Crash Kings Motocross
Every Motocross rider falls off. It's just a question of how often which separates the men from the boys! Even world champions are not exempt as we experience 300 crashes, smashes and wipeouts from the spectacular to the slightly sad. It's not surprising there's a lot of coming together when 50 bikes head off for the same 10 metres of track at the first corner! Watch the mayhem on the beach as the riders wilt under the energy-sapping conditions, but at least there's a soft landing, unlike those bumpy, stony motocross circuits where we see bruising, bone-crunching and sometimes very funny action. There's some heart-stopping moments, too as riders bale out in mid-air hoping for a landing which doesn't damage the bike. Nobody gets seriously hurt. Still, better not let your Mum see this one!
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Freestyle Motocross II: Air Sickness
Next in the CyclePro series is this follow-up to Freestyle Motocross: Jump Tricks From the Pros. You'll be performing 25 new tricks just as the top freestyle riders Mike Metzger, Travis Pastrana, and Corey Hart, to name a few. Just as the first book, this edition shows each trick in step-by-step or multi-angle photography, with descriptions from the pros. The front of the book features a short, fun profile of the riders and a section describing the bike set-ups preferred by current pros.
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Heaven and Hell on Earth: Extreme Bikesport Action
Witness the most extreme bikesport action on Earth in this mind blowing display of daring! Britains hottest young bike talent road trips with California's best riders and go head-to-head on a slew of challenging courses on two continents! Riders include Jamie Dobb, Seth Enslow, Chris Brock, Gary Taylor, and Ronny Faisst.
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Motocross and Off-Road Training Handbook: Tune Your Body for Race-Winning Performance
With millions of participants worldwide, motocross and off-road motorcycle riding are the most popular amateur motorsports in the world --- and, many agree, the most physically demanding. For a sport that asks so much of so many, a training manual is a must --- and this one is the very first to make the necessary know-how accessible to the amateur rider. While providing sound advice for the would-be Ricky Carmichael of tomorrow, this handbook offers a no-nonsense, real-world approach that the average racer or rider can understand --- and turn into real results. Among the topics the book covers are: weight training and proper nutrition in a fast-food world; age-specific training programs; gear; scheduling; staying hydrated, healthy, and injury-free: keeping a log; cross-training; balance, reflexes, and flexibility --- and how to improve all three; race-day warm-ups and stretches; arm pump and how to train it out of your system; taking it to the next level --- for the would-be pro riders; trainers, gyms, online, and published guidance; and staying motivated and avoiding burnout.
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Motor-Cross: Automotive Crossword Puzzles (Volume 1)

Murray Jackson ISBN 10 – 0968576001 Softcover coil-bound pages. Out of Print. Used.

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Off-Road Giants!: Heroes of 1960s Motorcycle Sport (Volume 2)
If you remember off-road stars like the Rickman brothers' Vic Eastwood, Lew Coffin, and John Avery, then this is a must-have book for your collection. They're big names who brought the thrills and spills of the golden era of motorcycle sport to a whole generation. For the author, it's a personal trip down memory lane, as he was lucky enough to see many of these men and women at the height of their racing careers. Seventeen of the rider profiles in this book originally appeared over a three-year period in the pages of The Classic Motorcycle magazine, but the profile on the Rickman brothers - two of scrambling's true greats - has never been seen in print before. Accompanied by a totally new set of over 100 stunning photographs, this is a book that will evoke fond memories for all who share the author's love of motorcycle sport in a golden age.
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Pro Motocross & Off-Road Riding Techniques
Ride to win with the pros, as this updated, third edition of Pro Motocross & Off-Road Riding Techniques puts you in front of the pack. In addition to pro tips and step-by-step photos on jumping, cornering, braking, starting, training, and more, this popular dirt rider's bible has been fully updated to include the very latest techniques in full-color photos. All-new information features data on four-stroke bikes, as well as updated information on the latest body positions, bar set-ups, and jumping techniques that reflect the current emphasis on front-wheel landings. Up-to-date advice makes this an essential guide for today's off-road racers and riders.
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Ride It! The Complete Book of Motocross
Ride It is a look back at the roots of Motocross racing, great pictures with still relevant information on Motocross.
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Ride It! The Complete Book of Trail Bike Riding

Frank Melling ISBN 10 – 0854292217 Hardcover 160 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Supercross Unleashed: The Joy of SX
If the greatest stars and biggest fans of Supercross put together a scrapbook, it couldn't be any better than this close-up, action-packed celebration of one of the most popular motorsports in America. The greatest moments in Supercross come to vibrant life in essays, photos, and behind-the-scenes glimpses from the sport's current pros and past champs --all framed by the matchless lens of acclaimed motorsport photographer Simon Cudby. From profiles of the hottest names in the sport to insightful takes about the changes in the sport from up and coming young guns, it's all here in the stirring words and images of the biggest names in Supercross.
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The Birth of Motocross: An Illustrated History of the Early Years of America’s #1 Dirt Sport – The Tracks – The Riders – The Machines
This is the story of the beginning of what has become America's #1 dirt sport, when motocross was "imported" into America, first as the "Inter-Am" series in 1968-'69, then as the "Trans-Am" series in 1970. Classic race tracks ranged from the movie backlot at Westlake Village and the arid Carlsbad and Saddleback Park in California to Linnville, Ohio, and Unadilla, New York, and Pepperrell, Massachusetts. The best European riders - Roger Decoster, Jeff Smith, Joel Robert, Torsten Hallman, Bengt Aberg, Arne Kring, Vic Allan, Dave Bickers and others - competed against the brash new American like Gary Bailey, Dick Mann, Marty Tripes, Brad Lackey, Jim Pomeroy, Gary Jones, Rex Stanton, Barry Higgens, Preston Petty and more.
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Trail Biking
Text and photographs examine trailbikes which are used for pleasure riding, inexpensive transportation, and competitive racing.
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Wide Open: A Life in Supercross
Jeremy McGrath has been called 'the Michael Jordan of Supercross' by The Los Angeles Times, and in this revealing book the fans not only get his personal story, but also a detailed guide running throughout on how everyone can become a Supercross racer. The number 1 Supercross racer in the world – who has over 20 sponsors, his own film company, a toy line, Nintendo and Playstation games, and a Van signature shoe – talks about his life and the sport. Supercross started out as a redneck '70s sideshow, but thanks largely to Jeremy McGrath – known everywhere as the Michael Jordan of Supercross – it has become a massive extreme sport. Over the last three years, AMA Supercross attendance has mushroomed from 700,000 spectators a year to 1.5 million. This book will satisfy even the most hardcore fans, as it not only gives you the life and times of Jeremy McGrath, but acts as the calling card to the entire sport by including unique sections on how to become a Supercross racer, the work–out regimes, fixing common bike problems, and more.
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