more individuals looking for help in building their own components from composites. While most of us assume that building from composites requires special skills and tooling found only in specialist shops and well-equipped industrial facilities, nothing could be further from the truth. Professor of Industrial Design, well-known author John Wanberg uses 176 pages and more than 400 images to explain and illustrate the techniques and tools that readers need to make their own components from composite materials. Whether it's a simple piece that requires no mold or a more elaborate fabrication project that requires both a mold and vacuum bagging, all the necessary how-to information is contained in this new book from Wolfgang Publications. This new book from John Wanberg combines materials from four previous books plus adds a wealth of new material on the latest trends and techniques in the world of high-tech composite materials. All of the projects and techniques included in this 176-page book are aimed at individuals and small shops.
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Crash Kings Motocross
Every Motocross rider falls off. It's just a question of how often which separates the men from the boys! Even world champions are not exempt as we experience 300 crashes, smashes and wipeouts from the spectacular to the slightly sad. It's not surprising there's a lot of coming together when 50 bikes head off for the same 10 metres of track at the first corner! Watch the mayhem on the beach as the riders wilt under the energy-sapping conditions, but at least there's a soft landing, unlike those bumpy, stony motocross circuits where we see bruising, bone-crunching and sometimes very funny action. There's some heart-stopping moments, too as riders bale out in mid-air hoping for a landing which doesn't damage the bike. Nobody gets seriously hurt. Still, better not let your Mum see this one!
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Custom Lettering and Pinstriping Techniques for Vans, Rods, Bikes

Cobra Design ISBN 10 – 9995795159 Softcover Out of Print. New old stock.

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Custom Painting Tips & Techniques

R. M. Clarke ISBN 10 – 0948207078 Softcover 164 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Cycle World on Ducati 1962-1980
This book gives an excellent look back at the production Ducatis of legend. It contains specifications and tests of almost every Ducati of this period and offers the unique perspective of the riders of these machines during the time they were tested. It is a helpful guide and reference for fans of this era of Ducati production.
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Cycle World on Ducati 1982-1991
Road and track tests, new model intros, performance data, specs, racing, and tuning. Models: F1 Montjuich, 600SL Pantah, 888, Cagiva SS650, 750 Paso, 851 Sport, 906, 907.
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Cycle World on Husqvarna: 1966-1976
Cycle World on Husqvarna: 1966-1976 contains a collection of articles from Cycle World that will be of value to potential buyers and present owners. Included are road tests, new model intros & road impressions. Models covered in this book include: 250 & 360 Motocross, 360 Viking, Commando 250T, CZ250, Sportsman 360C Enduro, 400 Cross, Baja 125 Special, 400CR, 250WR, 250CR, 460WR, 360CR, 250WR, and 360 Automatic.
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Cycle World on Husqvarna: 1977-1984
Cycle World On Husqvarna: 1977-1984 contains a collection of articles from Cycle World that will be of value to potential buyers and present owners. Included are road tests, new model intros & road impressions. Models covered in this book include: 360WR Burleson Replica, 390CR, 250CR, 390OR, 430CR, 430WR, 500CR, CR390, XC500, WR250, and XC250.
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Cycle World on Kawasaki Off-Road Bikes: 1972-1979
Cycle World On Kawasaki Off-Road Bikes: 1972-1979 contains a collection of articles from Cycle World that will be of value to potential buyers and present owners. Included are road tests, new model intros & road impressions. Models covered in this book include: KX250, A4, KT250, KD175, KS125, KX125, F11M Motocross, F12M Motocross, KD125, KL250, Bighorn 350, Prototype Trailer, and Baja 450.
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Cycle World on Yamaha Off-Road Bikes 1970-74
Models covered: TY80A, RT1B, AT1, CT1, 360, DT3, DT360A, Enduros, Cheney 250, AT1M, 360MX, LT2 & LT3MX, 250 Monoshock, YZ250, M, and YT250.
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CZ 125, 175 & 175 Trail Owner’s Workshop Manual: 1969 on
This Haynes Owner's Workshop Manual covers the CZ 125, 175, and 175 Trail (123cc to 171cc) motorcycles from 1969 onwards.
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