Arlen Ness: The Godfather of Choppers
In the beginning, there was Arlen Ness. Before Jesse James, Billy Lane, and the battling Teutuls, Arlen Ness started the business of building celebrity choppers. He is a long-time custom motorcycle builder whose bikes combine the artistic and the extreme. These rolling sculptures have been covered in motorcycle and even hot rod magazines for decades as Arlen Ness built a worldwide reputation as an innovator and sought-out builder of themed custom bikes. This book traces the growth of the Arlen Ness reputation, business empire, and custom bike resume and features stunning new photography of all the bikes in Arlen’s personal collection, over 50 in total.
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Art of the Chopper II
A great chopper is not built. It is created. It begins as the seed of an idea germinating in the mind of its creator. Bit by bit, the builder brings the machine to life, raking and stretching the frame, fabricating fenders and a gas tank, applying exquisite paint, sculpting something that lives and breathes on its own. Choppers, one of the most enduring symbols from the 1960s, are more prevalent than ever. First published in 2003 (Motorbooks Int'l) to great acclaim, and reissued in 2005, 'Art of the Chopper' profiled 20 of today's top chopper builders. As a sequel, 'Art of the chopper II' profiles 21 more builders and artists, including builders well known to chopper fans such as the legendary Indian Larry, auteur Gard Hollinger, and non-professionals such as Staten Island's own Mike Pugliese. Zimberoff's engaging text provides an in-depth analysis of the each designer's philosophy and unique style.
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Chopper Kings: Building America’s Most Beautiful Motorcycles
Join us on a trip across the States to see the custom bikes and big name builders from television... Daytona, Florida First stop, Daytona Beach Bike Week. Who's that you've spotted? Russell Mitchell from Exile Cycles! He talks to us about how he got into bike fabrication and explains his unique style. Next, Billy Lane from Choppers Inc. works on a new bike live on stage! Then we see the original Orange County Choppers bikes... Black Widow Bike, iRobot Bike, Fire Bike and the POW/MIA Bike and many more. New Orleans, Louisiana Next stop, Confederate Motorcycles, to see the bikes in action and speak to Head of Design, J.T. Nesbitt, about the style and quality that make these bikes so desirable. Even Brad Pitt owns one! Then we meet Glen Banquier, a custom bike builder who has built a replica 1939 Brough Superior with a modern engine! San Francisco Bay Area, California Then on to San Francisco to catch up with Arlen Ness, who talks about his beginnings in custom bikes and how his style has evolved over the years. Then his son Cory, equally respected for his bike building skills, tells us about what drives him to create such beautiful machines. We also get to see the bikes they built when they faced off in the Great Biker Build-off 2005! LA, California Finally we arrive at the Grand National Roadster Show at Pomona, where 'America's Most Beautiful Motorcycle' Award is to be judged. And look, there's Jimmy Shine plus Matt Hotch, winner of the Biker Build-off 2004, with his 2005 entry, both of whom take the time to speak about their careers and the amazing bikes they make. Chopper fans the world over will relish this celebration of art by top designers.
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Choppers Field Guide: Custom Bikes 1950s-Present
Interest in chopper motorcycles has skyrocketed in the past year, due mainly to the myriad of chopper television shows on the Discovery Channel and other stations that have hit the mainstream. Now, with enthusiasts and owners are demanding a high-quality book that displays the tough custom bikes they love - the Chopper Field Guide answers the call in full force! This book features 250 full-colour, detailed photos of 70 different custom choppers from the 1950s to today, with numerous intricate shots of the chrome, paint, engines and custom touches that make these specialty bikes unique, complete with captions. Chopper enthusiasts won't find a book like this anywhere else!
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How to Build a Bobber (2 Hour DVD with 16 Page Book)
Well-known as the producer of quality how-to books, Wolfgang Publications is pleased to announce the release of their first how-to DVD. "Some people learn better with an electronic video-type format" explains Tim Remus, the company's founder, "so we've decided to provide quality how-to information on DVDs in addition to our books." The Bobber DVD runs for nearly two hours, and includes two complete assemblies, one photographed at Redneck Engineering and the other at the Klock Werks shop. The same attention to detail that Wolfgang applies to their books is evident on this DVD as well.
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How to Build a Café Racer
What's old is new again, and the newest trend on the block is Café Racers. Written by well-known motorcycle and automotive author Doug Mitchel, How to Build a Café Racer starts with a history lesson. While those first bikes were built in the UK for racing from cafe to cafe, the current rage for Café Racers has definitely spread to the US. Converting a stock motorcycle to a Café Racer requires more than a fairing and a few decals. The book starts with chapters on planning and choosing an appropriate bike, followed by chapters that detail the modifications that will likely be embraced by anyone converting a stocker to a rocker. From shocks and tires to engine modifications, Doug's book lays out each type of modification and how it's best carried through. The center of the book holds a gallery of finished bikes. These are not just Triumphs or Nortons, but nearly every brand imaginable from Japan, Italy, the UK, and Germany. The final chapters include two, start-to-finish café builds. This is the chance for the reader to see how professional shops take a stock Honda, Triumph, or Ducati and convert it into a fast, sexy, and functional Café Racer, ready to race from cafe to cafe on Saturday night, or around the race track on Sunday afternoon.
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World’s Fastest Motorcycle: The Day The Bonneville Salt Stood Still
The 2006 BUB International Speed Trials was the most exciting motorcycle event ever held at the Bonneville Salt Flats. With conditions perfect, the stage was set for the motorcycle world land spped record to be broken, and rebroken, and then broken again over the course of a few days.
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